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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. emgineer
    I tried a factory reset and after all the hoop jumping, it still goes into update mode with the endless color cycling
  2. Gr8h8m
    Power cycling and trying again....
  3. ZappaMan
    ive only updated the go figure app so far, but very happy to see the playlists render quickly and reliably.
  4. fc60
    I tried several times the 2.0.0 update and it never works. Now I don't have to press the update button in GoFigure, the P led is already cycling.

    When I listen to instructions in the headphones, The Poly's voice says the is a software update, to eject the cd card and reboot, ant that the update will take 10 minutes.

    How to reboot ? I tried everything but the download never happened.

    I'm sorry Chord but your updating procedure is ***.
  5. Peter Hyatt
    Strangely enough, putting in the SD card as one suggested, worked. Try it on powering up?
  6. Gr8h8m
    Hang on! Are you saying that inserting an SD card made your update work?
    cw1812 likes this.
  7. fc60
    Thank you very much for the SD card advice : it worked and it was fast to download (1 or 2 minutes). After that the poly rebooted twice by himself like it was announced by the voice in headphones and I can see the Poly in GoFigure.

    That's a very strange behavior.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
    Peter Hyatt likes this.
  8. 61Burst
    Progress!!! Still wondering if it’s worth it for me. A high price to pay to cut the cord to my streaming device.
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  9. Gr8h8m
    Well, following the cryptic comments here I've managed to update to 2.0 - but it was a strange process.
    Didn't want to risk damaging 400GB SD library, formatted a spare 64GB card to exFAT and copied across dlna-sdfree.dat and mpd.db, just in case.
    Power cycled Poly and booted with the new card *inserted*.
    Left it to LED colour cycle for 10 mins.
    Ejected the card without powering down.
    LED immediately switched to solid Yellow.
    Powered down - solid Yellow stayed on for quite some time, more than usual - eventually turned off.
    Powered up - GoFigure finds Poly and indicates v2.0
    What a f*ing palaver!!!
    NB - this worked for me but goes against Chord's explicit instructions for updating so ymmv.
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  10. emgineer
    I did almost the exact same processand it finally worked kicking it into V2.0. Glad I didnt have to do the blood sacrafice I was planning on...
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  11. Amberlamps
    Well, 18 months later and I think I can say that this looks to be a decent upgrade. From the perspective of reliability and user experience, ok the update wasn't a great experience, they never are, but it seems a much more solid update, the trick is, and I haven't tried this outside yet but, will I get hi res streaming via my 4g phone connection.

    Hires streaming from qobuz to poly is my goal for outside, ( without cables ) for those that continued to play with poly, is it likely that I'm going to get Hires streaming from an iphone or will airplay neuter it when mobile ?
  12. Feedbacker
    Giving this a go then!
  13. Gr8h8m
    What have you got to lose? :)
    (if it bricks please don't blame me!)
    Do report back
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
  14. TKpurple
    It looks like I updated without any issues. Will see tomorrow what it brought:)
  15. supervisor
    Airplay will only neuter if you're trying to use downloaded files on Tidal/Qobuz. streaming Qobuz should be legit hi-res using the DLNA function. But then you've got your cellular data bill to worry about !
    Amberlamps likes this.
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