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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. tkteo
    Sometimes it is also the terminology. H8.2 or most IEMs and headphones and speakers for that matter will not suffer from problems with treble *extension* because all these will reproduce sounds all the way to the end of the audible frequency range.
    If rather, it is a matter of how the treble is *tuned*, then some may prefer a "brighter" treble" thinking that it is equivalent to greater details being reproduced.
    But personally I see the point of being careful with what we wish for in the treble frequencies reproduction. I used to own several pairs of Grados and I sold them all except one because, as Piotr mentioned as well, it can get tiring listening to such a treble tuning.
  2. flinkenick
    Yes, this. Treble extension has an effect on the sound, but it is not related to the treble tuning itself or the amount of apparent clarity or 'sparkle'. A ciem can have bright treble and a high amount of detail based on clarity rather than resolution, while lacking extension. On the other hand, ciems with a high extension don't necessarily have a lot of treble quantity or sparkle (5-way ref, Zeus-XIV). 
  3. Kerouac
    I've listened a lot with H8.2 over the past weeks (mainly out of a Cowon P1) and I think delivering 'music as it is supposed to sound' is its strongest point!
    Such a natural beauty [​IMG]
    Btw, this morning I was pleasantly surprised to read that H8.2 will also be a contender in FFAB2:
  4. terencetcf
    In order to get the best out from the Harmony 8.2, I have to purchase this dac+amp...
    And yes, the harmony 8.2 sounds really really nice now!! It reveals almost single details from the music, but with that being said, if the track is badly recorded, it can sounds very muddy especially for track that is recorded in live concert and has a lot of bass instruments.
  5. piotrus-g
    Great paring! Mojo is fantastic combo with 8.2
  6. omastic
    Is the H8.2 available as universal as well? 
  7. walbum4262
    Nope that's a demo 8.2
  8. tkteo
    Conversely, for well recorded live jazz and vocals, you gonna LOVE IT
  9. omastic
    Right. Should have figured this one out. Long day at work.
  10. walbum4262

    The 8.2 sounds amazing with Sony ZX2 and a silver cable aswell ( I suspect that it sounds good out of most DAP's :) )
  11. piotrus-g
    Actually that's an universal - given away at CanJam London.
    I don't like to advertise this option but if you ask we may consider doing universal for you :D (no fit guarantee though).
  12. terencetcf
    +1 Agreed. The master recorded Hotel California, would be a really nice track to listen with it!
  13. terencetcf
    This is how I pair with at the moment :) =>
  14. walbum4262
    I wish I could use the mojo, the problem is battery hours :frowning2:

    I need between 10-15 hours on a battery that's why the Sony is such a great math for me with battery going up to 20-25 hours between charges and then it just gave awesome sound :)
  15. MikePortnoy
    Some additional impressions about H8.2 silicone version;
    It sounds from a slightly warm and natural perspective. It has some grains (in a positive way) on notes that result in a some kind of organic presentation. It has truer tone than H8P and it is less effortless in terms of treble note releasing.  
    The lows are neither overpowered nor laid back. It can handle fast metal tracks and there is no mid-bass thump. The midrange is slightly forward and the monitor's tune focuses on the tonality rather than the clarity. The treble is laid-back and non-fatiguing; less colored than H8P. If you are a treble head, H8P would be a better choice,but at a cost of getting more sensitive high frequency presentation. H8.2 doesn't have a superbly wide stage, but the depth provides a good layering. In addition, its coherence is quite satisfying and the presentation is easy to follow. 
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