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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. Kerouac
    Why would you need so many (listening) hours in a row? For long flights, or are you working such long shifts?
    Although I'm waiting for the iBasso DX200, the ZX2 also still is an interesting dap to try sometimes [​IMG]
    But in the meantime.....natural/analogue sounding P1 + H8.2 does the job perfectly fine for my ears
    Interesting! A full review on the horizon?
  2. walbum4262

    1 hour commute to work 8 hour work day 1hour back again and then ones or twice a week 2nd work for 3-5 hours :) I get to listen to a lot of music :)
  3. MikePortnoy
    Definitely, yes mate. I started working on it.[​IMG] 
  4. MrButchi
    Looking forward to reading it :)
  5. piotrus-g

    seconded :)
  6. twister6 Contributor
    And just to add, regardless of Custom or Universal, neither build nor sound quality is compromised.  For some people who have issues with Custom fit or not ready to make a commitment, universal is definitely a fantastic option!
    ca_h8.2_vs_ei.xx_u-c-01.jpg ca_h8.2_vs_ei.xx_u-c-03.jpg
  7. MikePortnoy
    I will do my best, mates [​IMG]  
  8. Docterror

    Yet another good review!

    Why is the 8.2's review under Headphones rather than IEMs?
  9. Kerouac
    Valid point! Just reported your post to the mods => maybe they can move the H8.2 reviews to ciems instead of (full-size) headphones [​IMG] 
    Edit: allready fixed by the mods => that went pretty fast [​IMG]
    H8.2 has entered the ciem list at #8 now: http://www.head-fi.org/products/category/custom-in-ear-monitors?sort=rating
    piotrus-g and Docterror like this.
  10. h1f1add1cted
    Got my upgraded Harmony 8 Pro to 8.2 today, love it (only smartphone pics, in real world much better looking):
  11. ForceMajeure
    This thread need a bit of p*rn 
    from this review 
    Remarkable design! Great work Piotr!
    Keep the good work.
    piotrus-g likes this.
  12. piotrus-g
    Nice thank you for that. I'm quite excited to see it so high in ranks.
    Great to hear that! Enjoy!
  13. cvbcbcmv
  14. ForceMajeure
    Congrats on making the front page. :)
  15. Deezel177
    The wait is finally over...




    Went with a Mighty-Morphin'-White-Ranger-themed design.

    WAY better pics + impressions to come later. But, for now, great build, pretty perfect fit, and a beautiful, natural and organic sound!
    piotrus-g, omastic, Kerouac and 2 others like this.
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