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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. mdtolic
    Right. Duh. Volume will be all over the board with the amount of different 'phones folks here use.
  2. iJay
    I go between a tweak and headphone2/3 setting. I also used my iPod 5.5gen without EQ. When I am night-listening I’m down to 8/10, maybe less. If a song is really rocking that’s when it goes up!
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  3. iJay
    To follow up, considering the size and battery life I feel the PD is a replacement/upgrade to my beloved iPod 5.5gen. I’ve had several DAPs since the iPod and the PD is a great player!
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  4. mdtolic
    I am right there with you on that.
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  5. puppyfi
    Among your DAPs, which one offer the best sound? Is PD comparable in sound to Colorfly C3? Thanks :)
  6. iJay
    I am judging on SQ and Dynamics...
    Shozy Alien is best overall.
    C3 vs PD (EQ engaged): PD wins due to dynamic range. C3 has good SQ but lacks dynamic range unless paired with an amp.
    The Jet Effects of the Cowons are really good so you can taylor to taste.
    If I were to be left with one of my current DAPs the Plenue D would be my choice.
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  7. ShreyasMax

    Don't know if you've ordered yet, but as per your stated requirements/ preferences, the Plenue D is still one of the best buys for exactly those purposes. Also do have a look at the newer similar sized DAPs released by Cowon, named Plenue J & Plenue V.

    As regards the Plenue D (and Cowon in general), their close to perfect 'JetEffect' enhancements are what makes them a big sell, IMO, because their EQ options are very good indeed, and even without going into the 4 or so available user presets, there are a few default presets that would suit almost all genres (the 'Maestro' preset is one such example IMO). You would be best left to explore more of this on your own. The 'Normal' preset is pretty neutral-ish sounding in my opinion, and should have a generally satisfying sound to it. I currently use the PD as my DAP on the go, although I would've preferred a digital audio out option to connect to my Mojo while at home, or even while travelling it wouldn't be a huge stack compared to some other portable rigs we usually see here on head-fi. Hence I've ordered a Hidizs AP60 (Mk II) to serve as a digital transport for the Mojo, and also play streaming services through my phone connected via bluetooth/ Hiby Link. But the PD still remains in the inventory as my main stand-alone DAP while travelling or for pure portability. The battery life is downright amazing as well.

    Cheers & happy listening
  8. gemmoglock
    Hi, thanks for your reply! I jumped on a deal on the Onkyo DP-S1 so I'm going with that for now. But yes, Cowon is high up in my shortlist when I'm next finding something portable :wink:
  9. alphanumerix1
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
  10. ShreyasMax
    Hey, that's great then. Do share your impressions soon. Would you be using it as a transport or purely as a stand alone Dap? I believe it has digital out as well. Maybe it's just what you wanted.

  11. another_two2

    Could someone please share with me an mp3 file with synchronized lyrics embedded (SYLT tag) that display correctly on Plenue D? Or a .lrc file that works correctly? I tried to use Cowon's lyrics software as well, but the result is negative.

  12. Arnarn26
    Hii recently purchased a cowon Plenue d also and was just wondering, what is the highest capacity SD card it can use without causing any harm to the player?
  13. technobear
    People here have used 256GB cards but only the first 128GB is accessible. It won't damage the player but any files that end up in the top half of the card won't play even though they will of course still appear in the directory listing.
  14. Arnarn26
    Thanks for you help there. Didn't know that happens, cheers mate
  15. Mython Contributor
    Anyone here find they genuinely get anywhere near the claimed 100 hrs battery life, with their Plenue D?

    I have a Plenue J, which has a claimed 50hrs battery life, but I'm lucky if I get more than 15 hrs out of it, playing 192kbps mp3, at medium volume, and (at the moment) cheap Sony earbuds.

    Hardly challenging for the player, even if it isn't 128kbps mp3.

    I have a suspicion that the unnecessary library scan at every boot-up guzzles a lot of power, and that playing from microSD may consume a bit more power than playing from the internal memory, but I am not happy at getting so much less than the claimed 50hrs.
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