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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. leo5111
    weird because, if was defective unit, it would not see other files besides flac and it see,s .mp3 or .wav if i change em to.Fla so not sure what the heck
  2. ergin
    Just sold my LG V10 (too big for my hands). Thinking of separating my DAP and smartphone paths, buy a smaller phone and Plenue D, and do the listening on the Plenue. Can anyone compare Plenue D to LG V10 in terms of overall sound quality? And, would Plenue D be a good match to my Westone UM3X RC and Sennheiser HD25-1 ii?

    (P.S. I haven't had much experience with DAPs apart from an iPod Touch 4G that was gifted to me, and I usually listened with audio-friendly phones such as Galaxy Alpha, HTC One M8, Sony Z3 Compact and V10. Any comparisons would be welcome.)
  3. ShreyasMax

    Don't have experience with the likes of LG V10, HTC 10 or the like, although I can safely say that the Plenue D will make for a perfect on the go DAP. Its 'Normal' mode (Jet effect Off) sounds very clean, smooth and relaxed with most efficient headphones and IEMs.

    But once you turn on the JetEffect settings and start tweaking (albeit not by too much) is when you really enjoy the Plenue D. But do note, however, that there's no line out or digital out so you can't ideally connect to other amps/dacs without double amping.

    I personally use the D with my RHA T20, and have tweaked a User setting just to my liking.

    If you want a more feature rich and serious DAP that can double up as a digital transport at home or otherwise, do consider the iBasso DX80 which is somewhat in the same price range, but offers more outputs and storage.

    But the Plenue D, as a dedicated stand alone DAP, is great value in my opinion.
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  4. Ax34567
    All my album folders have FOLDER.JPG as that was the initial standard.   I have thousands of albums.   I use SlimServer/LMS 7.9 that uses FOLDER.JPG, don't know if it would work with COVER.JPG (I could write a program to create COVER.JPG and have both but maybe that would create a problem).   Why doesn't Cowon just add support for FOLDER.JPG???
    Also, why doesn't Cowon Global have a tech support contact?   JetAudio USA doesn't support Plenue D as is not listed on that website and my emails went unanswered.
  5. slider22
    any update sir? Still having the same problem
  6. leo5111
    same issue, it see,s  MP3,S or WAV or Flac if i change extenstion to .FLA
  7. Hi-Fi'er
    You can use Windows to rename all the files from Folder.jpg to Cover.JPG. It's not hard. You can even embed the art into the music and not even need art in the folder. 
  8. Hi-Fi'er
    Have you reset the unit? I would if you have not.
  9. leo5111
    i have re-installed firmware how do i reset it?
  10. Hi-Fi'er
    In the D's settings, there is a reset option. It should all go back to factory settings.
  11. audio123

    connect it to a windows pc, right click and reformat.
  12. Hi-Fi'er
    That's not resetting the D that is just formatting the card.
  13. leo5111
    allready did that but not sure if i fomatted it right but flac problem is still there, you mean load defaults?
  14. audio123

    u sure? pls go try lol.
    i dont use my plenue d with sd card.
  15. audio123

    what is yr flac problem mate?
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