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At least the update is relatively fast. But agree with your comment @J Kelly. Folks should not have to do this.

My previous point was that I and others don't find it necessary to jump through any particular hoops to make it work.  
I agree that there is clearly something responsible for the problems that some users have playing some of their files, but it is far from clear what the real cause of the problem is.  Renaming seems to work for some, but others don't find it necessary.  Updating files on the SD card outside of the device may help, but again, I haven't needed to.  I keep a master copy of my music on my PC, edit it there when needed, but I never need to do anything particular for the Plenue D.  Files aren't renamed especially or anything like that.  When I update the Plenue D I take out the SD card for big updates (because it's faster) but I leave it in the device for small updates, and I use over 90% of the internal storage space as well.  
One thing I would avoid (and not saying it is a problem, but I just wouldn't think it a good idea) would be to edit files when they are stored internally or on held the SD card while using the PD as the card reader.  That could show up possible weaknesses in the filing system implementation.
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Hey guys! New member here. I've been looking for a new DAP and the Plenue D sounds like it might meet all my needs. I'm currently using a 64GB Zune HD and I only have one concern:
Is the audio quality of the Plenue D better than the Zune HD's? I would assume it is, since the Zune HD is really old, but then again, the Plenue D is a lower-price DAP. Anyone got any advice?

I can't speak to which one sounds better as I don't own a Zune HD. But I just picked up the PD just a couple weeks ago and my previous player was an older apple 4G photo. I have to say this is an exceptional little player. I've been quite impressed with it. I'm still getting used to it but so far I like it very much. The EQ options are night and day different, i.e. better. There are many option to tune the music to your liking. But so far I've been enjoying using no EQ. The sound is quite good. I'm able to pick out more details from the music. I'm very glad I pick this up.

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Has anyone had external playlists working on their Plenue D?
I can copy over music files which play fine (both on internal and 128GB SD), latest 1.17 firmware.
I can copy over m3u playlists and the PD happily recognises and lists these, but their contents are always empty.
I have tried following the advice in the post below, but no success.
If anyone has successfully got an external playlist working, please please please can you share how you did it?  Ideally also pasting in the text contents of a successful list.
Thanks in advance!
  I hope I am not doing the wrong thing by posting this in this thread but I wanted to help people who want to use MusicBee specifically with the Cowon Plenue D. I had a hell of a time figuring out how to get MusicBee to send playlists that I made over to the Cown Plenue D, both on hard memory, and on the SDXC card so this will help. Here are the settings you need to send playlists over to the Plenue D from MusicBee. 
Click the MusicBee bar with the drop arrow in the upper left. Select edit preferences. Go down the list to devices. Choose Plenue D and then click configure. Go down to settings. In the box that says music files: type the following: Music\<Playlist><Artist><Title>
Where it says playlist path: type the following: Playlists\
Create a subfolder for each playlist and its tracks: Make sure this is checked
Save as: M3u
Path prefix for tracks: \
To set MusicBee for the SDXC card on your Plenue D: Go back to edit preferences\devices and then choose removeable disk or SDXC card ( by default it usually lists your SDXC card as removeable disk) and then click configure\settings and make sure the settings are exactly the same as described above. If your SDXC (or Micro SD) card is not listed under devices by its proper name, it is probably listed as removeable disk. If you want to be sure this is the correct SDXC card, click removeable drive and then click configure\settings, you should see the correct file path to its proper drive letter listed under storage path. At the top of the screen under edit\preferences\devices: Uncheck the box that says: detect mtp devices. Unless you want to have MusicBee detect a cell phone SD card. Now in your Plenue D go to the root folder (touch the icon for folders at the top of the Plenue D screen) and you should see the SD card listed and all the playlists you created in MusicBee. When you want to send a playlist to the Cowon, right click the playlist and choose send to\device\Plenue D, or removeable storage device. It will now send the playlist and the music files to the proper area on your Plenue D.

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You have to make sure all your settings for the plenus D and its external card are EXACTLY the same as I posted in that article and you will indeed be able to send your playlists. If one setting I different it wont work.
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Has anyone had external playlists working on their Plenue D?

