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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Brian Oneal
    has any one else had an issue with the player updating media database every time the player is started. Is this a known issue, or is there a fix?
  2. rr12267
    Go into settings and turn on sleep mode. This will not completely shut down the player and you can unsleep/turn on again without having to do a database update. The battery drains faster in this mode as compared to fully powering down but with 70-100 hour runtime it really is not an issue imho.
  3. Soundtrap
    You are correct, except that battery will last anywhere near 70 hours in sleep mode. You'd be lucky if it lasts 20 hours. Of course this applies if you listening for a couple of hours per day, with occasional screen ON. If you can manage to listen to it non-stop, then maybe 70 hours is achievable. But you'll probably fall asleep long before battery drains. LoL!
  4. philipsony
    i just noticed my plenue D is unable to delete song for certain folder
    anyone experiencing the same issue?

    the UI will show delete but after its done, the song is still in the folder
  5. fish1050
    So when can we get the next Plenue D?

    It has been two years now since the Plenue D was released. Hopefully we will see an update soon from Cowon with some more up to date features like bluetooth.
  6. technobear
    ...and the ability to fully use 200GB and 256GB micro SD cards.
  7. ElKabong
    Exactly, love to see more capacity for this unit, you'd think they could fix this with some firmware update, tried the 200gb card but no go.
    Outside of that i like the unit as is, i use folder view, so i can scroll quickly, and i like jet effect 5, plenty of choices, IMO i think they could ditch all the reverb presets.
    For me they are pointless.
  8. Kiwi01
    First time poster: By way of introduction I'm coming from a Cowon D2 which I flashed with D2+ and then rockboxed it. Just love Cowon. But all good things must come to an end so I have semi retired this unit and replaced it with the Plenue D. And quite impressed with the difference. I'm still waiting for a new pair of IEM's to arrive so not fiddling with JetEffect too much at the moment so just spending time navigating around the features.

    So, to my first question. How do I clear out / refresh the tags in the data base. I have a couple of albums with artists tagged "Florence and the Machine" and another Florence & The Machine". So I ended up getting 2 FOTM in the Artists lists. I have cleaned up the tags using MP3Tag and got the Artist saved exactly the same in all albums. But when I restart the PD and the data base refreshes it seems to hold the old tags.

    I'm sure I'll have more question later on but loving the PD so far. I'll post my impressions a bit later on once I'm a bit more familiar with it..
  9. fish1050
    In order to fix it you will need to delete the songs from the Plenue D with the incorrect tags and then reload the songs with the corrected tags.
  10. technobear
    Delete the contents of the folder called MusicDB ( F:\System\MusicDB ). The database update will recreate them.
  11. Kiwi01
    Thanks - trying this method now and it is working. Taking a while though as I try to find the Albums, cut / paste them out of PD and then cut / paste back in again
  12. Kiwi01
    Thanks. Will try this next time - looks like a quicker method
  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I heard the whole Cowon line 3 hours ago.

    Same track on all devices P2 PM2 PS PD PM P1

    This cheap little thing sounded as good as the flagship. I was interested in the P2 actually. I just read this thing doesn't have a true dac? Makes no sense. Sounded awesome.
  14. ElKabong
    It is a strong little device, i like my PD, i was looking at others as well, but as far as i can tell there are none with dual slots for micro sd's, i see 128gb on board but would still like to see dual slots, but as you just stated if the PD sounds as good as the TOL then no need for me to bother, as i have enough to choose from in my on collection, but there's no disputing the battery life out of this little sucker.
  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I demoed em all with the audeze isine20(?) which are kinda new to me but across all devices the difference was negligible. I'm sure their are measured differences but I'd be lying if i claimed i heard them. I went swimming today....water in my ears? damn fine little device. Used to own a Cowon before and loved it.
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