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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. jark
    Does anyone know why the PLEX app on an iPhone doesn't give the option to use POLY as a renderer? the only option available is through Airplay which sucks (no highres)
  2. JeremyLaurenson
    Android users,

    If I’m going to make android videos, what player should I use (I don’t want to go down a rathole evaluating them all)
  3. polymaniac
    There are several other Apps that didn't show Poly as Renderer, for example the nice NEPlayer and a few others as well. I don't know if this is a Problem of the Apps or if it is Poly-related. It's definitely an Issue which i like to see resolved.
  4. Mightygrey
    BubbleUPnP will likely be the best one to use, given it's printed in the manual (then again, GoFigure is also printed in the manual, so take that with a grain of salt...).

    I'm getting fairly consistent results using Poly as a DLNA renderer in BubbleUPnP, with both the SD card still in the Android, and with the SD card on-board the Poly. Playback is not gapless however, and it is missing the first half-second of each track.
  5. opienor
    BubbleUPnP user here. Works very well. Only one small issue for me: after latest Poly firmware update Bubble has to be running and open when turning on MojoPoly. Otherwise Poly’s SD library fails to show. Nothing missing at the start of every song either.
  6. mashuto
    I don't know if its the same on iOS, but on android, I am pretty sure the plex app uses google cast in order to cast media. Plex the server can act as a dlna server, but that doesnt really apply to Poly, since Poly itself acts as a dlna server and renderer, and I dont think plex gives you the option to use dlna renderers. As far as google cast. The poly doesn't support it. Yet. I am referencing an old post from February, but◄★☆.831347/page-79#post-13265521 John Franks definitely said it would support it. It doesn't yet, so I am hoping it will be coming soon, along with actual spotify support (which is in the manual, but also doesnt actually exist). I think however the priority right now for them is fixing the remaining connection issues and making sure that what is there is solid before they start adding in the features that they said would be there.
  7. Mightygrey
    I'm going to go out on a limb and say Google Cast capability will not happen with Poly until at least 2019.
  8. mashuto
    I know thats partly a joke, but... I do hope that they can get those connection issues ironed out sooner rather than later than move back to giving us the functionality that they promised us would be there. Of course, I know the app has to come first, and as an android user that means I get to wait extra after they release it for iOS.
  9. ubs28
    So how do you power this thing on actually?

    Currently struggling for 10 minutes to get this thing powered on. Tried leaving the Mojo for 5 minutes on and nothing happens. Also tried repeatedly trying turning it on or off and nothing happens also.

    Do I need to buy a heater for this thing to work? (Which I will not do ofcourse, that is silly)
  10. ubs28
    After 30 minutes, it somehow turned on. Guess it became warm enough to turn on.
  11. Mr X
    I've been having the same issues since receiving mine on launch day and just got fed up. When it works it's great. It's now sitting in my drawer gathering dust. Waiting for a fix which is hopefully the Gofigure app or potentially a replacement(mojo?). I paid for this over a year ago now (Jan pre-order) I am half tempted to try and return it to the retailer as not fit for purpose and just wait until Chord fix things £500 is a lot of money. Somehow I don't think trying to get my money back will be hassle free either.
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  12. plinth
    In case you missed it there is a subset of Mojos that have a slightly lower voltage presented on the micro-usb and the Poly is looking for a specific voltage. The Mojos perform perfectly as DACs but will not trigger the Poly. Chord wants to replace the Polys of people who are having this problem with new ones that they have changed to sense a voltage rather looking for the specific voltage. I have 100% confidence that Chord will look after us all and we will not be left with paper-weights. Before exchanging the units make sure that only the new updated Polys are in the supply chain as you could get the same problem again. Mine waited 40 minutes or more to turn on. You could always get it replaced under warranty.

    I am sure that Chord are getting to the bottom of this and organising the remedy. Chord are a world class organisation and have provided a whole new set of users the ability to hear how good music can sound. They design with a passion for their work and not matter how frustrating we may find this as end users it will be nothing to the disappointment that they are feeling.
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  13. Mr X
    Thanks, I had seen this but wasn't sure whether they were replacing the Mojo or Poly. Don't get me wrong, I like the product, I just want it to work. I am also convinced they will get this right, it's just a year is a very long time to wait for something to arrive and then work when you have parted with a significant of cash. I am trying to be patient, I'm giving it a bit longer and fingers crossed the fixes will come soon.
  14. plinth
    They are replacing the Poly.
  15. jarnopp
    Even with potentially faulty or very cold units, in my experience there is no need to wait more than a few seconds. To turn Poly on in these cases, simply plug in the charger or a portable battery recharger and Poly will start immediately.
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