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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. JaZZ Contributor
    So horses also suffer from tinnitus?
  2. Triode User
    I always thought it was a region ‘thing’ but it is becoming more widespread.

    But, please do not get me started about sloppy use of english. My current pet hate is people starting sentences in response to a question with, “So, . . . . “. This is particularly widespread with a Radio 4 interviewees.
  3. iDesign
    Interesting. I have long said that Chord risks losing customers by releasing the next generation of products too quickly. Chord must not make the mistake of trying to take advantage of our consumerist culture and throw away mentality that has been driven by planned obsolescence and the annual iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S/C/E, 6, 6S, 7, 8, and X cycle. The Qute/EX/HD, 2Qute, Qutest path won’t bode well and it’s already making people like you weary.

    Chord is far more likely to maintain customer loyalty by slowing the product cycle and instead offering upgrades and modular accessories for existing products. For example, the Schiit Yggdrasil Analog 2 and Gen 5 USB upgrades have been extremely successful and it has substantially reduced the secondhand market for used Yggdrasils and increased brand loyalty. Chord would be better off offering upgrades, firmware updates, or creating affordable add-ons (e.g. the M Scaler, a Chord version of the ultraRendu or SMS-200 Ultra etc etc). If the worldwide economy were to stumble, I'm certain people are more likely to buy an affordable upgrade than they are a new DAVE 2 during those years.

    You also make a valid point that the inconsistent physical enclosures of Chord products could make it impossible for owners of expensive accessories like the Poly and 2Go to use them with all new products. Chord needs to be very careful about their next steps and I’m sure if Chord released a new version of the DAVE within the next several years it would massively backfire. Dropping mysterious hints about forthcoming products only perpetuates the problem and it stifles sales in the interim-- it seems strange and counterintuitive for the founder of the company to do so. Adding a few more taps to each new Chord DAC will become just as predictable and boring as removing the Home Button from the iPhone. Consumers are tired of this cycle and that’s why they have continued using their old iPhone 6, switched to Android, or began leasing phones-- and unsurprisingly sales of the iPhone X were not as big of a "super bowl” win as Apple hoped. Hopefully Chord won’t repeat Apple’s history and as a new entrant into the world of headphones, I would like to see them continue on the right path.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
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  4. Triode User
    I wondered why my horse was ignoring me!

    But no, it is used as a supplement for joint stiffness problems with horses. See, there is foo in other hobbies as well as HiFi.
  5. STR-1
    Academics are notorious for doing this. Always sounds like they are exercising great patience in explaining something to you that you should already know.
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  6. Imusicman
    For me Chord are leading the way with their range of products and they obviously aren’t resting on their laurels.
    I’m sure whatever they are about announce and subsequently launch will be hugely successful and be embraced by the audiophile community. Exciting times ahead!
  7. STR-1
    At the risk of extending discussion of Mojo beyond what is acceptable on the DAVE thread, if they announce a new Mojo in two or three months time for release in spring/summer 2019, that would be the same gap following the original Mojo announcement as the gap between the Hugo and Hugo 2 announcements. If the new product it is to be a Mojo 2, and ignoring the dreaming of my first post on this, it will almost certainly be the same form factor as Mojo 1 and will be usable with the Poly.
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  8. jarnopp
    Mojo2, 2x taps, 10e pulse array, desktop mode, and digital out to drive the DX amps. $749.
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  9. Amberlamps
    I think it’s just a German/Swiss thing, I would sway more to the german side, you know how a..l they can be about the small details.

    Sounding like Boris the buffoon Johnson” is not a good thing.

    Are you the german/swiss version of Boris the Buffoon

    < understood your veiled insult and I give it nil pois, for it’s unoriginality and lack of style.

    If I was to retort. I would say something like “Official Slang” ?

  10. miketlse
    Strictly speaking it is poor use of the english language, and is mentioned as an example at grammarly.com.
    At work, when i have to proof read documents, I would correct the text.
    On head-fi, I have learnt to ignore such minor discretions.
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  11. JaZZ Contributor

    You completely misinterpreted my post – and apologies for underestimating the potential virulence of the topic. Of course I've considered the possibility of a wrong use of the word – which you seem to confirm with your response –, but I encounter it too often to ignore the possibility that it's an established component of the colloquial language – which I'm less familiar with than the written language.
  12. Amberlamps
    Its ok.
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  13. S Crowther
    Do you drink the cider or pour ou into your ears?
  14. S Crowther
    Mine is people using verbs as nouns: "launch" instead of "launching". e.g. " the launch of a new Chord product". A launch is a small boat.
  15. Crgreen
    What nonsense. According to the OED, “launch” can be used a a verb or a noun, and in the case of the latter gives the example: “The launch of a new campaign against drinking and driving”. As a noun “launch” also means a small motor boat.

    So: what can we conclude? You guys would be better sticking to talk about ferrites.
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