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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. NYanakiev
    Not a single issue using my iPhone/iPad Pro.
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  2. NYanakiev
    Roon works great with my PC/iPhone X/iPad Pro. Using Poly as an endpoint results in constant track not available errors. I exchanged a number of emails with Roon support, who had no idea what’s going on. I uninstalled Roon and followed all recommended troubleshooting steps and still no joy.
  3. Peter Hyatt
    Poly home network set up. It will play Tidal and SD card. )the issue when turning on is no blinking blue poly status is regular: It can take Poly awhile to blink Blue searching. Most times we have to turn it off and on repeatedly).

    When home, poly home network and hot spot set up according to the video.

    When out where there is no wifi, should poly find the hot spot on its own, or must it be directed through using the pin again?
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  4. AudioBear
    Sme here
  5. JeremyLaurenson
    That thing is dead then - work with Matt in PM to figure out what to do.
  6. jarnopp
    If available, plugging in usb power or a portable power source into Poly will turn it on immediately.

    When out, if your Poly already has been set up on your phone’s hotspot, Poly should find it automatically when on. But I’ve found I may have to toggle the iPhone hot spot on and off to get Poly to connect to it.
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  7. TKpurple
    Temperature related assumptions regarding swiching on the mojo/poly may be valid. When I left my mojopoly combo in my car for couple of hours when temperature outside was around 0 C, I noticed that it took much longer my poly to communicate with my mojo. Normally it takes couple of seconds. It took couple of minutes to power up my poly when both where left cold.
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  8. Peter Hyatt

    Is this something that the app will resolve?
  9. ubs28
    Based on a week of testing of my replacement unit I can say the following.

    The good:
    - DLNA is far more stable and is finally usable. It doesn't stutter or stops working all of a sudden. I can even use it outside all day without problems. Seems my previous Poly was indeed broken on the DLNA side.

    The bad:
    - This unit has the Power problem many people have been talking about. Not sure what to think of this.

    Seems getting a good Poly is rolling the dice and hope you are lucky. So far, none of my Poly's seem to have been free of defect.

    Not sure if I should go back and ask for a 4th replacement unit because I think my dealer will also say it is getting a bit out of hand now.
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  10. StevieDvd
    Given the brief details that JF from Chord posted earlier it could be possible that it's your Mojo that may need replacing now :frowning2: or you have the latest Poly and now need the next firmware update.

    Apparently the 'latest' Poly batches have been updated to check for the Mojo power state rather than set voltages as a small batch of Mojos had a component which did not trigger the voltage test when cold. So in the short term whilst we wait for the full details of the units affected (hopefully by serial number) makes ure Poly has a warm coat on in this chilly weather. :)
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  11. ubs28
    I should have one of the latest batches as this one is brand new. Hopefully a new firmware update can fix it.
  12. corius
    I think we definitely need to know the serial numbers of the affected Polys. Even if your Poly works with your Mojo there is no guarantee it will work with someone else's Mojo if you opt to sell it to a third party at a later date.

    I expect that Chord will offer exchanges of all of the affected Polys and not just those that are currently exhibiting the problem, and I hope that they have recalled all affected Poly's from the distribution channels already.
  13. StevieDvd
    If I understood correctly there are some troublesome Mojos on the loose, with a sub-par component that the original Poly has trouble with, it may be a replacement of those few Mojos and not a recall of the Polys. But to ensure this does not happen again the newer Poly has a more robust check circuit based on the on/off state - so the firmware will presumably check the both types of power up signals and handle all 'fully functional' Mojos. Whether this change is in 1.0.10 or comes later depends just how long the new Poly has been out, surely it must have firmware in it to switch on otherwise all new style Polys would never activate!!
  14. corius
    Chord must have calculated that it is easier/cheaper to replace Polys rather than Mojos. I guess there are more "faulty" Mojos than Polys out in the wilds so they have changed the Poly HW design rather than issuing a Mojo recall.
  15. StevieDvd
    Difficult to say without knowing the numbers involved but it's the sort of belt & braces remedy that I tend to specify here at work as it gives some future proofing against other Mojo hardware changes dropping the voltage output and causing the same issue again. In a logical world if all Mojos were registered then the owners of the faulty batch would probably like the offer of a new Mojo if the batch is quite old.

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