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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Hi-Fi'er
    I would return the unit. You can always rename using Windows but I would not do that.
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  2. nufc1975
    Here's a strange one that hopefully has an easy answer (but a quick search reveals nothing).
    New Plenue D & loaded up all my mp3s. Also updated firmware to v1.14.
    All albums are in, but a selection of them are missing the first album letter. So Metallica is called etallica (and filed under e), and Superunknown is called uperunknown (and filed under u).
    When using folders to navigate, all is ok, but the albums navigation shows about 10% of albums are like this. All files are mp3s, and the missing letter bug doesn't affect the playing of tracks.
    Not a killer, but sure to get really annoying when I can't find Thriller and realise I need to look for hriller. Any help really welcome!!
  3. Hi-Fi'er
    And did this happen on the previous firmware you were using?
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  4. nufc1975
    Thanks for reply. Never used a previous version. Did what I normally did with a new Cowon player - installed most recent firmware before loading anything up.
  5. Hi-Fi'er
    Then you overwrote the one it came with. I happen to have run/used all the updates from the original it came with to the latest and have no issues. Not sure why other are having so many issues. Maybe go back to an earlier version. You have to go to their website and find it.
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  6. nufc1975
    I'm not following your point...yes, I followed the instructions exactly for the firmware upgrade. I always do this when getting a new player to make sure it has the newest software version.
    Once I have done this I then upload my tracks.
    Does this make sense?
  7. Hi-Fi'er
    Yes but updating does not always mean it will work with everyone's music. There could be something else going on like in your case. I would go back to a previous version to see if it fixes your issues. Generally updates are good but there is no 100% guarantee an update will work for everyone. Just like Windows they fix one thing and break another. I usually advise people should update after they read what the update is for and if it fixes your issues, then yes do a backup and update, otherwise you maybe introducing new issues not yet caught or found when they re-complied the update, or your update didn't install correctly? Never had an install go bad by the way.
    Another example. Itunes, what I use to use before went to a Cowon. All my art was perfect and all. I did a update blindly, didn't even read why there was an update and just did it. Huge regret, it messed up 50% of all my music. Lucky I had a backup of everything and uninstalled the update and went back to previous version. Few days later Apple reported they got complaints and are working on a new fix for issues in that version. Well thanks, but who knows how long that was going to take. I did not do any further updates and never had any issues for years. The upgraded to Cowon. I still follow the "lesson learned" with anything that is software or firmware updatable.
    1. Backup.
    2. Know why you are updating.
    3. Know that the manufacturer takes no responsibility of your music, update at your own risk basically.
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  8. Cagin
    Reading the past flac related post made me check my PD; I've realized I'm still on v1.10 hehe
    128GBP card filled to the brink with flac from bandcamp (most from the free flac thread here)
    They all play flawlessly and all the album cover art show up

    My brain's grown so attuned (brain burn in) to the PD+Zeus R, that I mostly now just listen to it with no DSP (User 1).
    User 2: 80Hz wide +2, BBE +1, Mach3Bass +1
    User 3: 80Hz wide +1, BBE +1, Mach3Bass +0

    I tend to just return to the neutral User 1 setting and enjoy it more. Odd ain't it
  9. nufc1975
    Makes sense thanks. Guess just been lucky last few times.
    One last question - is this likely to have messed the tags themselves up? Meaning can I just roll back the firmware & all will be ok, or likely need to reload affected albums?
  10. Hi-Fi'er
    I would not touch your music. There is likely nothing wrong it. You music can't change, but updes how they read your music can. Go back to a previous version. Like the post above reminds me the original it came with was the 1.10. I have it you anyone needs it. 
    EDIT: Actually the 1.10 is still on Cowon's site. Tricky to find.
    1. http://www.cowonglobal.com/ 
    2. Go to the bottom of the page where says:

    Put in 1.10 and hit find.
  11. Hi-Fi'er
    Here is it in case someone needs it.
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  12. leo5111
    well ill be a monkeys uncle, its my windows 7 [​IMG]   put a flac file from my friends windows 8.1 and it shows  [​IMG]
  13. leo5111
    anyone have any idea what could be the issue?
  14. Hi-Fi'er
    Install a .FLAC supported music player, see if that works. It's a display file association issue sounds like. That is why your Cowon works and plays the files, there is nothing technically wrong. I'll have to mess with this on my other PC to see if I can duplicate and resolve.
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  15. leo5111
    people on windows 7,  i uninstalled media-monkey and then put a flac back on it and it shows, so it must be some codec conflict or something [​IMG] 
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