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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. davidcotton
    I've been using the blacks over the 2's since getting them this week and noticed that my left wasn't sealing as well as my right. Having said that I really have been enjoying them and went through a number of tracks on you tube last night instead of getting an early night. Still getting a decent amount of isolation on these as well though. Had the fire alarm being tested at work on friday (being checked over for service, so it kept going off) and was loud enough for me to notice it, but saw everyone else wincing. Took the left ear piece out and was a bit surprised at how much louder again it was and quickly put the left back in. It's going to be a bit of a wrench sending these back for refit :frowning2: but at least it should be a straight forward one this time (I hope!).
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  2. Wyville
    These arrived yesterday...


    I have so far only listened to them a couple of hours or so, but very, very impressed by them. The first thing that struck me was how precisely and coherently the music was presented in the quite surprisingly large and airy stage. The sound is very nicely balanced: smooth and organic, yet with a wonderful liveliness to it that makes the music thoroughly engaging. In that sense the Black remind me a little of when I first heard the Ei.3, with that instant engagement, but the Black are on a different level, despite the relatively small difference in price. They also seem very versatile and sound great with every type of music I have tried so far, but they do especially well if the music has some energy to it. Because of the forward vocals I especially like Disturbed with the awesome vocals of David Draiman coming through exceptionally well, accompanied by a torrent of energy in the instruments.

    The more I try, the more I like. :D

    ps. I grudgingly admit that the stock cable is excellent. I hate memory wire and I am a pathologial cablephile, but this stock cable is surprisingly good.
  3. davidcotton
    It's only been two days since I've had to send them back for a refit and miss them already. Really could of used the isolation at work today :frowning2:
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  4. davidcotton
    Didn't know you got a set of Blacks in. Going for the 4 next? I also hate memory wire, but this one I don't mind.
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  5. Wyville
    Yeah, I have been looking forward to these for a while now. Piotr advised against FIBAE 4 because of their treble and my treble sensitivity. I can deal with some types of treble brightness, but not all and that made the Black a much more sensible choice. From my first impression I would say Piotr was spot on, the Black tickle me in all the right places. :wink:
  6. subguy812
    Congratulations Wyville I know you will enjoy them. Knowing your fave signature, I think they will grow on you sir!
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  7. Wyville
    Thanks! They definitely suit my preferences and it did not take long for them to grow on me, could hardly get myself to take them out of my ears yesterday. :D

    They are really impressive and I can't believe the price they are going for. Yesterday I listened to Bach's Magnificat and Cantata #140 (both complex choral pieces) and the balance and separation in vocals is outstanding. Male and female vocals come through with similar authority and are very well separated and positioned. The stage is not as wide as with the Dita Fealty, but the fact that I am inclined to compare to IEMs three times the price says a lot about the performance of the Black.
  8. piotrus-g
    Well I try to know my audience :D

    Enjoy man! I had no doubt in my mind they were going to be an awesome listen for you
  9. Wyville
    Thanks! They definitely are and I can't stop listening. :ksc75smile:
  10. Dobrescu George
    The same happened to me with FIBAE Black, seems they have such a unique liquid signature that I can't say nothing but that they really make music enjoyable! :)
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  11. davidmolliere
    They even hypnotize you and lull you into a deep relaxed state :pray:

    The review is ready in my mind but I am kind of putting it off every time I start writing while listening to them, this time I’ll have to put them out to finish it ! :p

    I do have to write it, the FIBAE 4 is near and I am pretty sure I am going to rock them as well in a different style!
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  12. dwang040
    Not the biggest audiophile nor do I have the most experience with different audio gear so won't get too technical with these, but all I can say is that I personally really enjoy the sound signature. They arrived Monday and like many here, I can't put these down. When you're trying to go to bed, but just one more song. My previous iem (RHA ma750), I found certain tracks to be kinda bright (certain female vocal lines, certain synths playing really high notes). However, with the Blacks, all those issues are gone. Those high parts are a lot less sharp and sound more subdued. I listen to a lot of electronic music (future bass, future funk, etc) and they all sound really engaging and very upbeat. I also wanted to add that, out of my small collection of random iems, these are the most comfortable and most isolating iems. They also look amazing too as whoever did the fade for my iems, did an amazing job. In short, I'm glad I got these, they definitely fit the sound signature that I'm looking for. I wonder what it would sound like with a bit less bass, might be achievable with some different ear tips, but at the same time, I don't want to give up the isolation I have with the dual flange tips I currently have on. Might have to even see if I can get these turned into customs in the future.

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  13. homzik
    You can always choose between customs and universals at the cost of Ownership Transfer service in acrylic.
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  14. annasoh323
    Wow, that looks wonderful. You timed that shot perfectly with your keyboard lighting. They complement each other perfectly. Do you game too, seeing as you have a Razer keyboard? Curious to know what the Black is like with gaming or movies.
  15. Dobrescu George
    Wow, you're fast :)

    I just got them, for me, they are so fresh, I didn't even finish the burn-in period with Fibae Black to start writing :)

    Man, I have to agree - Coming from a background of hearing a LOT of IEMs, and I just mean a lot, Fibae Black manages to somehow feel special, to somehow charm me. Which is funny, because it ain't nothing this magical on paper, it just ends up being so much fun in practice, you just feel the magic of music, you don't think it, you don't think about every detail, you simply enjoy them. I really need to find the proper words to describe them :)

    I wouldn't use them for competitive shooters, but if you want to hear the mystical music in the background of a more complex game, like say, for Nier Automata, I'd totally recommend them. Also, Visual Novel Soundtracks sound awesome with Fibae Black

    For movies, they have enough impact, and enough stage to feel fun. I tend to go for much bassier for movies watching usually :)

    Fibae Black works well for anime though, they make voices in anime feel really sweet~
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
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