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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. AudioBear
    When they tell you it’s ok to use small electronic devices and they turn on the plane’s wi-fi it’s ok to use Poly as a hotspot. It is limited to 10m. Your computer or tablet has much stronger radiation and you transmit when you stream, send e-mail, or surf. Wi-fi is not prohibited on US flights, at least according to the flight crew on the last flight.

    6.5 hr flight test about to start—boarded. Will report.
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  2. JeremyLaurenson
    My complaint with that is everyone close can join the poly network... and monkey with my stuff...
  3. No Disc
    Thanks. I'm not married to either of the channels. I recall reading someone in a previous thread mentioning using different wifi channels to avoid congestion (noise I guess) and that interfering with streaming to the Poly. I'm simply using the MPD daemon so I'm not sure at this stage how other wifi signals are effecting me, everything is working, I just cannot say that the SQ would improve if I was able to use a less congested (noisy channel). My only real concern is I am getting the best SQ I can from my poly.
  4. mslatr
    I am wondering if I am doing something wrong and was wondering if someone has had a similar issue.

    My daily commute on the train offers patchy 4G reception from my local station to the main station downtown. The trip takes about 40 minutes and I bought the Poly with the intention of using my mojo without the horrible Apple camera connection. Knowing that cell data coverage is poor my thought was I could use the unit to play tracks from the micro sd card and stream Tidal both at home and the office when on wifi.

    To use on the go, I have setup a hotspot on my Airpad 2 and set the appropriate SSID on the mojo to connect - which works fine enough. I use 8 Player to connect to the Poly as a DLNA server and can stream my CD quality FLAC files as well as some hi res content. What I have found is that the audio is often interrupted as if the signal has been dropped. Given that my Ipad is usually in my lap while the player is in my bag right beside it I am not sure that it is a matter of signal strength. I wonder if the Poly unit is constantly searching for a better wifi signal and that is causing the dropouts? Or is it that the spotty cell service to my Ipad - which has 4 g service from Verizon - loses its data connection which prompts Poly to repoll its connections? It is very annoying and I know I could use Blutooth or airplay to hear things fine, but I bought a high end Dac to have better sound than that so was hoping I am doing something wrong and it can be easily fixed.

    I thought maybe I need to enter hotspot mode on the Poly and connect my Ipad to the Poly, however, I often use my tablet to read the morning papers and access work emails/Bloomberg on my way in to the office so don't want to lose the connectivity while on the go.

    When it does play I am quite happy with the sound and very happy not to have to lug a DAP and my Hugo around with a bunch of cables and elastics to hold everything together. I am hoping that the Gofigure app solves a lot of my problems.

    Incidentally, in the manual it says that using the pin to change modes on the Poly should also prompt the nice lady to announce the IP address. For the first day I owned the Poly it would only say that I was now entering Network mode, nothing I did would prompt Access mode (I did have a micro sd card inserted the whole time fyi). I tried holding the pin in for 3 seconds, five seconds or even 10 seconds with no luck. On day two I finally was able to get to Access mode and was able to setup a wifi network, but still was not hearing the IP address announced by the nice lady, but since my applications could see the Poly as a server it didn't matter. Today for the first time I heard her announce the IP address - I honestly didn't do anything differently than I had been doing all along as far as I know, but there must be some reason behind this. Now I have a challenge to access my NAS which requires a username and password to login, but I can't find a settings tab on 8Player or Mconnect HD that allows me to enter my username and password for the NAS so am only allowed to see the publicly accessible folders which amount to 2 files!. This is obviously an issue with the app, but does anyone have a similar insstance and have you been able to get around this? Otherwise, is there a better app that will allow this?

    Sorry for the long post, but would appreciate any thoughts anyone could share.
  5. NYanakiev
    How do you go about changing channels?
  6. TokenGesture
    Another wifi network, another problem. Poly has a green light but no show on 8player, no sound on Qobuz on airplay. Have swiped up , shut down, re configured, no change. It’s not my WiFi network bit my phone connects to it just fine,so it clearly works.

