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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. nOtEcH
    Anyone tried to open Hugo yet?
    And if so.. would it be easy to remove everything inside so you could do some metal work on the casing without the risk of damaging the electronics?

    I have been looking at Chord's Sarum Tuned ARAY RCA interconnects and would like to try them out.
    The RCA connectors are just above 12mm in diameter at the outmost part and I guess that it is a larger diameter than Hugo's RCA holes in the chassis?
  2. tonyl59
    I'm using a Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB hard drive for all my music. This feeds via wireless to iPAD Mini running 8Player Pro, then via Apple CCK/USB to Hugo. This is awesome; 8player is really good and indexes all 24000+ tracks. 24/96 files play flawlessly, as long as they're ALAC. I haven't tried 24/192. The Seagate has a really good wireless reach. At home I hook up to the music on my NAS instead.
    Sound quality of the Hugo continues to amaze me...
  3. seeteeyou
  4. OK-Guy
    lo-fi v hi-end... as long as you have a good music-file source be it a phone/DAP(Terra)/PC-Laptop etc. your ears will royally treated, go see your local Chord dealer. 
  5. OK-Guy
    so this doesn't get confusing... there are two company's in the UK called Chord one makes Hi-Fi the other makes Cables, they are completely separate company's (for those that don't know).
    I would email the Cable-Doctor and ask Chord Co. to make one to your requirements, they're flexible if you ask.
  6. nOtEcH

    I have purchased the same.. both the Wireless Plus and the 8Player Pro.. in addition I hacked the device to make it more stable:

    I'm not sure if it is neccessary or not.. but I did it anyway.. :wink:

    Next thing up for the Wireless Plus is to use an SSD disk instead.. and it is a video walk through on the site mentioned above.. guess that the unit will get closer to Hugo's batteri life then..
  7. nOtEcH

    That is good news! A lot quicker (than to wait for a developer) and also quite easy to do the "semi conversion" yourself.. and I guess it would work? :D
  8. nOtEcH
    I guess that the easiest way would be to fix the cable, but.. the cable is almost times 2 in price.. and I guess that people are more likely to buy a second hand Hugo that has been modded to be more versatile than to buy a modded high-end cable (and a really expensive one too).. that looks odd.. and not that luxurious anymore.. I know that I would prefer a more versatile Hugo, and a mint condition high end cable..
    Anyway.. if the Hugo holes are let's say 12 mm in diameter and that Chord (the cable company) could just "polish" the RCA plugs 10 seconds more to fit.. that could be a solution.. but I guess that the buying price would go up a bit? And I don't even know how big the holes in Hugo are.. anyone cares to measure them? Please? :D
    I just found out that the RCA holes in Hugo's casing are 11mm in diameter.. just a little bit too small, and the problem of getting them bigger is related to the screws and fixings that holds the top and bottom casework together..
  9. OK-Guy
    in answer to you question (sorry I'm late with it)...
    Chord's reply - The RCA hole diameter is 11mm. It should fit most cables where the metal part of the connector is exposed. We realise that some brands have a plastic sheath over the connector which makes the diameter larger but we don't think we could ever accommodate these.
  10. CosmicHolyGhost
    could anyone provide a layman's understanding of what FPGA DAC means?
  11. nOtEcH
    If there is a will.. it will be possible.. RCA plugs recessed or not in a aluminium casing is not rocket science, but it could be possible that the design has to change before they can..
    One way to do this could be to make available a male to female plug (without a cable) to extend Hugo's own.. but I have not seen any.. but then again I would like to avoid the signal to go through an extra plug if I can..
  12. OK-Guy

    from the Chord website re-FPGA
    Redefining sonic performance in the affordable DAC category, the Qute EX showcases the unique talents of Robert Watts, whose state-of-the-art world-class proprietary FPGA technology lies at the digital heart of the device and allows capabilities far exceeding that of normal commercial DACs. The custom-designed FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) incorporates all of the functions required of a DAC: SPDIF decoding; Isochronous USB timing and Digital PLL; WTA interpolation filtering; DSD over USB support and finally, the Pulse Array DAC.
    The ‘HD’ USB input benefits from its own separate FPGA and features asynchronous USB technology, isolating the digital clocks from the computer. Each sample rate clock is generated discretely using highly accurate crystal oscillators for optimum performance and ultra-low jitter performance.
    The Qute EX shares the same bomb-proof build quality and stunning aesthetics that have helped make Chord Electronics famous around the world, and just like other members of the Chordette range, the QuteEX benefits from a one-piece aluminium chassis that has been milled from solid billet in the UK. Complementing the elegant design is a top-mounted ‘porthole’ that gives users an intriguing insight into the internal circuitry, which changes colour with differing incoming sample rates.
    Exceptional sound quality has been achieved by our highly accomplished engineering team, thanks to their world-renowned expertise with D/A conversion and DAC production. Like all Chordette boutique products, the Qute EX can be complemented with a matching rack or Chordette Carry case.
    An upgraded DAC will also be added to our four-strong Chordette X Series, replacing the QX DAC. Called the QEX, it will join the IX streamer, TX headphone amp and SX power amp to complete the X Series which features squared-off casework and a number of luxurious finishes, including highly polished gold.
  13. pekingduck

    The FPGA is just some generic integrated circuit that allows customization AFTER it is manufactured. So instead of buying off-the-shelf chips and soldering them together, Chord simply develops their own logic of D/A conversion, asynch. USB, SPDIF-receiving etc and put that on the FPGA. It's kind of like writing a DAC "firmware" if you know what I mean.
  14. CosmicHolyGhost
    thanks, guys...
  15. Clemmaster
    Still no words on where to get one in the US?
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