Yes, I have, with the caveat that I could never get a single playlist to reference tracks both on the SD card and in internal memory -- one or the other, not both.
Note that all file references work as if they start with '\', meaning the root of the 'current' device.  So if you save a playlist on the card, it'll search for the track in a path 'anchored' at the root of the card (and vice versa for internal memory).  No one has provided the 'logical name' for the card or internal memory.
Here's a post where I describe the .m3u files I did get to work:
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You have to make sure all your settings for the plenus D and its external card are EXACTLY the same as I posted in that article and you will indeed be able to send your playlists. If one setting I different it wont work.

Thanks both.  I have it working now 

There was one setting that I had to change - "save as format:" needs to be set as M3U(#EXT) rather than M3U, then it works fine.
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Hi guys, this is my first post. I just got the d and was wondering if I need to format the plenue D. I already formatted my 64gb sd card separately to fat32. I've searched and can't find anything about formatting the d itself.In the manual it says to format, but now how. I'm afraid I'm going to wipe everything out. I'm currently dling music to my sd card now and can't wait to fire this baby up!
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All of my music is FLAC ripped by me with db poweramp and all of the extensions are .flac so named by db poweramp. My 128gb card is formatted FAT32 and all of my music is recognized and played by my PD. All of my music is on the sd card, no music on the player's internal memory. In the past I have had problems with editing art or tags on music files on the PD while connected via USB and the PD not recognizing the changes when disconnecting from the computer and updating database. That led me to use the external sd cards exclusively. If I edit anything (tags, art, extensions), I remove the sd card, make the edits and while the sd card is removed led the PD update the database. Then reinstall the sd card and update the database again and the player recognizes the changes. It's a pain and it shouldn't be necessary but it works for me.Trial and error led me to this, YMMV...


Hello. New guy here with a Plenue D.

Yes I experienced the same problem: FLAC files were not recognized. The folders were there but nothing in them. This only happened in the Plenue drive (internal memory). More than once. Had to repair it, lost every music file (but still have copies in PC).

I think what happens is that we are too quick after copying files to that drive, or any drive with Plenue D. You must wait a long while for disk "activity" to come to a halt. There is nothing that indicates Plenue D memory being accessed. It's just a good practice to go doing something else for a minute or two.

Then click on "Eject" the drives (2).

Then pull the USB plug.

If I follow that discipline, files will be good.

Bottom Line: it just takes time to go through Giga memory. You have to be patient.

Pulling it early may not give processor a chance to update memory page directory (computer engineer talking here. LOL), thus files are not recognized.
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Apparently it is already FAT32 so all is good. I still got 40gbs left to fill on the sd card. So far I'm happy with how it looks and feels. gui seems decently intuitive, I was worried about lag when reading reviews, but it's only a bit laggy understandably when scrolling through 3.4k songs.Haven't really had a chance to listen to it yet, that's next!!! The first minor gripe I've got is it'd be cool to have a button to toggle sleep mode, but it's a minor gripe. Maybe there is a way to do that without getting into the player's settings.
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I left mine in the car while at a Florida beach. It was in direct sunlight and operating. I had it feed to car stereo system through the 3.5mm plug. It was on even when car stereo turned off. I didn't turn it off, distracted with beach views....

By the time I came back, It was BLISTERING hot. Couldn't hold it in hand. Turned it off with a napkin. let it cooled, out of the direct sun.

Then it still worked like nothing ever happened.

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I recently had the problem that it didn't recognize my sd card.
The card was working just fine before. I then reformatted it and
the PD recognized it again. After I renamed the sd card to plen_d_ext,
the PD failed to recognize it again.
When I format it without renaming it works fine, no idea why this
suddenly happened.
I'll get a new 128gb card today and will test with that as well.
Maybe the old one is a bit broken or so.
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I've read in previous posts here to not rename the card. I have not renamed mine and no issues to date.

As a test, so you don't have to reformat again, have you tried renaming the card to its default? I believe it's "Untitled 1" don't remember if there is an underscore instead of space and see if gets recognized again. If that does work, that leads me to believe that the firmware has a hard coded specific name it's looking for instead of dynamically figuring it out.

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