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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. annasoh323
    Ah, got it, thanks for clarifying. I'm getting a little nervous hearing they're harder to drive. If I'm at one of my two desks (work and home) I should be fine but if I've, say, just got my Switch on an airplane, I wonder if I'm in trouble there. Also, hearing that you need to max out your Yamaha CL5 puts things in context too since I would also potentially be using them in that same sort of environment. We've been recently turning our attention to our LiveMix units which communicate via Dante and have two headphone outs each. I doubt there's much headroom coming off of those outputs.
  2. Deezel177
    This was my second ever pair of moulds for Custom Art. They had one which was used multiple times throughout 2-3 years. I only sent them new ones so they could have a raw set on their archives, and so they could trim it in the digital domain.

    I don't think you should have any cause for concern. The Yamaha's outputs aren't the most powerful. Plus, I give my mixes about 7.5dB of headroom. So, you could either pump the volume up on your master fader, or you could get a very cheap headphone amp to help power the Black.
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  3. annasoh323
    Thanks for the reassurance. I guess I'll find out when they come in. At last check, the process should be wrapping up soon.
    By "headroom," do you mean that you set it at a lower level such that if a spike of +7.5dB comes in, it comes in at a "normal" level? I'm trying to make sure I understand the parlance.
  4. Deezel177
    I generally keep it at a volume where the signal typically peaks at -7.5dB.
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  5. davidcotton
    Got my blacks back today, thanks for the turn around Piotrus. Bad news is I won't be able to try them out until later due to guests :frowning2:

    Anyone else aside from Annasoh still waiting for theirs?
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  6. maira
    Anybody here knows the Fiio FH5 and can compare?
  7. annasoh323
    How's the new re-fitment?
  8. piotrus-g
    A bit different signatures as Fiio has more V-shaped signature with more bass and more highs. Blacks have more down-sloping signature.
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  9. ldo77
    Received my Fibae black today. Nice job, the fit is perfect and they are beautiful.
    So what would be the best DAP to pair with these iem?
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  10. Deezel177
    FIBAE technology allows the IEM to maintain its signature regardless of the source, so any DAP will do. :D
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  11. davidcotton

    My own fault this time. I thought the right wasn't sealing as well as the left so had asked them to add a layer. This made it too tight. So they've had to go back and just have a little taken off. This one's on me (sorry piotrus :p). The good news is that the left fit very well so that was something. Today was the first day without them at work (again) and it was hell. After getting the blacks back I'm seriously thinking about getting my universal fibae 2's re done as customs (3-d printed naturally) as I really don't want to be stuck at work without a decent set of noise isolations again (universals and I just don't mix). Fun fact. Was using them at work last thursday deciding on whether or not to send them back. Said before I work in a loud factory environment with 25 machines going most of the day. That afternoon I was sat at the machine I was on for the day with my blacks in. Had a tap on the shoulder from the tech supervisor. Took out my ciems and got told that my machine was making more of a racket than the others. Hadn't noticed a thing :)

    The nice thing is that now we know what's going on with my impressions this shouldn't be necessary in future. The left always needs an extra layer (lord knows why but there you go) and the right is fine as is. Should be straightforward :) :p

    Hope you get your's soon. Can't be too much longer can it (mind you Piotrus did quote me a 7-8 week turn around for reshells atm :frowning2: ) ?
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  12. annasoh323
    When I checked in, I was quoted 5-10 more days about six business days ago. So, I'm right back in the "hopefully checking my email" mode. But, I figure that if I don't have an email by mid morning, it's not happening that day (Warsaw being 11 hours ahead of Honolulu I think). I did have two separate images to print on the opposing ear pieces so I did bite off a bit more than most.
  13. subguy812
    Just received my Black after the return of the prototype...nice to have them back. Look amazingly like my prototype, but after all the name is Black.
    20190415_192504.jpg 20190415_192554.jpg
  14. Wyville
  15. ldo77
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