Closed headphone fatigue blues
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Aug 30, 2005
First off, I really like almost everything about my new FA-003 now that it's approaching 100 hours of burn in - the tonal balance, bass, detail, texture and even the soundstage once it's been amped... But this is the first closed headphone I've listened to in over 3 years, and it's giving me fatigue.
I feel like the sound pressure builds up with no outlet, and sometimes I need to pop my ears like on an airplane. I can't even get through one album without it becoming uncomfortable. Anyone else feel this way with closed phones, or is there something wrong with me?
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Hm, that's not happened to me with my DT770/600ohms. I can wear them for hours on end (hell, I can sleep with them on) without being fatigued or bothered by anything.
I don't think I get fatigued with the ATH-ES7s either, but that's because my ears get sore long before listening fatigue would get a chance to set in. I don't play well with supra-aurals.
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DT770-80 would make my eyes bulge through my ear canals every time a bass drum hit, and did give me a strange feeling of pressure.  And D7000's massive bass doesn't allow me to listen to some electonica albums on account of their intense impact, but that is a more transient form of suffering.  Aside from the Beyers, no other closed headphone (I've owned 7) gave me the air cabin feel you are describing.
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I've used a number of closed phones, and found the same in different degrees with all.  My cure is crossfeed.  It is indispensable for me.  My desktop amp is a headroom, and my portable is an arrow, both with crossfeed.  The little bit of opposite channel info delayed and fed with the main signal makes all the difference, and I can listen for much longer periods without fatigue.  Crossfeed is pretty polarizing, either a love or dislike thing.
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I tend to agree w the crossfeed theory. I use the Foobar2k DSP -it helps. Still doesn't help with the 'warm ears' feeling though. My fix: Just remove the D7000's once per hour for a minute or two and I'm good to go again.

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