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  2. DougofTheAbaci

    Relatively in-expensive closed-back full-sized headphone recommendations?

    I want to get my girlfriend a nice pair of headphones for Christmas. However, unlike me, she's not an audiophile. She does encourage me, though. Which is awesome, haha!   So what I'm looking for is a full-sized, closed-backed headphone that sounds good directly out of a laptop or iPhone...
  3. Jacktaris

    Suggestions to upgrade from ES-7

    Hi everyone, noobie here. I've recently got into the audiophile world and my previous gears are ath-es7 and m50s.   I have listened to the m50s for awhile and sold them as i do not like the m50 sound signature. Find it to have a bit of recessed mids and i like my es7 more.   So...
  4. wrecked_porsche

    ES7 and ESW9 ear pads, interchangeable?

    Hi guys! Quick question, are the ES7 and ESW9 ear pads interchangeable? I think that they are, but I just wanted to be sure. Can anyone who owns BOTH confirm this please? Thanks a lot.
  5. Pingupenguins

    Beats or Skullcandy

    Yeah I want to buy some cool looking headphones. I'm looking for something with a 40mm driver. I can't figure out how big the drivers are on the Beats Solo if someone could help me with it.   Basically I'm going to tear into these puppys and remove the crap driver in them to just have a bad...
  6. Hardan

    Audio Technica ATH-ES7

    Hello,   I have some questions about the ATH-ES7. How good are these phones? Are they any "fun"? I know they aren't meant to be a desktop type of headphone but I have read some comparisons against the ATH-M50(which I currently own) and they seem to be fitting the portable choice. Anyway...
  7. TastyMidget

    Good headphones for techno,EDM,trans, just anykind of electro

    Hey, my friends wants a headphone for electro music. I suggested the ATH-ES7 but he didn't like the looks of it. Any other cheap headphones around $100? (with good looks of course)
  8. concordus

    Do ES7 sound more natural than W55?

    Someone knows the truth?   Have W55 but although they sound nice, I am sometimes bored by not strong mids and strong bass.   Would ES7 fix that?    Are they more natural and strong in mids and highs as in the bass but natural sounding?   Regards
  9. rivarex1104

    Apple Earpods specification

    Hi guys, I'm now exploring the sound frequency and I think it's pretty important to understand the frequency range of the headphones/earphones. I have started with my own headsets like creative EP-630, Audio Technica ATH-ES7. However, I couldn't find the specs for new Apple earpods (iphone 5)...
  10. Titan89

    Second headphone

    Hello head-fi,   My first headphone is an AKG Q460, which to be honest is pretty good choice for a first headphone.  Now I would like to buy a better one and my requirements are the following: I'd use it mostly at home and during travelling so it shouldn't be super portable. Music: techno...
  11. Captain ?degard

    Bassiest headphones ever, which?

    This might sound very shallow, but I really like bass, so I started wondering: what are the bassiest headphones there is? Also, which ones are bassiest ones that desn't require a headphone amp (to be run off the D2 in any case). Oh, and headphones, not IEms or plugs ^^
  12. Inazuma

    Pictures of headphones being worn?

    Hey there Head-Fi, I finally got brave enough to post for once instead of lurking as usual. I've been doing quite a lot of reading here trying to scope out several different headphones for various uses. However, I'm not gonna lie: Looks are important to me. Seeing headphones by themselves is a...
  13. frogcat

    Is this site legit? E4c's for 70 bucks...

    Shure - Mobile-Blue Store This site is in Hong Kong, but I figure I would rather pay 70 bucks for E4c and whatever airmail they offer, than 200 bucks. The prices they have on these IEMs are ridiculous.
  14. LevA

    Audio Technica announces new headphones ATH-EP700

    just saw the news at Akihabara site. they will be released at the end of August: Audio Technica's ATH-EP700 This morning Audio Technica Japan announced the end of August nationwide availability of their latest over-the-head headphone with a 40mm diameter driver unit, an impedance...
  15. ombadboy

    ATH-M50x White Replacement Pads Advice

    Hello guys, I am looking to buy a new pair of over the ear headphones to listen to my lovely metal music at work. I was torn between the Bose AE2 (mostly due to HOW DAMN comfortable they are, especially the cushions) and the ATH-M50x Whites. I have read that the M50x come with different ear...
  16. Sasaki

    New Ultrasone zino impressions (with some pics)

    I got new Ultrasone zino that is apparently a successor to iCans.     Comparing zino to iCans, zino looks better than the toy-ish look of the iCans. (lower: iCans) Zino sounded better than burned-in iCans without any burn-in. zino is more clear, more crisp and richer. The bass is...
  17. JamesM

    Help out please! My GF eyes on Frends’ new headphones   are these headphones only good for looking at or are they also pleasant to your ears? cos' my gf thinks they look really cool and keeps asking me to get her a set. recently i can hardly make the ends meet so looking for some second opinions here...
  18. KT66

    Audio Technica High End Portable On Ears - what is going on?

    Hi, living the UK AT seem to think we either don't like headphones  or are super rich! ES10s are £500 ($750) ESW9 and ESW11 are not available in the UK.   The 9s and 10s seem quite old now is this fast paced market, and I know the ES55 and ES7 have been replaced by newer models.   So are...
  19. Strif3


       Hello im kinda new in the headphone world and i need some profesional advice on what headphone to buy my budget is 250 $(or 200 euros im from europe) and i dont know what headphones to buy i want portable headphones but with same audio quality as the full sized ones,i want the headphone to be...
  20. TekeRugburn

    ATH-ES7 trade for ???????????

    Got these in a trade; already have 1 portable and these probably won't get to much head time.   Open to any trades really; just let me know what you have and maybe we can work something out.   There were some light scratches on the mirror cups but i was able to buff/polish most of them...
  21. BASGTA


    So I have a pair of ES7s.  I've had them a long time, love the sound, but I kind of want to try out some other headphones as it's been a while.  I bought these for $100.  I had to get them recabled for $30 about a month or two ago as the cord connecting to the 3.5mm was pulled. I can take...
  22. StormTracker

    FS: Audio-Technica ATH-ES7

    Well, I'm moving, so time to finally get rid of these that have been in a box for almost two years.   They are in fair condition, micro-scratches on the left, and a scratch on the right. It also includes the pouch.     Disclaimer: I may include random free stuff in your box I can't get rid...
  23. maykello

    Audio Technica ATH-ES7

  24. jokieboy

    ATH-ES7 driver attachment problem

    Hi guys!    I've had this wonderful pair of headphones for almost three years now and have repaired the wires now two times. No problems with that. However, now when the wire lost connection for the third time the plate that attaches to the driver came off when I was fixing it. This was...
  25. Skoobs

    ATH-ES7 working or not

    just tried to fix the broken cable on my pair of es7s, but the PCB fell off. sigh. anyone have a broken pair i can buy off them to salvage a driver, or a working pair they can part with for cheap?   thanks   edit: i would also be willing to part with whats left of my es7s... recabled and...