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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. peter123

    If you go into the head gear sub forum I'm pretty sure there's some reviews of them there (probably from at least a year ago iirc).

    Vince, do I remember correctly that you've got these? Maybe it was you that reviewed them as well, wouldn't be a big surprise lol.....
  2. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Guilty as charged :)

    They are great!

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  3. peter123

    Man, I'm mostly impressed by my memory :wink:

    Maybe I'm not as old as I feel sometimes ha ha......

    Thanks for confirming bro.
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  4. Vidal
    Get the memory man a drink! Mind you at Norwegian prices a pair of IEM might be cheaper.
    Thanks Vince and Peter. Found a pair on Fleabay will give them a go
  5. peter123

    Nice, let us know how you like them.

    Yeah, every time I feel like having a beer at a pub here I rather drop it and order a par of $100 IEM's and save some money :wink:
  6. Audioholic123
    Yes they are a rebrand of the ISK's, the LyxPro and Stellar Labs must be also.
    The Marantz Pro MPH-2's have became my go-to headphones for almost everything. I was deeply surprised when I first listened to them, they have full spectrum sound;
    Deep bass right down to 16-18 Hertz but it's not bloated or artificial...it's rounder and detailed like Denon AH-D2000's.
    Smooth mid's perhaps a little recessed but still impressive.
    Treble clarity is really impressive, Micro details are present.
    Overall it's a very fine headphone. Definitely competes with headphones in the $150 - $250 market. I'm actually considering buying a second pair as I have came to depend on them for mixing/mastering music and they may not be in production for very long.
  7. Pharmaboy
    (creaking sound of a wallet slowly opening, like casket lid)
    I'm just gonna have to buy these headphones now. You're the 1st Head-Fi-er I know of who's actually heard these things--your comments are pretty compelling.
    Plus I've been posting things about another pair of inexpensive Chinese headphones, the Yenona's (saying pretty similar things), so I know real quality can happen between $50 and $100.
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  8. crabdog
  9. Vidal
    @peter123 @Hisoundfi
    They turned up this morning, initial thoughts are very positive but I'll give them some more eartime, they're certainly striking. There's a definite change in sound which each of the ear pads, not sure I like the small PU ones.
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  10. crabdog
    I got a package today too. Will give early impressions in a day or two.
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  11. Pharmaboy
    Never saw the Xiaomi Mi's before--they're very striking/different looking. 3 earpads, each w/very different design & sound? That's not totally new, but the degree of differences between the 3 pads seems larger than other headphones offering multiple pads (ie, ZMF Omni's). 
    But I'm not clear on how the pads are changed, even after reading that excellent review. Does the plastic pad holder remain attached to the earcups, then each earpad is dismounted/mounted to the pad holder?
    If yes--and given that the largest ear pads, the "over the ear" ones are of most interest to me, and their depth was mentioned as possibly being inadequate for some listeners--I'm wondering if this headphone can accommodate after-market pads? As a huge fan of Brainwavz HM5 "Extra Thick" pads (they definitely improved the 2 headphones I've put them on), I wonder if these or other large pads are useable w/these.
  12. Vidal
    The pads have a bayonet style mechanism that stays with the pad, the larger pads do have some sort of clip that might be removable to allow fitting alternative pads, but they're glued as well. The pad size is the same size as the Brainwavz ones as well
  13. Pharmaboy
    Thanks for clarifying. Sounds like pad swaps are difficult if not impossible.
    Guess there's no substitute for simply trying them out.
  14. Nachash
    I remember reading some good things about the ISK headphones, can't remember which model though...
  15. Vidal
    There a couple which are very similar to the Takstar/Hyper X cloud lines. The HP2011 is the one I have, similar to the Pro 80 as they're closed back.
    Seem to be quite accurate but I intend to mod them a bit
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