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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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    A ups does effect the sound in a bad way. You should get a ps audio P3/5/10 after the UPS. it's expensive but worth the money.

  2. harmonix
    By the way - I've now managed to hear the Hugo with a pair of HD800s. It works no issues that I can tell. Bottom end authority is a bit short but I'm told that's more likely the cans than the Hugo. I don't seem to hear the hiss either so it's looking like an issue specific to iems and a subset of those.
  3. Stormfriend
    Funnily enough I have a P3 and did try it after the UPS.  It sweetened the treble but couldn't quite recover the midband.  On the end of a DC blocker, Furman linear filter and Airlink balanced transformer the P3 worked really well, but I had more rack space dedicated to power treatment than to hi-fi at that point and still suffered a small degree of variation throughout the day.  I have truly awful mains; DC offset and noise specifically.  The Hugo has let me simplify everything and sounds nearly as good.  I'm hoping the battery pack for the SoTM card finishes the deal, as running the core PC off the UPS didn't matter as much as the USB card (or the HiFace EVO when I was using that) in earlier experiments.  The last link in the PC chain was the most critical.
    I'm using a relatively cheap online UPS / regenerator.  It's very good at isolation, but comes with a cost in sound quality.
    I am glad to here that , so try this . Plug the CPU and the Hugo into it. Also have you downloaded the new multi wave firmware. And use the 6 setting it will improve things for sure ?
  5. flaco
    Others said that there is no hiss at normal volume levels, even with iem's. Can you hear the hiss with your Shure 846's on normale listening volume when you turn the music off ?
  6. nOtEcH

    I had very bad power once, and I tried the PS Audio's Power Plant (some model) a few years ago and testes it up against the Audiophile Purepower APS 700, and the Purepower won hands down. It is a remarkable product and runs with battery power if power is cut, and it get's rid of power most power problems, if not all of them. The power is totally recreated from a battery pack, and will give you more peak power that the ordinary outlets. I urge you to try it out.
    The 700 that I bought is no more, and I am planning to get a new one soon and I am not sure about what model to choose.. the 1050, 2000 or the 3000.
  7. nOtEcH

    Sweden.. it is another part of the world. :)
  8. nOtEcH

    Thanks smial.. I ended up ordering that cable too.. 1m, and hope that it will work well. :)

    I also ordered the same messenger bag that OK-Guy ordered, only it was medium size so it could fit the iPad mini together with cables and power adapters.
    Now.. where is my Hugo..?! Anyone seen it?! *desperate*
  9. nOtEcH

    Have you tried interconnects with no metal at all? :wink:
    I have found interconnects to have great impact / influence of the sound and I want the Hugo to shine when connected to my amp(s). But that's me..
    The Chord Sarum Tuned ARAY's are almoust twice the price of the Hugo, but if the cables are as good as I hope they are, I do not mind.. if not I won't buy them..
  10. Stormfriend
    I've boxed it up to sell at the moment, but I'll look into the new firmware options and maybe give it a shot.  I was an early adopter and it still has factory firmware, so things may have moved on technically.  The P5 and P10 had several firmware updates, but the P3 didn't the last time I checked.
  11. harmonix
    It probably depends on IEM's. I do hear it on the 846's but it's not that noticeable - "you have to look for it". It doesn't bother me at all.
    Frankly some remastered recordings from old analog masters will hear louder tape hiss than this (i.e. Kind of Blue)....
  12. Stormfriend
    I nearly bought one of those 2nd hand (a 1050) as they work in the same way as my AG1500, but their fan noise ratings are higher than the one I've got and that put me off to be honest.  I suspect the output will be smoother and better - or I'd hope so for the cost anyway!  If I had the cash to splash the Isol-8 Power Station appears to be a low power fanless equivalent, but the cost had gone up £800 when I was ready to buy one and I started looking for an alternative.
    Ok sorry the p3 does not do multiwave. Only the p5/10. Does it.

  14. Stormfriend

    It does multiwave, but it's just off/on set by the remote, there aren't any settings to choose from iirc.
    Yes I know. You should try it on it is an improvement
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