1. goobicii

    Chord DAVE flagship dac

    lets have dedicated thread for DAVE   release date - October 2015   I expect this might be best dac ever made,the Chord are IMO kings of cutting edge technology,the Hugo proved to be huge hit,extremly popular DAC,just imagine what the newer non portable no compromise flagship gonna sound...
  2. magiccabbage


    Just wondering if anyone has any info on the specs of this DAC? Or. if there will be a DAC only version.     
  3. Chord Electronics DAVE

    Chord Electronics DAVE

    Manufacturer's Description: Chord Electronics has launched its most advanced DAC to date. Given the acronym DAVE, Chord''s latest-generation digital-to-analogue convertor features the very best conversion technology available, using proprietary techniques never seen before. DAVE is a highly...