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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. skysurfer
    I'm still deciding between Cayin N3 ($149 on amazon,.com) or Cowon Plenue D (I could extend my budget to $189 on amazon,com) which one would you suggest?
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  2. Barndoor
    That's going to be down to personal taste and preference on features.

    My son has the N3. It has great features (such as BT, usb dac); especially with the recent additions in the last firmware update of the hibylink app.

    The D doesn't have bluetooth, so it is very much just a player from card/internal memory, but it is touchscreen, a more premium build, has built in memory and a great battery life.

    I personally wasn't a fan of the Cayin sound (many others rave about how good it is) despite wanting to like it, so recently added a Plenue D as my ultra portable EDC. To me the D has a warmer more natural sound which is much more to my taste. The same might not be the case for you. Plus I wasn't interested in features as I only wanted it to listen to albums from the memory/card whilst on the go.
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  3. skysurfer
    I have a Cowon J5, but the jack is starting to fail, I have to pull the plug in a certain direction so that I can listen to music with no interruptions. So I guess, unless there is a cure for my J3, that I should be getting another DAP.
  4. rr12267
    You could try spraying contact cleaner on the jack and run it in and out while rotating. Could just be some dirty internal contacts.

    I would hesitant spraying directly into the port but if you were careful and not douse I think that would be ok.
  5. tcb1
    Wish i could help.Those ciem jh5 seem awsome from what i've read.
    As someone who owns a Plenue D, do you have this black dash/line(my post above) on yours?.I'm trying to find out if it's meant to be there or if it's a problem that can be fixed by an update?Many thanks
  6. fish1050
    I have been looking at the Sony A35 and the Cayin N3 but keep popping back to this forum for an update on the Plenue D.

    The Sony believe it or not is still not widely available in Canada except from sony.ca where it is currently backordered. The Cayin N3 is available but I am not sold on it just yet. I keep coming back looking for any signs that a new Plenue D will be announced soon. Given it has been almost two years since the Plenue D was released. Still hoping for bluetooth and larger add on storage capacity. Not sure how much longer I can wait to hear something from Cowon.
  7. tcb1
    Update on black line/dash,pics above.It is a firmware problem.I downgraded to firmware 1.14 and the line has gone,I reinstalled firmware 1.17 and it was back.At least now i know my PD is not faulty.
  8. Willian
    Hola, soy nuevo en esto. Hace un mes compré el PD y de un momento a otro dejé de trabajar en la pantalla táctil y no sé qué hacer. No puedo escuchar música, estaba buscando información sobre el problema y no encontré nada, la batería está bien Con los botones + y - restablecer durante 6 segundos y nada. Espero tener respuestas.
  9. Vitor Valeri
    English please. This forum is international, not from Peru.
  10. Willian
  11. Willian
    Hello, I'm new at this. A month ago I bought the PD and from one moment to another the touch screen did not work and I do not know what to do. I can not listen to music, I was looking for information on the problem and I did not find anything, according to the instruction manual press the + - buttons to reset for 6 seconds and nothing, the screen does not work, someone knows the fault, I hope to have answers.
  12. LCMusicLover
    Sorry I don't have better Spanish. I could read your post, but replying in Spanish would have been a disaster.

    It seems like either a charging problem or a hardware failure. When you connect the PD to a charger or computer USB port, the LED around the power button should turn red, indicating 'charging' or green, indicating 'fully charged'.

    If neither is happening, try different charger, or different cable. Note that the micro USB connector can only go in one way, unlike USB C and Apple's lightning connector.

    If you can't get it to charge, or it won't turn on when charged, then it seems you have failed hardware. Sorry.

    English PD MANUAL:



  13. LCMusicLover
    Double post
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2017
  14. Willian
    [QUOTE = "LCMusicLover, post: 13593673, member: 284714"] Mensaje doble [/ QUOTE]. The led is working correctly. The screen is light up correctly, the problem is when I want to play or change music. Then I decided to completely format the PD when I turn on I can not choose the language, the screen does not respond. IMG_20170711_145932.jpg IMG_20170711_145941.jpg IMG_20170711_145846.jpg
  15. LCMusicLover
    Hmmm... now I have no idea
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