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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. tienbasse

    A word of advice for Piotr regarding how they display prices.
    They should explicitely say that the EU price includes VAT and that the o-EU price doesn't include taxes, otherwise people won't immediately get why it's more expensive in EU than in the rest of the world. Idiotproof website = WIN.
  2. piotrus-g

    Thanks for suggestion
    It's stated in terms and conditions of the shop. I don't think we can make the shop disply something like "(tax excl.)" after the price. I will check.
  3. tienbasse

    Terms and conditions are useful and mandatory, but not always the first thing people read, hence my comment. [​IMG] 
  4. Ultrainferno
    The new website looks great, a job well done. Now it's just a question of keeping it updated and bug free :)
    I'm way overdue with the Harmony 8.2, but I published the 8.2 review earlier today on HFN, you can find it by clicking here.
    Let me know if there are questions or remakrs and I'll do my best to answer them here or on the site.
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  5. MuZo2
    My impressions of Harmony 8.2
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  6. Aleatorius
    I could have sworn the H8.2 was #8 last night, now it's #7?
  7. MuZo2
  8. walbum4262
    Deservingly, the 8.2 is just incredible and so is its creator
  9. piotrus-g

    Yup! It did!
    Thanks to your review! :)
    Well thank you :wink:
  10. Aleatorius


    Honestly I still can't decide whether I should go "all out" and get either the 64 Audio A12, Empire Ears Zeus, or go for your Harmony H8.2.
  11. h1f1add1cted
    Yes that's not easy for sure. There is no clear "better", they "only" sound different, regardless from technical aspects, if the general sound signature does not fit, I really doubt you would settle even if the other IEM deliver i.e. a larger soundstage/imaging compared to the other IEM, which has the sound signature you prefer.
  12. MuZo2
    What do you think of measurements? does it match yours?
  13. piotrus-g
    Well they definitely all sound different, depends on your prefered sound signature I also reckon you'd be fine with either of those.
    They are not super accurate unfortunately, they match mine in around 200Hz-3kHz range
  14. tienbasse

    Different "beasts" I would say.
    If you're after extreme details and linearity, Zeus should please you. But be prepared for a "wall of sounds", I had trouble to process everything that was thrown at me when demo-ing it, especially in the mids since I'm more accustomed to flat V than really flat signatures. It take a bit of time to adjust.
    H8.2 is a bit more organic with a bit less mids, more bass, and smoother treble (most natural cymbals I've heard so far). Very flat V if I caricature a little. More lively than Zeus in my opinion, but it's mostly a matter of taste.
    Can't comment much on A12, my demo time was way too short.
  15. Aleatorius

    To avoid going further off topic I'll PM you.
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