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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. annasoh323
    My eyes went wide at the thought of Nier: Automata. That's a great suggestion! Spent many agonizingly beautiful but heart-tearing hours on that game. I'll bet that Breath of the Wild will sound good too, since you mention atmospheric games. In fact, I hope to do that on an upcoming trip - I'd like to see how CIEM's do on an airplane.

    Say, @davidcotton, any word on when yours get back from the lab?
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  2. dwang040
    Luckily for me, I didn't have to time the rainbow wave. I really do enjoy the color fades (reds, purples, blues) so I ended up doing a bunch of manual calculations to get that turquoise to red fade on the keyboard.

    Anyways, I have to agree with Dobrescu. I don't personally recommend them for competitive games. Playing Rainbow Six, I struggled a bit to determine where footsteps are. Of course, R6's sound design is questionable in certain maps but none the less, I don't think you'll want these to help you with competitive stuff vs a headphone or an iem with a wider soundstage.
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  3. davidcotton
    Sorry only just seen this. No idea is the short answer. Long answer is that they've only just been delivered today (seems the average is 4 days which is pretty good from the uk), and I think there is some meeting or other happening overseas that might have most of Custom Arts attention right at the moment :p I also don't know how they are going to handle the refit given that Piotrus built them himself. Ie will they wait until he gets back (fair enough) or just go ahead with it. Either way I'm probably looking at least another 2-3 weeks without them :frowning2:

    It was torture at work this week without a decent set of ciems that sealed and blocked the noise out :frowning2: I've been talking myself out of ordering something in the uk just to get something to listen to (universals and I really don't play well sadly) :p Thing is I'd rather put that money towards CA's next creation instead. Plus if that needed a refit (which it probably would) then that's a bit pointless anyway.
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  4. annasoh323
    You'd think that with "Can Jam Singapore" posters all over this website, I would have put two and two together that @piotrus-g and co would be busy. :upside_down: Don'y worry, I would expect that once they get your Black's sorted out, it will be forever engrained in their collective memory about your specific setup and the flagship will come to you perfectly fit out-of-the-box. That's kinda where my brain's at, at least: save pennies for the new flagship whenever it may come. Wednesday was my "eight weeks since confirmation" day so, hopefully, everything for my order is nearly ready to go and all that they have to do on Monday is drop it off at the post and send me an email :grin:. Glad to see other folks posting about their packages coming in!
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  5. crabdog
    Apologies for the terrible phone photo but I had to share this with y'all.

  6. davidcotton
    Custom or universal?

    @Wyville are the blacks universal the same shape and size as the ei3 you had done?
  7. crabdog
    They are custom beauties My 3rd set of customs from CA and a perfect fit again. :couple_with_heart:
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  8. Wyville
    They are very similar in size and shape, but for some reason I have been having an easier time using the double flange tips that were always a bit more tricky to get right with my Ei.3. Could be a tweak in the design, but could also have to do with the cable. I will probably take some pictures next week of them side by side (for the review) and can take a few extra to give an idea of how they compare.
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  9. davidcotton
    Thanks, was just curious as they looked a little different. I noticed the same thing between my music two's and fibae 2's universal (still don't like double flanges though :frowning2: )
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  10. dwang040
    Maybe it's just me, but the stock double flanges that came with the blacks just weren't very comfortable. They stuck out a lot more in my ear than the other stock tips. Sounded less bassy because of that but boy, they felt weird. The RHA ones are a lot more comfortable for me.
  11. Wyville
    Yeah, the stock double flange tips are a bit tricky to get to sit right. I think because they are quite wide. If they are not sitting right you can really hear the difference, but if they are the sound is pretty close to the custom version. At least, that was what I found with my Ei.3. That is why I want to use the double flange tips for the Black, so I can give the best possible impressions of how they sound.

    I haven't tried the RHA tips yet, are those shaped differently?
  12. dwang040
    In terms of physical shape, they are almost the same. It looks like the RHA tips are just barely (barely as in barely noticeable) taller and wider than the stock ones. But what really separated the two is how deep the tips sit in your ear and how it sits over the iem's nozzle. The first image is just the two tips next to each other. Again, they more or less look the same in terms of height and width. The main difference is that eartip connector's placement (I don't know eartip terminology). The RHA connector sits more towards the center of the tip whereas the stock tip connector sits closer to the edge of the tip. The second image just shows what they look like on the iem itself. You'll notice that the RHA tip sits closer over the nozzle of the iem whereas the stock tip protrudes out more. For me personally, this leads to more comfort with the RHA since not only does the iem sit closer to my ear without as deep of an insertion, but the RHA tips are also squishier/ softer than the default. So in the long run, I'm not feeling the eartip pressure as much. But again, I really couldn't get a good fit with the stock tips. They just wanted to fall out or the seal wasn't that great, so I can't really say much about them.
    DSC_0705.JPG DSC_0706.JPG
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  13. Wyville
    Thanks for going through all that trouble! Had a look at Amazon (UK) yesterday, as I need to get some stuff ordered before Brexit happens anyway, but for some reason they can't ship those tips to the Netherlands. Will ask at a local store that sells RHA, as it looks like they are worth a try. Thanks again!
  14. Wyville
    Took a few pictures and as you can see the Ei3 shell has a more rounded shape:
    So if I put them upright, you can see that the Ei.3 leans a little, while the Black has a flat underside.
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  15. piotrus-g
    No the shape will be different, as Blacks have an updated shape
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