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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. cav1sa
    I'm using Effect Audio Eros II cables, FIIO X7 AM3 for portable and IFI micro iDSD + Pro iCAN at home. I seriously didn't expect such a significant performance jump from moving to balanced.
    EDIT: I should clarify what I mean - to me it's a qualitative change; it's not just more of this or that. Balanced sounds different.
    The adjective "light" keeps coming up in my head, not because it sounds thin or anything like that. It just sounds effortless... An audiophile's life truly is full of surprises :)
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  2. Deezel177
    Six weeks have passed since the whole left-IEM-randomly-drops-volume debacle and I was pleasantly surprised when a recent visit to Music Sanctuary rewarded me with my repaired and redone H8.2's!


    Reshelled with more height to prevent socket/pin-to-skin-and-hair contact and with tiny adjustments to the artwork, my babies are now back.

    Though, I must admit, they weren't entirely perfect. A placement/molding issue prevented aftermarket cables from fully plugging into the left IEM socket (what is with me and the left side of my IEMs?).

    Fortunately, @Kozato of MS was able to successfully (albeit kinda crudely) carve away the extra material with a cutter and it was back in full working condition!

    Overall, it hasn't been the smoothest journey in the world, but I'm still quite pleased with CA's products and service. I just can't wait to spend more time with my H8.2 with, hopefully, no more hiccups along the way.

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  3. Kozato

    Is the fit and sound fine on them?

    Happy to hear that you are happy with your H8.2s!
  4. Deezel177

    So far so good! :D
  5. piotrus-g
    We can obviously only assure compliance with our own cables. It's also typical that new sockets are very very tight which means that you probably didn't have to cut anything but just attach and detach the cable a couple of times to "streach" sockets a bit.
  6. Deezel177
    Yes, I can confirm the left IEM (prior to shaving) did work with the stock cable due to, I'm guessing, the longer pins on the stock cable being able to reach deeper into the socket, as they were significantly longer. Calvin and I tried plugging in two aftermarket cables and both went into the socket snugly, but the left IEM produced no sound. Nevertheless, what's done is done and I'm sure I'll have no problem with the slightly "altered" socket after about a week's worth of nitpicking. I still highly regard your work Piotr, and all the best for you and the whole CA team! =D
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  7. twister6 Contributor
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  8. walbum4262
    Just a quick reminder for European people who wish to try the 8.2 at home the European demo tour is available here

  9. muffins
    I've recently realized how much I needed a pair of customs for portable use because I am out and about a lot these days. Initially I was planning on getting a pair of EI.3's, but I was hesitant because I wasn't sure that the sound was what I was looking for (especially as my tastes have changed over time). However, once I was comfortable with the idea of spending over $1000 for a pair of headphones, I found some reviews of the Harmony 8.2 and thought it might fit the bill perfectly. In fact, this review http://headfonics.com/2016/10/the-harmony-8-2-by-custom-art/2/ mentioned that they are similar to the LCD-2.2 in tonality - cans which I own and adore. Could anyone comment on this comparison? And perhaps between the 8.2 and the EI.3 as well? Finding relevant comparisons and consistent reviews has been a challenge, any and all help is much appreciated! ^_~    
  10. MakaanPL
    I own H8.2. Before purchase, I borrowed M2 and Ei.3, and also had an opportunity to check Pro330v2 and Ei.xx.
    Ei.3 definitely lack treble, the magic is gone. M2 were substantially better, but in the other hand not so good for bass-heavy music. Switching between these two left the impression that I need something else as an Audeo successor.
    In CA's office I spent some time with Pro330v2, that suits my needs, and I almost made a choice... Until the curiosity became too hard to resist and I tried Harmony. The difference is really huge, and I had no other option than to extend the budget again and buy them.

    Ei.3 most likely won't suit you, assuming that Audeze are indeed similar to H8.2.
    I've seen used Pro330v2 on mp3store forum (Polish one) for the incredibly low price, lower than both M2 and Ei.3 (incl. reshell). If not Harmony, I'd go this way.
  11. Kerouac
    Yep, they share some characterestics in signature, although I sold my LCD2.2 some time ago because of it's weight and skullcrushing force. Both have superb (sub)bass, good soundstage and a very natural tonality. On my LCD2.2 I had a Moon Audio Silver Dragon, V3 Premium cable which made it scale up big time imo. My favourite cable on the H8.2 is a Norne 23awg silver one, brings out an incredible level of details, improves the treble and makes it sound a bit airier.
    H8.2 ain't my most expensive iem, but I consider it my best one 'till now (Zeus coming in though) and I have used it by far the most out of my small collection over the past months, which speaks for itself. When you have the budget, just pick it up...I'm sure you won't regret it [​IMG] 
  12. MrButchi
    Kerouac : having talked about H8.2 quite a bit with you prior to your purchase, it's a true pleasure to read that!
  13. muffins
    Thanks for the thoughts @MakaanPL and @Kerouac! Hearing that is absolutely going to push me over the decision-making edge. They're definitely on my short list, and will be my next purchase. I look to forward to actually owning a custom after drooling over them for so long [​IMG] If only I knew the rabbit hole I'd fall down when I joined this site [​IMG] Not that I regret it either. I guess it's time to get to saving up xD
  14. cav1sa
    I too have sold my fazored LCD2 mostly due to lack of comfort. To my ear, LCD2F has more bass extension (no surprise), but is outclassed by H8.2 on everything else. Maybe the model I had was unusual, but they sounded muddy, much less defined than H8.2 (granted, I only used stock cables on audezes)
  15. proedros
    i have sony zx2 + silver whiplash twag v3 (8-con) able , and i am so ready to listen to your demo 8.2 [​IMG]
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