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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. miketlse
    On your iphone, are you using the tidal app, or some other app?

    Have you checked the poly FAQ https://chordelectronics.co.uk/faqs-category/streamers/ ?
    Near the bottom of the page it mentions 'AirPlay is natively limited to transmitting 16bit 44kHz audio. If you wish to playback high resolution files please use DLNA/UPnP/MPD or Roon.'

    Maybe that is the root cause of your problem.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
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  2. Sound Eq
    another question, I put an sd card 400 giga, and formatted it first to exfat, and in the settings I see that there is an sd card, but when i press launch quickplay nothing happens it keeps saying " no playlist found " although in the settings of go figure app I see sd card capacity is 366.79 gb and sdcard free space 363 gb
  3. jarnopp
    Do you have any playlists created? Try playing from mConnect or another app.
  4. Sound Eq
    i just added folders of albums in the sdcard, is that not how am I supposed to do it
  5. miketlse
    Your sd card contains music files. Gofigure can play playlists, but you need to create them first, and save them to the SD card. Other music apps can play the music files themselves.
  6. Sound Eq
    and can i contol the mplayer to play sdcard music without wifi or hotspot , using just bluetooth

    the reason I ask if i am only using my poly on the go and dont want to use hotspot can i still play the music stored on my sdard inside the poly using bluetooth

    if that is not possible then i assume using hotspot to playback music stored on sd card inside the poly will not consume too much mobile data , am I right, as I am not streaming the whole files to the poly, since the files are played back from sdcard inside the poly

    update : To be honest poly is complicated to use, and I simply want to have on the go playback from sdcard without consuming all my mobile data, I simply do not know how to do it, tired for 2 hours messing around. I can only do playback form sdcard when I am using wifi network using mconnect.

    please if anyone can help in this i will be grateful
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
  7. ubs28
    What is normal battery life of the Chord Poly + Mojo with headphones like the Aeon Flow Closed?
  8. captblaze
    this is how I have GoFigure set up to run Poly HotSpot Mode


    This is how I set up the wifi to work with Poly HotSpot Mode

    IMG_0199.PNG IMG_0200.PNG
  9. jarnopp
    i haven’t done extensive testing, but I feel like the A2C takes a bit more out of the battery. I would say at least 6 hours though, maybe more. I find it a great pairing, by the way.
  10. Pictograms
    81F0FF6A-D826-4796-B11B-1A7802BF33AD.png 5E8E0061-1845-43D0-A264-608F1633B11B.png 09249F2D-0A7B-46AB-9066-65E32ABAB739.png 81F0FF6A-D826-4796-B11B-1A7802BF33AD.png
    the quickplay will only display mpd playlist you have made, and have saved on the Poly sad card. You can make playlist many different ways on Mac or pc but I find Cantata very easy to use this website explains it https://www.map-pin.com/wiki/doku.php?id=chord_poly-gofigure-playlists-cantata-mac
    If your on iPhone you can also download the Rigelian app and the playlist you make will work for the quickplay.
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  11. ubs28
    I get around 5 hours. I suppose that is below on what is expected?
  12. jarnopp
    It also depends on volume, sample rates and how old your battery is. I replaced my Mojo battery earlier this year after 3 years and mostly listen to 44.1k.
  13. Diraan
    I just bought a Poly and have been loving it. As a Roon endpoint, it's a dream come true, but playing from local storage has given me some problems I didn't foresee. I just can't find a good app that doesn't have some kind of dealbreaker. I am using a Galaxy Note 8. Here is what I have tried and my issues thus far:

    - For albums with multiple discs, the tracks are all out of order. Even when I change the sorting method, nothing shows up correctly.
    - The interface is pretty atrocious. Looks decent, but usability is frustrating.
    - I've upgraded to premium and no settings are remembered. I have to manually select the Poly every time. I have to change the sort order every time.

    - Sort of the same issue as mconnect. Albums with multiple discs have tracklists that are out of order 50% of the time. When I bring up the metadata for a given track, the track number and disc number are clearly listed, but sometimes 23 will come before 5, and 2 will be buried near track 30. I have dug around the metadata for hours and have no idea why this is happening. Some albums are totally fine and there is no difference between the metadata for either.
    - Low res artwork for everything.

    Hi-Fi Cast:
    - Album Sorting and tracks are all in proper order.
    - All album artwork is being downsampled to around 160x160.
    - No Tidal Support.

    Is there any app out there that would fit my needs more appropriately - those being:

    - Multi-disc album tracks in the proper order.
    - Full-res album art
    - Proper Interface that remembers settings.
    - Ideally has Tidal functionality.
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  14. NYanakiev
    Rigelian on iOS! It is a MPD type app that I use to play from the Poly SD card. For my streaming needs I use MConnect Pro, which is also near flawless in streaming Tidal/Qobuz.

    Love Poly!! I am enjoying it to the point of doubting, whether I need a dedicated DAP in the Cayin N6ii. It's the best feeling rediscovering how good something you already own is.

    I am seriously considering selling the Cayin and buying a set of quality iems.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2019
  15. Sound Eq
    thanks and that is how i do it , first set poly hotspot on go figure app, and then i go to wifi settings and press on the wifi poly WiFi option but then it always takes me to the poly login info page on my phone and I am stuck there not knowing what to do
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