Chord DAVE flagship dac
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  I'm not allowed to comment on rival products but unfortunately I have a confession to make (why do I feel as if I'm attending my first AA meeting)... I heard DAVE nine-months ago, there I said it.
Had a meeting with John & Edd at Chord today where we talked about DAVE, I told them how Rob let DAVE loose on my Sister & made her cry... now my Sister is not one for sob-stories or malingerers being a Nurse so reducing her to tears must of took something special especially when she has absolutely no interest in Hi-Fi... the track that undid it for her was by Al Green - For The Good Times, after about a couple of minutes listening to the track my Sister took off the headphones with tears just starting to run down her cheeks and said 'sorry Rob I've got to stop listening as you're making me cry, that is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard'... it was one of those rare profound moments that you really don't know what to say in reply.
if people ask me how good DAVE is I'll just say, it made my Sister cry so no doubt it'll be emotionally involving.

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Only 8 grand are you mad you make it sound cheap saying it's only 8 grand its way to much it should be no more than 4 grand. Chord should make a Dave without the headphone out and pre amp for less than 4 grand.
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There is another Dave thread already. Please post there (even if many people who have the Dave wont agree with you).

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