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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. omastic
    It would be interesting to see a more accurate frequency response measurement for the H8.2, if you don't mind sharing here ofcourse!
    As for @MuZo2 's measurements, I don't think I am hearing the upper treble to be quite as recessed. Its laid back for sure, but subjectively speaking there seems to be a bit more presence up top. 
  2. CraftyClown
    MuZo2 How do you make your FR measurements mate? Veritas?
  3. MuZo2
  4. piotrus-g
    Well sure. I didn't want to share measurements before because we had some reviews in progress and I didn't want them to be influenced by our measurements
    So here it is:

    standard IEC-60318-4 coupler, uncompensated, of course custom monitor.
    omastic, h1f1add1cted and natto like this.
  5. MuZo2
    I wonder how universal iem will measure, I think also different tips will have different measurements. May be below 50hz is seal issue.  Above 5k might be insertion dept and tip bore size?
  6. piotrus-g

    Quick measurement with Sony hybrids.
  7. omastic
    Thanks a lot for sharing the measurement Piotr! I was really curious to see the them. 
    On another note, the H8.2 sounds brilliant out of the Oppo HA2 SE, managing to surpass the QP1R, which is no mean feat at all!
  8. bartzky

    Thanks for your measurement!
  9. latiftal
    Thanks @piotrus-g its neat to put a visual to what we are hearing.
  10. walbum4262
    I just hear pure musical audio bliss from my pair of 8.2 :wink: no graph or curve would change that :)
  11. latiftal
    It's psychedelically fun to stare at the graph while listening to your favourite music. Ha, winning. 
  12. latiftal
    Oh so right. I smile so much, laugh, and smile more listening to the 8.2. So emotion invoking. 
  13. piotrus-g

    Haha! lol thanks for catching that. Edited.
  14. cav1sa
    Guys, I think this isn't emphasized enough on here - balanced source & cables really make a big difference. I was blown away by single ended Harmony 8.2, but properly driven in a balanced configuration it's just out of this world. Thanks for the phenomenal work @piotrus-g!
    piotrus-g likes this.
  15. d3885u

    Just wondering what kind of source that youve tried?
    Im also experiencing the same way, using HM901S with balanced amp card and alo sxc 24 cables, more balanced sounding with nice texture and bring up the trebles response more inline with their mid and bass.
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