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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. LCMusicLover
    Hmmm... I've not paid much attention to the N3 -- appears quite nice.  In answer to your last question, I don't know if the PD battery is user-replaceable.  The case has some very small phillips head screws, so I assume you could open it up.  But I haven't opened mine up, and haven't seen any pictures.
    As far as comparisons, there are pluses for both.
    Battery Life (hugely better)
    EQ (very good)
    Line out
    Digital out
    Accepts 256Gb microSD (PD limited to 128)
    So the N3 advantages come down to features you either do or don't care about, and price. PD advantages are battery life and the EQ system, which IS really great.  It's the only EQ I've ever used on a DAP, and I use it for both my CIEMs (to brighten up my Aurisonics, and to add bass to my Frogbeats).
    Hope this helps.
    BTW, I personally love my PD for on-the-go listening.  So compact, and I NEVER worry about battery life.  I just stick it on a charging cable once a week and forget about it the rest of the time.
    I notice that there are no reviews of the N3 here. I suspect that if you wait for folks to receive their MassDrop purchases, you'll see lots of reviews show up.
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  2. BadBanana
    You could try reading some of the post in this thread...  [​IMG]
    Plenty of very good photos of the internals 
  3. LCMusicLover
    Yep, I guess I missed this post from 15 months ago (3500 posts ago) [​IMG]
    Actually, I was responding to another poster -- so your msg would probably have been better aimed at him/her.
    But as long as we're on the subject, do you think one could purchase a replacement battery? I suppose one would have to be willing to solder a bit -- since the leads from the battery appear to be soldered directly to the board.  Not exactly 'user replaceable'.
  4. rr12267
    Doing a quick google search on part # shown in @BadBanana post resulted in some hits for batteries for the cowon m2. Slightly smaller capacity than shown in photos, 1300mah vs 1600mah. Also didn't see what the dimensions of the batteries are so more investigation is required. But it's a start.

    Search pr-464465n

  5. BadBanana
    Also, it's strange that the battery in the photos shows 1600mAh on one side and 1800mAh with a different part number on the other side.  In reality, the capacity will not make a great difference.  It would affect run time proportionately, but it might skew the battery status reading.  It is very important than if ever the battery is replaced it is of a similar type (Lithium Polymer) and that it includes a protection circuit (most do).  There are quite a few 3.7V 1600 / 1800mAh batteries listed on eBay, for example.  One would need to check the physical size carefully since such batteries must not be subjected to pressure or mechanical distortion when installed.  The actual replacement looks trivial.  The difficult part might be opening the Plenue D without any damage - and I'm not about to try... 
  6. rr12267
    @BadBanana, totally agree with what you say but most battery indicators key off battery voltage thus should not skew. But the key words here are "should not". It all comes down to implementation.

  7. thesheik137
    I have a 200GB card in my Plenue D currently. It works, but not without glitches as I sometimes have to update multiple times for everything to show up correctly. However, I don't think I have over 128GB in it yet.
  8. HamsterKing
    After a year my PD start to get dead pixels anyone having it?
  9. fish1050
    It also depends on how you feel about a laggy OS as the N3 has no lag issues but I have read posts it is a problem with the PD.
  10. Hi-Fi'er

    Had mine more than a year and no dead pixels. Just like TV's it's normal to have a dead pixel. It's pretty rare but it can happen and you can't exchange or return anything for that reason alone unfortunately as it's considered normal - but to a point. If you have more than X amount you can request warranty-exchange overall with electronics but with Cowon you will have to find out their policy.
  11. DataTutashxia
    Received my Plenue D today
    First impressions:
    Really solid look and feel. Really like the UI (apart from minor lagging). Haven't tried all the EQ options but the ones I tried are interesting.
    Didn't have a lot of listening so far, but sounds solid on a few tracks I managed to copy. Will charge it fully and test properly tomorrow.

    The first issue:
    Whenever I copy the folder into internal memory it throws an error saying there's not enough space. The space is fine. When I create an empty folder and copy tracks inside it works perfectly. Firmware v1.11. 

    Are there any decent benefits of upgrading firmware from 1.11 to latest?
    Also, haven't found any info on battery charging indicator legend. Red LED around the power button means not much charge left I guess, but how many? How do I know it's 100% charged?
  12. Zyder
    Hi boys and girls, does anyone know if we can use the micro USB port on PD and connect it to an external dac like mojo?
  13. Zyder
    I think it does speed up the loading
  14. LCMusicLover
    Do you mean use the PD as a transport and output to the DAC on the mojo? I'm pretty sure the answer is no.
  15. Zyder
    thank you sir. I am just a newbie learning audio now
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