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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. dennistdk
    I finally received the “upgraded” H8.2 after Fedex managed to screw up the delivery - adding an extra day to it. But one day is a long time when you have been waiting for 6 weeks. :)
    Won’t comment on the sound yet, as I need to spend some more time with them and need to adjust to them first - but it’s looking like a “long term relationship”. :) 
    I think the gif that Kerouac posted a few posts back really is the best way to describe them. :)
    Isolation and fit is better than my old CustomArt CIEMs - I guess it really paid off getting a new set of impressions done. I can visually clearly see a difference. The canal-part on the new H8.2 are much wider near the 2nd bend than my old H8P giving much better isolation and tighter fit (almost too tight). The old ones broke the seal if I was moving my jaw around too much. New ones never break the seal no matter what I do and try, so really nice!
    Anyways - a few quick pictures:
    _DSC3214.jpg   _DSC3215.jpg  

    They are fairly standard (on purpose). Carbon plates, clear shells. The reason for the clear shells is so I can show people how complex they really are and I liked the carbon plates I had on my (now sold) Ei.xx. :)
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  2. drakhen
    It seems that the consensus among the comments and reviews I’ve read of the Harmony 8.2 in German is that it is a little too relaxed in the treble area and also lacking somewhat in treble extension.  Does anybody who owns or has heard the 8.2 agree with this?  I’m a bit surprised as I listened to a demo of the Harmony 8 Pro quite a while ago and it certainly wasn’t lacking in treble for my taste. I'd also be interested if Piotr has any response to this. Thanks.
  3. proedros
    any news on the 8.2 EU demo tour ? 
  4. piotrus-g

    The extension is the same as 8Pro - it's virtually the same driver as in 8Pros and there's no acoustical damping that would prevent driver to achieve the same range in high frequencies.
    Treble has less quantity compared to 8Pro (because they were too bright for some) but there's definitely more quantity compared to regular 8 (because they were too dark for some). So it's a middle ground between both styles. It's neither bright nor dark.
    While high treble energy definitely gives you "wow effect" and immediate clarity but it's not great for long listening sessions as it can become tiresome.
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  5. walbum4262

    Hey proedros

    At the moment there is quite a few people who's on the list on the Danish tour so the earliest the European tour is coming is October ( depending if more join the tour )
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  6. proedros
    thanx for the info , i can wait no worries

    i just needed to know where things are
  7. walbum4262

    I would like to refer you to a post one page back

  8. h1f1add1cted
    Yes this what Piotr said additional my 2 cents. I own(ed) both H8P and H8.2 (now H8P upgraded to H8.2). I prefer treble orientated sound signature this is why I have i.e. a Sennheiser HD 800 and Harmony 8 Pro, but since I heard the Harmony 8.2 I don't miss anything with the treble. I also changed my stock HD 800 to HD 800-F (french mod) which is to me equivalent like treble change for H8P to H8.2 - it only cuts the sharp edges from the treble, but you don't really loose anything important. To me Harmony 8.2 is a real harmony sound signature now, and I owned the H8P over a year already I'm really in love with them, but the H8.2 is to me ears a real upgrade.
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  9. Kerouac
    For anybody who's interested in another (imo well written and pretty detailed) H8.2 review: http://theheadphonelist.com/the-custom-art-harmony-8-2/
    Not to be found on HF (yet) => enjoy reading!
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  10. walbum4262
  11. bartzky
    Which German reviews did you read? I've never read a review of the 8.2 saying something like this and neither found the 8.2 demo I heard to have a limited treble extension.
    The opposite was true for me: I experienced a well extended treble with two peaks at about 8 kHz and even 15 kHz.
  12. Docterror

    Hey hasn't he posted it here on head-fi? Excellent review from Nic as usual. [​IMG]
  13. Barra
    For me, the H8pro has always been about the world class mids - seductive, lush, detailed, juicy mids that are very, very cohesive as a whole rather than layered and dissected in a sterile lab. The treble never bothered me as it was integrated into the mids. If I could ask for one thing, that would be more bottom end extension. That is what the 8.2 feels like to me - the Pro, with an incredible bottom end extension and even more sound stage plus even smoother treble. However, the cohesion between the parts makes the music pop as a whole, not a sum of the parts - music as it is supposed to sound. Don't get me wrong though, it is extremely detailed and transparent, but it makes you forget about analysis due to too much toe tapping.
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  14. drakhen
    Thank you to Piotr and everybody else who replied. I should add that my German is far from perfect and perhaps I misunderstood some parts in the comments or reviews.
  15. MrButchi
    Thank you @barra. This is exactly the kind of stuff I tried to convey in my review, but not successfully apparently...
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