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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. ZappaMan
    Are you a really advanced 12 year old?
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  2. Amberlamps

    lol, how many ds dacs can you fit in your pocket ? look at the size of ps audio's direct stream dacs and then look at the size of mojo.

    To get better performance out of mojo, it would probably mean an increase in core speed and or voltages, both of which will cause mojo to become hotter than it already is, probably to the point where it would need a larger case. Or he could make his code leaner, if that is possible ?

    If it's not his forte, then he must be extremely lucky for his "true code" to excel at what it was built for, and it is excelling at what it was designed for.

    I'm all for updates, but some products just don't need them, especially if they are not broke, mojo being a perfect example of such a product.

    If mojo was a streamer/server, and if it was not updatable, I would not buy it. Totally different products with different needs.
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  3. PrittiPoly

    Advanced 12 Year Old.jpg
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  4. captblaze
    I have spent a few days with Poly and am happy with its performance and stability. I don't do Roon so I cant speak on that functionality. the one sketchy thing I have found is regarding quick play. good concept, poor execution (at least in my experience). it is a minor inconvenience and doesn't really affect the over all user experience.

    I can tell you this. I am glad I waited to purchase Poly. I've owned Mojo on three different occasions and now I can see a regular use case combined with Poly.
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  5. Amberlamps
    Now that they have decent functionality and reliability, what would be cool is an overhauled gofigure gui, possibly even a chord gofigure combo media player app ?

    That would be cool, but unless they built one for 2go, it will probably end up costing loads and filling the coffers of that dodgy company who designed and made poly's pcb and gofigure software.

    The word's "free lunch" springs to mind when I think of them. I bet they think to themselves, We've caught ourselves a juicy world famous audio company, "milk it" looks like it's objective numero uno.

    Actually, now I come to think about it, I think thats the actual mission name, not just their main objective.

    You gotta love drama.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  6. lhau
    FPGA is upgradeable but I think Rob Watt's FIR algorithm is not much upgradeable without increase in available hardware to.increasethe "taps" length, thus it is quite fixed. He seems to have this algorithm in mind since he was a student and waited until now to blossom with the explosion of low power high processing power from the mobile revolution.

    PS Audio seems to have different approach and they are actually changing the algorithms...... they are still searching for a solution.

    Both approaches may have merits and it's up to your ear to decide which is for you......
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  7. ZappaMan

    An amazing bit of content - 2hours Thomas York’s with latest songs

    Help get you closer to home time
  8. DavidW
    Need a bit of help again. Very curious as I'm getting these bumps after many months of superior performance with the Poly.

    While on a flight today, my iPhone wouldn't fully connect my Poly using Gofigure. Gofigure would show a connection. I then connected my Poly as WiFi under the iPhone settings (as I'm using hotspot mode) and tried to play music with mconnect and then 8Player. Neither would show the Poly as a source. At one point I was able to connect the Poly to access music stored on my mSD card, but only by using the earphone jack of my iPhone. That didn't last too long once I tried to use something other than AirPlay. I was not able to repeat that again using AirPlay.

    After a few repeated attempts, I did a factory reset. Still no good. Once the plane landed and I got to the hotel, I wiped and reinstalled Gofigure and did another factory reset. And yet no progress. What to do?

  9. jarnopp
    Have you tried rebooting your phone? That works for me when strange things happen (with Poly or with Bluetooth devices in general).
  10. DavidW
    Yes, many times. That was my hope as well.
  11. jarnopp
    Hmmm. Well, I was just on the East Coast (NYC and Long Island) and cell was generally terrible on ATT and Poly was acting up. Could it be something like that? I was using Poly hotspot mode, but because cell was bad, I think that was still interfering.
  12. Matt Bartlett
    Hi David,
    Ok first of all and this applies to everyone with any issue please don't use the factory reset unless you really have no other choice. If you use the factory reset it will wipe all of your stored
    WiFi networks, passwords and also reset the Bluetooth security. If you have factory reset Poly then it's probably best to run the Gofigure wizard again just to get everything setup.
    Remember resetting Poly will reset your Bluetooth PIN back to 0000 so if you had a different PIN previously you will need to delete the Poly Bluetooth connection on your
    phone and let Poly make a new connection with the 0000 PIN.

    Ok so having said that back to your problem David. I'm not clear from your post whether you were connecting Poly to your phone hotspot or whether it was the hotspot inside Poly.
    If you were trying to connect to your phone hotspot then some cellular networks will not allow a mobile hotspot to function when your phone can't connect to a cellular tower to
    get the data connection for example when you are on a plane. However putting Poly into hotspot mode and then letting your phone connect to Poly instead should work
    without any issue and allow DLNA/Airplay or even Roon.

    Can you let me know what hotspot you were connected to and whether deleting the Bluetooth connection on your phone allows you to connect to Gofigure again,

    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
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  13. miketlse
    @Matt Bartlett perhaps your note about caution when using factory reset, should be added to post #2 so that we can all easily point owners in difficulty to your advice.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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  14. DavidW

    I was reluctant to use the factory reset, but I had few options after spending a good hour with various attempts and reboots. In the end, I felt that I had nothing to lose and performed the factory reset.

    In all of my attempts, I was using the Poly hotspot mode and not my iPhone's personal hotspot. After the factory reset, I did not initially reset the PIN for the Poly Bluetooth. Since your message, I selected "forget this device" for the Poly on my iPhone's Bluetooth settings. After doing that (and rebooting the Poly and the iPhone), I am still unable to connect to either 8Player or mconnect.

    I attached a few screenshots for your review to see if I am missing anything obvious. Note that on the 8Player screenshots, I am unable to select the Poly under "Play On:" in the lower right.


    IMG_2022.PNG IMG_2023.PNG IMG_2027.PNG IMG_2028.PNG
  15. dricas_007
    Hi, normally for my case, I will reboot my mojo poly. And it will be alright...hmm.

    Nowadays I hardly do that anymore as the new update is so stable.

    Just curious, have u update to the latest firmware btw? Thanks
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