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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. technobear
    Why are you regularly booting up?

    Use sleep mode.

    Are you keeping the screen on while playing?

    What is the sensitivity of those cheap Sony earbuds?
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
  2. Mython Contributor
    Who said I was 'regularly' booting up?

    I use my DAP on the train to and from work. Twice a day hardly seems excessive.

    Sleep mode still consumes power - way too much, actually.

    No. With respect, I'm not a noob.

    I haven't checked, but although they're crap, I generally listen to the DAP with a volume setting somewhere between 45-55. My old J3 battery used to be just fine with them.

    IIRC, Cowon's battery duration times are quoted with 128kbps files, so 192kbps is a bit higher than that, and will result in more data throughput from the memory card, but even so, for a DAP with a quoted max duration of 50 hrs, I think it's very reasonable for me to expect to get somewhere in the region of 30 hrs. I haven't formally timed it, but I know for sure that I am not getting past 20 hrs, and more likely around 15 hrs.

    The damn thing takes a minute or so just to index the library during boot-up, which is ridiculous for a 2018 DAP. Honestly, if I could return it for a refund I would, and that's coming from a very happy J3 user for over 5yrs!
  3. another_two2
    Me. When I was burning-in my IEMs, it died past 3 days mark but before 4 days, so it was at least 72 hours continuous playing time with volume on ~40-50. MP3s with 192-320 bitrates.
  4. Arnarn26
    Got my hands on the PD last night, although very small still a good powerful player so far. I want to ask one question after putting all my music onto the SD card, some files are in separate folders. For example Ghostpoet
    Ghostpoet ft artist 1
    Ghostpoet ft artist 2
    And so on.......
    By doing this to breaking up the albums and it's just annoying to find rather then having them play one after another.
    What in your suggestion would be the way to go to getting them all in the same album folder for easy access and play. Any recommendations on programs or anything would be a great help.
    Cheer lads
  5. OGTL
    The "database update" needlessly and the unit shutting down so soon after you pause it are annoyances to me. I wear one IEM at work and often have to pause it so I can understand people talking to me. Then I have to boot it up again when I'd rather just hit play and continue. Anyone know a fix for this?

    Is a 200GB card viable? It's been covered but the answer still isn't concrete it seems.

    What DAC does the PD use?

    I got my first one, lost it a week into owning it. Bought another, cracked the screen the first night I had it, heh. Not a small crack either, across the whole thing diagonal. But I ended up finding the first one, I love it, wish it supported 256GB microSDs THO or I wouldn't have to buy another card. Art, lyrics and sound are radical brahski.

    Anyone want to share a custom EQ they like/have made? I'll have to experiment.

    The name is ****ing stupid though. "Plenue" gross
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
  6. technobear
    Turn on sleep mode.

    This has been covered to death and is absolutely concrete.

    The PD can only read files in the lower 128 GB of a card. If you use a larger card, it won't crash but it won't play any file that is stored above the lower 128 GB.
  7. philzrx
    Set your timer, under Time, to 20 or 30 minutes.
    The DAC is a Wolfsen.
    Cheers, Phil.
  8. philzrx
    What is everyone's favourite ANC phones with the PD?
  9. technobear
    The Jet Effects on the PD mean that you can make any headphone sound like any other so the question is redundant.

    Questions like "what is the best ANC phone" can be found here: https://www.head-fi.org/forums/introductions-help-and-recommendations.7840/

    Threads for specific phones can be found here: https://www.head-fi.org/forums/headphones-full-size.4/?order=post_date

    and for IEMs here: https://www.head-fi.org/forums/port...ones-and-in-ear-monitors.103/?order=post_date
  10. philzrx
    Many thanks for the reply, Chris.
    I appreciate the power of JetEffects but wondered what opinions were with regard to just ANC. I'm seeing that the addition of ANC really
    only reduces sound quality and therefore, in my opinion, may be a redundant purchase.
    Many thanks, Phil.
  11. skysurfer
    Many headphones will never sound like any other even using the best equalizer.

    @philzrx referred specifically to ANC (active noise cancelling) phones. There are not many good ANC phones out there.
  12. technobear
    You're all missing the point which is that this is the PD thread and the efficacy or not of ANC phones has nothing to do with the PD (or any other DAP).

    So many times, almost every single day, I see people on this forum asking what is the best headphone for player XYZ or what is the best player for headphone ABC. It's a nonsense question. There are very few if any bad players out there. These days they are all just minor variations on good to very good. Most of them can play ruler flat. Most of them can apply EQ to change the sound to your liking. In that context, asking which headphone is best for a given player is nonsense. What you are really asking is what headphone sounds good but that is going to depend on what you want to hear and the only way to find out is to go listen to some. Discussions and reviews in the headphone forums may help you to form a shortlist. Discussions and reviews in the DAP forum (this one in other words) won't help.

    Oops, I appear to have ranted. Sorry about that. Let's keep this thread about the PD.
  13. philzrx
    So there have never been any discussions on amps or alternatives to the PD, Chris?????????

    Sorry to be off topic, but anybody know how to delete an account?

    Cheers, Phil.
  14. technobear
    Completely different subjects.

    The differences in the sound of headphones are in the realms of 100 to 1000 times greater than the differences between DAPs.

    Choose a headphone you like the sound of.

    Choose a DAP that has the feature set you require. Vast amounts of cash are required for small upgrades in the sound quality.

    The question "What is everyone's favourite ANC phones with the PD?" can be shortened without loss to "What is everyone's favourite ANC phones?" because the DAP plays such a small part in the answer as to be unimportant. If you can't get to demo any ANC phones then you can study the reviews and comments in the headphone forum or you can ask in the help and recommendations forum as I already suggested. You might get some useful answers there. You likely won't get any here because this thread is about the PD, not the headphones.

    I'm trying not to lecture but there isn't any other way to put it. The headphones are much more important than the DAP.
  15. Hagar
    Anyone bought a 1More Quad IEM's and they don't quite sound like what you thought? My Shure SE's 530 sound bright and well defined. But 1More quads just don't have it. Lacking highs badly.
    Could it have anything to do with the plug?
    The 1more quads sound a little muffled and lacking that sparkle I've read so much about.

    They sound pretty good in my Cowon A3 as long as I hold the center button? Now why is that.
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