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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. CosmicHolyGhost
    you can change the vol in the red wheel in below image
    it will change color
    Cool thanks. According to the specs it does dsd and 24/192 from an iPhone. Well that's new if it does. Has anyone confirmed this. iPhone 5 and on ? Also what adaptor does it need for an iPhone.

  3. WizardKnight
    I just preordered the Chord Hugo from Moon Audio. Drew has ordered 5 Hugo's for his first shipment he will get in a few weeks. I'm the 4th preorder so only 1 left for his 1st shipment he will be getting.
  4. CosmicHolyGhost
    seeteeyou wrote this n Calyx M thread:
    I have also ordered Hugo... hopefully, it can end the portable gear game a bit and let me focus on other stuff..
  5. Nikola Krivorov
    Did you guys already mention that:


    Apologies if it was already posted...
  6. nOtEcH
    For the record.. I really appreciated this! [​IMG]
    From the review:
    [Editor's note. Chord responded to this issue with the following: "Chord Electronics prides itself on the use of a high-quality local company for its casework. Our casework is ordered in very small batches and having the metalwork supplier within five miles of the Chord factory, gives us extraordinary control over production and quality, and gives us the ability to make immediate changes. Therefore, we will be making some minor modifications to Hugo to allow for the larger RCA cables associated with high-quality home-use applications."]
    And that is good news for us.. at least for me! [​IMG]
  7. CosmicHolyGhost
    Notech, you have not received your Hugo yet? Thought u ordered a long time back...
    Is moon audio shipping to USA ?
    Also who has one already. I really would like to know about the dsd and PCM above the 16/88.2 threshold. I know I am a broken record and I will post in some other places
    To confirm. But keep this in mind apple has LISC agreements and that effects everything if we use it as a player. Now for me I will most likely be using my hibino as a transport
    With coax. So I then wonder what about dsd. So I will play and see. Any idea on battery life.?

  9. seeteeyou
    rmap likes this.
    Wow that all anyone needs to know.
    That so kind of you it should be a sticky.
    There is south misinformation about there
    I did get what I posted directly from cypher labs
    Dave himself. Thanks I will save this post
    As gold in this. As for the DSD I really don't mind converting to flac
    No compression as I do not think IEMS have anywhere near the resolution
    For it to matter anyway. As I have speakers headphones and
    Assorted IEMS. They are lower than all else give it's all top shelf
    People assume the IEMS are the best ever
    And they are for portability and stage performing
    But headphones beat them out in all ways
    And speakers if setup properly beats headphones in some ways
    I use headphones to tune my speaker rigs
    As they are a good reference point. But when I listen to music on the speakers
    There much more to hear.
    Big thanks
  11. Mython Contributor
    I'm not sure why the Calyx-M is being mentioned in this Hugo thread, since it lacks wireless capability (this was originally specified but subsequently removed in order to make room for a fullsize SD slot), and (unless the Calyx team decide to surprise us at the last minute, which is highly doubtful), also lacks a digital out (optical or co-ax).
  12. nOtEcH

    Not yet.. expected delivery in two weeks.. and I am so looking forward to hold it in my own hands.. and listen to it of course! :D
    It could be a little while longer though.. as I would like to have bigger RCA holes in the chassis..
  13. flaco
    when did u order ? I ordered yesterday on analogueseduction.net
  14. amillionmonkeys
    Guess I must be posting in the wrong sections and not getting a good reply. Might be my ignorance of electronics: But;
    Would adding an external amp e.g. alo rx-mk3b add anything to drive demanding cans? e.g he-6
  15. CosmicHolyGhost
    ^ in general, its more cost effective to drive he-6 or k1000 using speaker amp.
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