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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. burningv
    Anyone pair up the Harmony 8.2 or Harmony 8 Pro with the DX200? If so, how does it sound? 
  2. dpm78
    Hello Harmony 8.2 owners,
    I am about to receive a pair of Harmony 8.2 upgraded from Ei.xx.
    While I could clearly appreciate the sound coming from my Linum Bax with the Ei.xx, I don't know if it will be a great improvement for the Harmony, over the stock cable.
    Could you guys recommend a good cable, and if so, put a few words to explain the kind of improvement I could get?
  3. walbum4262

    Nothing and I mean NOTHING beats linum bax in the comfort department, so if that's a thing for you perhaps the super bax cable that linum just launched, it halves the impedance of the cable
  4. dpm78
    Thank you,
    I totally agree regarding the comfort, but for sustainability I don't.
    Have a look to both of my Linum Bax, after one year:
    I am not the only one complaining about their cables, if you take a look at their topic in the cable section of the forum. you'll see.
    Therefore, I am looking for something sturdier
  5. Kerouac
    OMG...that doesn't look good at all [​IMG]
    What on earth did you do with that cables?
    [​IMG] rockclimb.jpg
  6. dennistdk
    Damn - I've been using my Linum Bax heavily for a little over a year I guess - almost everyday for 2-3 hours (and I haven't been treating it that nice).
    Haven't had an issue - maybe the 2pin connector is a lot more solid than the mmcx as it's "molded" onto the cable.
    It's great with the H8.2 btw. :) 
  7. dpm78
    Actually I treated them very gently, but as you can see on the picture, the glue they have used for the connector dried out, and broke finally.
  8. Rollk2
    Nope they aren't, I broke many jacks...
  9. MrButchi
    +4 (for the amount of Linum Jacks that died on me)
  10. dpm78

    Hello Mr Butchi,
    I could have asked the question on tellementnomade's forum, but since you are here.
    What would you recommend as a nice premium cable for the Harmony 8.2, please? if nothing specific, should I go with full Silver or full copper?
  11. ezekiel77
    Earlier in the thread Effect Audio Ares 2+ is mentioned. Full copper. Got the thumbs up from Piotr as well.
    dpm78 likes this.
  12. piotrus-g
    Yeah EA Ares 2 would be good upgrade already, don't know about the "+" though because you could expect it to make sound even more mellow. Depends on the budget but Lionsheart or even Eros II could be good match too
    dpm78 likes this.
  13. dpm78

    Thanks to both of you,
    Therefore Effect Audio it will be...
  14. tkteo
    It does not make the H8.2 sound overly "warm". I mean this in a good way. 
    Paired with Effect Audio Ares2+
    piotrus-g likes this.
  15. MrButchi
    Hey, while not being a cable non-believer, I have mostly seen very moderate improvements from cables, resulting in my looking for comfort over SQ in a cable.
    I personally ended up using my last BaX with H8.2 until I had to let them go for ENT reasons.
    dpm78 likes this.
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