Chord DAVE flagship dac
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Feb 21, 2013
lets have dedicated thread for DAVE
release date - October 2015
I expect this might be best dac ever made,the Chord are IMO kings of cutting edge technology,the Hugo proved to be huge hit,extremly popular DAC,just imagine what the newer non portable no compromise flagship gonna sound like
we know Tap count have huge impact on sound quality,Hugo had 26,000...DAVE is new world record at 164.000,I believe this dac is begining of new era,the ever increasing processing speeds of modern FPGA chips allow new complex logic to be utilized...conventional dacs with their conventional filters,phase shifts and ringing,all kinds of noises,distortions and imperfections,computational power will save us all,the future has arrived 

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  So how much did Chord pay you to post this...

haha I thought someones gonna think I got paid :D    I am just audiophile maniac who is passionate about Chord,I like their technology,I think its best,they think outside of box and do something thats very original.I didnt get nothing,I am just excited we will most probably get most accurate dac ever made and it is gonna be only 8000 euro,ppl prefer Hugo to QBD becose it have little bit more Taps.... imagine how it gonna sound at 164.000 taps thats more than 6x more.... nobody else does that,its new world record
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New era of overpriced products? 
Or what?

What is with butthurt broke ass people saying DAVE cost too much,I swear I reed it like 5 times....  price  doesnt matter... what matters is performance in its given class.DAVE is top dac fighting with other flagship in 10.000 - 100.000 price range,it actualy is bargain for best dac ever made.
my theory is the bitter feelings comes from how popular HUGO is,so many people own it and love it,they know that if HUGO is so good at 2000 bucks and also portability compromise trown in,they know damm good the DAVE,non portable,no compromise newest flagship is going to be one superb product they want so much but becose they cant afford it they got butthurt,they think if they cry enough they will lower price or something.
high end dacs cost alot money,deal with it,cant afford it? your problem,nobody gives a f... that you arent succesfull enough in life to get ticket into audio heaven.I rather have great products that cost alot than cheaper inferior units,the market is diverse go buy HUGO yggy or used M7 dont cry like little female dog,nobody cares
TotalDac,I love it!  so many people feel the same,many ppl own it show me one post where somebody acts as if he had sand in vagina becoseit cost 10.000,not even once..... and its not even flagship,TotalDac have 20.000 MONO and 30.000 Twelve...........  msb,dcs,light harmonic etc,this is High End forum,end game totl stuff,this isnt forum for poor envious menstruating bitterbros
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How do you know that it's the best DAC ever made?
BTW, the only thing that you wrote was that people are BH because they can't buy it and that is it, nothing else.
When people don't have facts or proofs to prove a theory they usually attack directly the other one who is confronting him. 

Good luck next time
BTW, hope no one will delete your thread here

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I owe HUGO and I heard that QBD76 is a big step-up from HUGO. So DAVE should be even better (if DAVE do not loose QBD76' musicality by being too precise/perfect :).

I also hope it's Amp will good enough ( like TotalDAC's headphone out) so that I can sell my Headphone Amp to partially fund DAVE.

I will therefore wait CanJam London to try it direct with LCD-X & HE1000 before I buy a TotalDAC.

But I wonder: DAVE's press release also points out that the specifications include two ultra-high-speed digital coaxial outputs, for "future, unannounced Chord Electronics products". We wonder what those could be?
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Looking for a  CHORD DAVE    V/S    Total DA D1-Dual  comparaison.   Similar price, and booth not using off the shelf DAC chips. 
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  The Chord DAVE is not currently available, so such a comparison cannot yet be made.

I know, I am just looking forward this comparaison....  Including comparing their Headphone-Out since thet booth offer high-end headphone out;

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