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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. crabdog
    Here's a clearer shot of my newly acquired FIBAE Black, which I received from Piotr in person at CanJam! Of course, the Black lives up to all my expectations; not surprising since I had tested the prototype already but these 3D printed shells are just fantastic and are super comfortable. The best part about these though was finally meeting Piotr and having a chat with him. He's a really awesome guy and is clearly very passionate about his craft.

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  2. meringo
    Stunning. I've got a FIBAE4 on order, but I may eventually get a black as well.
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  3. davidcotton
    FTFY as the cool kids might say :p
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  4. davidcotton
    Wouldn't hurry on that point :p
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  5. annasoh323
    Firstly, wow, what a looker. What material did you use for the plates? Also, that's interesting that you can tell the difference between the hand made and 3D printed shells. Do you still have the prototype to compare the fit against the 3D printed Black? (I'm guessing no based on the need for another set?) Pretty cool that you got them at CanJam: 3D printed, hand delivered.
    Ha, nice.
    Man, you are on a roll today. Somebody, please get this man his pair of Blacks back: he's going savage without them.
  6. crabdog
    The plates are Bubinga. Yeah, the 3D printed shells are less angular and fit more naturally to my ear shape. My previous FIBAEs and the prototype were already a good fit but this one even more so. I no longer have the prototype.
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  7. davidcotton
    Just got shipping notice for my refit blacks :) Thanks for the quick turnaround Piotrus (canjam not withstanding :p). Works been hell without a decent set of ciems to block the noise :frowning2:

    For those of a melodic rock taste check out a band called Cats In Space the Band. Featuring prog band Arena's singer on vocals it's a good old fashioned 70-80's rock band at it's (ageing!) best :) Check out Jupiter Calling on youtube.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
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  8. Deezel177
    Just published my Lotoo PAW Gold Touch review featuring these little beauties right here:

    LPGTNFP-1 copy C 2.jpg

    Given the product's name, I decided to go for a Black-Panther-inspired aesthetic. I managed to find the font they used for the film's closing credits and paired it with swirls that reflect the film's protagonist and antagonist. I think Piotr and his team did an excellent job with the design and fit, which I found more consistent and smooth this time around. The Black's accompanied me on two trips back and forth Singapore, and I couldn't be happier with how they felt and sounded. They take the top spot as far as price-to-performance goes for me, and I see very few in contention for the throne. :D
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  9. davidcotton
    @Deezel177 are the shanling m0 and Hiby R6 (original) enough to power the blacks out of curiosity?
  10. Wyville
    The M0 did just fine for me, although I always have it set to high gain. Don’t have the R6 so I can’t comment on that, but even my phone (Sony XA2) worked fine as a source. I did feel they scaled quite well and sound great with the Plenue 2.
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  11. Deezel177
    I've tried neither, but I'm sure the others here can chime in.
  12. subguy812
    Great design choice and fine workmanship. Also, nice review on a great DAP, as mentioned on another thread Snarky Puppy does a great job of showcasing capabilities of DAPs and IEMs alike.
  13. annasoh323

    Seems like @crabdog wasn't the only one to get a properly personalized Black after the prototyping season was done. Seems like you and Piotr just keep figuring out new ways to push the envelope of design (you're the one with the F3's that have the aluminum "F3" in a minimalist font, correct?) Inspiring stuff. It's also interesting to me that, like crabdog, you are saying that the fit is better with the 3D print. Did either of you send in new impressions or is the improved fit purely the manufacture process? Pretty impressive stuff.
    Leave it to head-fi to pair a $500 IEM with a $3200 DAP :wink: What caught my eye is when you mentioned that one of the presets on the DAP turned the Black from more of a laid-back, musical phone into a reference monitor. Would you be able to elaborate on that any more? Good to hear that you still regard the Black as a top contender (I've seen reviews come out recently that have been a bit more mixed).
  14. Deezel177
    Thanks, man! I've always found I analyse better when listening to tracks I musically love, rather than tracks deemed ideal for analysis. Snarky Puppy is one of those bands that kinda strike both, so they're on rotation constantly whether I'm reviewing or not.

    Yes, the mirror foil FIBAE 3 with the lines cut-out were mine, indeed. I sent in new impressions when I returned the prototypes. The prototypes were 3D-printed from scans of my previous, hand-trimmed moulds. I find these new ones to be more consistent in spreading out pressure, and the contours are smoother too. I wanted to write about the FIBAE Black pair up because it was the hardest of my monitors to drive and it had FIBAE technology. The price had nothing to do with it. I don't think I can elaborate more than I already have. It brought down the Black's bass such that the entire frequency response sounded flat to my ears. I definitely think they're a top contender still. These and the FiR Audio M2's are my two kings for price-for-performance.
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  15. subguy812
    Daniel, how often do you find yourself getting your new molds made?
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