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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. Triode User
    ‘Smallish’ so could be.
  2. Amberlamps
    I wish it was that Chord Table cloth I saw a few months back.

    But John did say it’s small so that kinda rules out a 6 foot table cloth.
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  3. STR-1
    If it is, and with inbult Poly functionality, it will put a nail in the 2Go coffin before that even sees the light of day. Talking to Chord at CanJam about the 2Go I got the sense that they were stepping back a bit from enthusiastically looking forward to its launch. They not unreasonably said they wanted to be sure to get things right before launching following experience with the Poly. But...well...
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  4. Amberlamps


    Stop with the jokes my side is hurting.

    If it was true, the pump house would overnight become the burnt house.

    You should of posted that over in the poly thread, I have always wondered what suicide looked like.
  5. STR-1
    Not likely. That thread is one to be viewed from a safe distance.

    Actually, if a Mojo, it’s more likely to be a straight Mojo upgrade that incorporates some Rob Watts improvements and better pairs with the Poly. I think the Mojo was just about due for an upgrade now anyway.
  6. marcmccalmont
    I’ve been flying jets for 40 years always protected my ears with ear plugs but mild tinnitus is common in pilots. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar helps to minimize it. Takes a month or so to see sorry hear results
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  7. Amberlamps
    If Chord come out with a new Mojo or a new Mojo and Poly this year, I will never buy chord again.

    This year I will have spent close to £10 grand on chord products and after the poly fiasco, which is still continuing, if they sprung a new mojo on us now I would then assume that the company has no loyalty towards its fans and is a greedy company.

    Just because its one of their cheaper products, it doesn’t matter, to me a £900 mojo and poly rates the same as if I bought a dave. I don’t expect an overnight upgrade, especially when they are still releasing dedicated addon modules for it that is plagued with problems.

    Would people still buy those modules if they knew a mojo 2 was coming out this year ? I know I would not of bought Poly had that been the case.

    The best I can hope for is that they wait until next summer at the earliest, as I can forsee a riot in the poly thread if a new mojo or mojo/poly combo is released.

    Thats how I would feel, but I am sure Chord will take their loyal fans considerations into account before pulling the trigger on a dumb idea.
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  8. Amberlamps
    I will try that but I fear its already too late. :frowning2:

    You ever had a gun go off in a confined space inches from your unprotected ear ? I lost bass for a week, it was weird.

    You get 1 post like for mentioning the word “Jets”.
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  9. ZappaMan
    You get 1 like for drawing attention to this fact.
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  10. marcmccalmont
    Just keep it up for several months and one day you’ll notice it is less.
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  11. JaZZ Contributor
    Into the ear or into the mouth? (Serious question.)
  12. marcmccalmont
    Mouth! Either straight or in a small glass of water
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  13. ZappaMan
    I’d presumed into the ear
  14. Triode User
    At the risk of going OT, cider vinegar is well known and used in the equine world (my other hobby apart from audio)
  15. JaZZ Contributor
    Out of curiosity – from a native German speaker – and completely off topic: I see you and paul2cute often use «of» instead of «have». Is this an official (slang) variant?
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