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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. rr12267
    @Skint disassembled one and it looks like a wolfson WM8998E chip.


    Hard to find info on this specifically "E" designation. But here is a spec sheet on the WM8998.

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  2. kfarndog
    It is certainly a great line-up. I have heard all except the Plenue S, and currently own a D and a P1. The D is great especially for the size and battery life, and feel that it gives a 75%-80% experience of its larger brothers (P1 and P2). The only drawbacks I have with the Plenue D is the slow boot time, limit of 128gb, no DSD, and not having JetEffect 7 - those are all things that you can work around for the compactness of the device, IMO.
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  3. ElKabong
    Had the Cowon X7 with 160gb hard drive, older version of jet effect, but it was a horse, had it for quite a few years, ended up giving to one of my sons, whose mp3 player had seen better days, just scored some LZ A4 2 balanced iems, like em a lot, nice variation of front and back filters to create a sound sig to your liking.
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  4. grunt2000

    I have a Plenue D firmware v1.17, and I'm using it to store webradios songs that I hear in the subway.
    One day one or fews songs were corrupted I think, and forced the player to freeze. I reset it with the two buttons.

    Since that day, my Plenue D is not able to recognize more than 1 863 songs.
    Any additionnals are stored on the player, but the Database Update doesn't list them and the number of songs shown is stuck at 1 863.
    I've removed all the songs, tried updates at differents times, stored songs 100 by 100 until more than 1 800 were reached.

    Nothing works.

    I guess something is causing a trouble in the database internals. Maybe a wrong record the player can't pass by during its analysis.

    Do you have an idea of what I can try to correct this issue ?

  5. BadBanana
    According to the datasheet that you linked to, the E is just part of the standard part number (see page 8). As is the case with most semiconductor manufacturers', letters after the main part number can relate to many things including temperature spec, package variants, etc.
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  6. rr12267
    @technobear posted a solution to clear out the database.


    Hope this helps ...
  7. Kiwi01
    Enjoying the PD and playing around with my IEM's and a few other bits and pieces. Which always leads to more questions.

    I have stored all my files in "Year" folders. The last few years are on the SSD, all previous are on the micro SD card. When I play an album out of the "Folders" the PD will start playing the next album in the folder after the first one is finished. This is good and how I like it. But if I pick an album out of the Artists or Albums list it seems only the one album will play. So my question: can i get albums in the Artists or Albums list to play the next album rather than looping one.

    My other question is about user presets and how the user name is shown. I have found if I change tips on my IEM's the sound changes. So I would like to set up "User 1" and perhaps call it 215Olives and "User 2" and perhaps call it 215Silicone. User 3 and for will be for 535's and Users 5 and 6 for MEE Pro's. If I can change the user name I wont need to remember which user setting is for what set of tips.
  8. grunt2000
  9. grunt2000
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  10. technobear
    Thank you. That's useful to know. I've only ever had to correct missing or outdated tags where the database update misses the changes because the files are already in its list.
  11. Vitor Valeri
  12. tcb1
    Hi,i've got a problem with my plenue d in the album thumbnail screen.when i select the album art screen,the album art is displayed in landscape orientation there is a small black line around the middle of the screen.It's not a row of dead pixels cause it's not there in any other screen except album art screen/song lists etc.Is this normal? IMG_0674.JPG Many thanks in advance.
  13. Barndoor
    Same happens on mine.
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  14. tcb1
    Many Thanks.Its very strange unless it's some kind of marker for something.
  15. Vitor Valeri
    Hi, I own Cowon Plenue D and an opportunity arose to buy the Cowon Plenue 1. I only own CIEM JH5

    Is the difference in sound quality between Plenue D and Plenue 1 too large?

    Does it make up for me to buy Plenue 1 or buy another earphone?
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