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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. jark
    I've spent the last week or so reading this very long and entertaining threat...compliments and congratulations to the Chord team for been part of the forum answering everyone's questions and trying to fix the issues and also to Jeremy Laurenson for his amazing contribution by setting up the wiki and making those handy videos!

    Shocking though to know how many people have had problems with their Polys!...For me, it has been the opposite...kind of. After replacing my first unit because of a physical connection problem between Poly and Mojo (apparently, the USB ports in the Poly were misaligned making impossible to attach to my Mojo) The second unit has been working absolutely perfect! Not a single issue regarding networks, connections, switching modes or power, and the sound quality is truly amazing!. I think Mojo has never sounded as good! When it comes to sound, Chord really know their stuff!

    My main disappointment specifically to Poly is the fact that the proprietary app is still not available. Absolutely terrible for a device at this price point that was announced almost a year ago?!!! and that relies on a pin tool to set it up!.

    Chord, any honest estimation of when the GoFigure app will be finally released?

    Another thing that needs improvement asap, but not from Chord, is an app that can make justice to MojoPoly!. There's nothing really good out there....some are better than others and some are plain bad. Definitely, the best experience is by far from Roon, but when on the go nothing comes close. So far my preferred app is Glider, although it has some bugs like duplicating albums in my library, bad resolution with album art, no DSD capability (I believed that is a common issue with all DLNA apps?) etc. For MPD I really like Soundirok even though it can't play DSD either and I've been having issues with album art...Is there anyone here that can help me out to display album art on Soundirok?

    Anyways...Overall I'm pretty pleased with Mojo Poly, the sound quality is remarkable, even more at this size and portability and despite there are still some glitches this combo is a must!

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  2. JeremyLaurenson
    The Album art and DSD issues are Chord Poly created. I would reach out to @joe28 for info on the duplicates.

    The next, imminent, version of glider implements some stuff to fix your album art:

    img_0615.png IMG_0864.PNG
  3. joe28
    As @JeremyLaurenson pointed out, the latest beta version of Glider is able to retrieve and display the original artwork for FLAC, MP3, AAC and ALAC files. Send me a PM if you're interested and I'd be happy to send you a beta invite. As far as I know the Poly is not yet able to play DSD over DLNA, but Glider should work with these files once the firmware supports it.

    If your albums are not showing the way they should, please PM me some more information so we can get it fixed for you.
  4. AudioBear
    I've beta tested the new version and the Glider cover art is just gorgeous. Thanks Joe.
  5. smaragd
    +1 I can confirm the latest Glider beta indeed fixed my album art issues... kudos Joe!
  6. reddyfr0g
    Also wanted to say that the Glider beta app works really well. Cover Art has been sorted for me and you could not ask for a better customer service than you get from joe
  7. TokenGesture
    My Poly period of grace came crashing back to earth last night. Glider stopped playing and said device couldn't read the file (which it had done the night before). Worked ok on airplay. As usual I have no real sense of whether the fault lies with the app (new version, Joe is on the case), the Poly (no change) or the wifi (airplay worked fine). As it all was working A ok for the last week.
  8. smaragd
    I would remove all the database files from the mSD card and uninstall Glider and re-install it...
    Chances are that the mSD card database got corrupted in any way.
  9. jarnopp

    Who can address the 1/4 second missing info at the start of each song and the non-gapless playback? (It works with Roon, so is it a DLNA issue, Poly, or ??)
  10. JMikey
    Just wanted to say, I completely agree with everything you've said. The hardware combination has been working for me since day one, but the convoluted setup - involving a physical pin, really? - doesn't help the experience. I would love for a decent music playing app, and other ease-of-use improvements. I know, I went into this headfirst, and I don't regret my purchase whilst I am assured that Chord is still working on updates. I just hope they don't lose faith in this product before it has had its chance to shine, based on a slightly stumbling start out of the gates. As I suggested, my experience with Roon at least has been positive, but I'm looking forward to an official app for playing music from Poly's SD card, etc.
  11. Feedbacker
    I suspect it is a Poly issue. MPDluxe plays gapless...
  12. jarnopp
    So, if MPDluxe and Roon play gapless on Poly, wouldn't it be a DLNA issue? Or is there a Poly solution to it? Or a Glider solution?
  13. Feedbacker
    I'm not an expert here, but I gather that Poly should be able to play DLNA gapless, but doesn't. No solution through Glider yet, though I know Joe is aware of the issue. I'm hopeful that might be a firmware solution in the future.
  14. polymaniac
    It may have to do with the Version of miniDLNA which is used in Poly and is a bit long in the tooth. Maybe they are able to get the latest version with one of the next firmware-updates.
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  15. Feedbacker
    My fingers are crossed, because to be honest, this is the real outstanding issue for me. I'm getting good stable results in every other respect at this point in my 'use cases'.

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