    Gave up and did Poly hotspot mode. That worked fine.
  7. GoSUV
    I have received my Poly last week and been listening to the Mojopoly on my daily commutes. I am using the iPod Touch so I have to use the Poly's hotspot mode because the iPod can't create its own Wifi network. So far it is working fine over Airplay. I will try the SD card method once the GoFigure app is released. Since I'm streaming songs to the Poly, it needs to have stable Wifi signals in order to do it reliably. I am noticing, once in a while, some drop outs and crackles would result if I'm in an extremely crowded area, despite the fact that my iPod Touch is almost together with the Mojopoly. Ok, I am subjecting this to the harshest conditions in terms of Wifi interference and pollution possible, and you can't get more crowded than this "Great Migration" in the subway stations in central Hong Kong during rush hours, but what are the general recommended ways to avoid the drop outs and crackles and achieve the best possible Wifi transmission? I know the plastic window on the Poly shouldn't be covered, but how should I position my iPod in relation to the Poly? Does it matter if I turn on the Poly in a less crowded area first, let the iPod join the Wifi network before I walk into the crowd? Does the Poly hop channels on its own if the current channel in use is too congested? Does the Poly have a fixed size buffer and will a future firmware update allow us to maximize the buffer size if I don't care about latency? It seems a bigger buffer size might help with the drop out and crackle problems?
  8. Matt Bartlett
    This is a setting inside your router. Normally you have to log into your router administration page and then look at the wireless settings.
    There should be an option to change channels.
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  9. AudioBear
    The 6.5 hr flight was not all that it could have been. With 16/44.1 files I had no problem using the Poly Hotspot/iPhone controller except that it had a few drop outs and a couple of times it appeared that Poly froze or dropped the connection and needed to be rebooted. I can't rule out 8Player being the problem. Hi-Res files on 8Player were a bust. I don't think this had anything to do with Poly. It would play one track and stop. Eventually I figured out that if I pressed the back arrow in the upper left hand corner of the page with the album cover it would go back to the album track list and start the next track. Sometimes I had to click on a track to start it. And sometimes I had to quit the program and/or reboot everything. It was, in two words, a total disaster just trying to play an album. I will take out the chip tomorrow and see if I am correct that the 16/44.1 files are ALAC and the 24/96 are FLAC--but don't know if that's the problem. It's the only difference I can think of offhand except the higher rate. I am not enthralled with 8 Player.

    On the plus side when the system played it sounded great. No noise, no crackling, an no obvious interference. I did loose the connection between Poly and the iPhone a couple of times though. CD quality was excellent and quite acceptable for my purposes. There's a lot of potential here but also a few bumps in the road. I'll report back if/when I figure out what the problem was with the Hi-Res files having to be played track by track.

    Can anybody explain this behavior and suggest a better way to play microSD card albums and playlists?
  10. Matt Bartlett
    If 8Player is causing issues then try one of the MPD apps like MPDeluxe. These directly control the SD card music inside Poly rather than using DLNA. The IP address of Poly when it is in hotspot mode is and the port number is 6600. You will need both of these to configure the MPD app.
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  11. jarnopp
    Thank, Matt, for answering. NYanakiev, that is what I did. Usually the router is set to manually pick a channel, but if you scan your network, you can find a best channel, based on other nearby settings. (Here is a way to scan:
    https://www.maketecheasier.com/find-best-wifi-channel/). These can change, of course, over time. I find the lower channels for both 2.4 ghz and 5ghz seem less popular, and work fine in my house.

    While you are there, you can make sure the power setting is at 100% or max. Good luck!
  12. JeremyLaurenson
    Ok, how do I use Poly in hotspot mode?

    I always get the splash screen and if I tap Cancel to be able to get to other apps, it disconnects from the wifi...
  13. Priaptor

    I am currently using the Poly in Roon mode. I just want to be sure I understand a few things if I want to use a MicroSD. For reading the SD to work, does "play mode" have to be selected to "Other"?

  14. JeremyLaurenson
    Poly Pro Tip:
    Keep special characters out of your music filenames and folder names, if possible.
    The various players and services don't necessarily handle this well and bomb out.
    I removed mine and now instead of seeing just 61 directories in MPDluxe I now see 200 and counting as Poly indexes.
  15. Matt Bartlett
    This is a funny on the iPhone. When you get the config page up just click somewhere on the page and the iPhone should give you the message 'Use without internet' or 'choose another network'.
    Select use without internet and then the WiFi will stay on and connected.
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