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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Vidal
    Fiio K1 will work direct from most Android phones - I bought a short Type C to micro usb cable to work with my Huawei P9. Turns a phone into a credible DAC capable of driving most easy to drive cans.
    Anyone tried the Meizu HD50? They look extremely well built as they're mainly metal construction.  
  2. SHAMuuu
    I read a bit about them and the reviews seem good on those Meizu.
    Anyway worse thing if it dies you have some good parts or frame for projects. Metal cups for $60 not bad. Though close in price (now) to a Koss DjPro100, and Sony Xb950AP. Both use aluminum cups. So, these Chinese brands face tough challenges as great and cheap as they are, brand power plays a role. And with Amazon doing their magic, it will be even tougher as Big Name can be had in the 30-70 range US.
    If I got one I would be happy, wonder how they stack up to the KOSS dj100 n xb950 (chinese made I think) but yeah not Chinese brand, but ofc the Chinese brands must be compared :p
    All this will mean is China brands will just keep making better and better stuff and even lower prices so its great in one sense. I wont bring in QC issue onto the table. :p
    Its just raining bargains is why everyone on here has a can list which is like grocery bill length.
  3. slowpickr
    The Onkyo ES-FC300 was recently going for $25 on Amazon US.  I paid $40 for the ES-HF300 which has a slightly upgraded cable.  Anyone take advantage of this deal?  They sound spectacular and are going for much more than that now.  I'm very happy with the purchase even at $40.
  4. Lurk650

    Just Googled and they are over $100 on Amazon
  5. Pharmaboy
    [Note: this is an edited version of my post that 1st appeared in the Takstar thread, then in a new thread I started today. But it's better off here in this excellent, multi-headphone thread started by Slowpickr]


    I just tried a KILLER pair of inexpensive Chinese headphones. The brand is "YENONA," a name I'd never heard before.


    I happened to see a picture of these headphones in Amazon.co.uk and began to read up on them (I was in Canada, and Amazon.co.uk pops up often in searches there). They interested me, so ordered them from ebay. Total cost, including shipping, was $78.58. Here they are, the "Yenona Adapter-Free DJ Headphones":



    I thought they'd be garish up close (the cord sure is), but they actually look rather subtle. The 1st pair had a dead left channel, so returning and reordering--this time from Amazon for just $59.99!--the 2nd pair arrived. I'd never actually heard them, so plugged them into my Matrix M Stage HPA-1 with trepidation. Would they work this time? Would they sound halfway-decent?


    2 hours later, it was hard taking them off my head. These headphones are shockingly good--and that's with zero warmup, straight out of the box. I wasn't unprepared for how good they are:


    -- They have a somewhat warm sound, but it's not in-your-face. More of a welcome flavor than an over-powering coloration


    -- They have real resolution, far more than I imagined inexpensive closed headphones could have. I was able to listen deeply into familiar recordings, and the details had subtlety & texture (this was the biggest surprise)


    -- They also have real soundstaging--admittedly not as much as open headphones, but more than some closed headphones I've heard. There's real depth and space there (another surprise)


    -- The bass is excellent, up & down the ladder. I heard "walking bass" played on both acoustic & electric instruments, and it's all there, sounding plump & real. Not sure about sub-bass; I'm not an EDM fan and may not have the right material for that. But every bass-rich reggae & studio pop/rock cut I tried sounds rich & impactful. The lows actually hit with these headphones--it's the opposite of a polite, recessed rendition of bass.


    This does not comes at the expense of the mids, not at all. I began my listening with a violin concerto (a perverse impulse--it's the absolute last thing I expected to sound good on these 'phones)--and these 'phones aced it. The string sections (cellos, violas, violins) sounded amazingly good--and that's mostly midrange material. That's when I started really paying attention ("what the...?"). Treble is also very nice, a little bite when it's needed, otherwise a nice soft sheen. Just about perfect.


    Almost forgot to mention comfort. The pads are soft & deep. I have a large head and had the earcups extended pretty far, but once I the distance was set, it felt very good. Clamping pressure is moderate. I forgot these headphone were on my head and just listened. I suppose eventually the soft foam of the earpads might become a problem. If so I'll try replacing the pads w/extra thick Brainwavz HM5s. But right now, it's all good.


    I have the Yenona's cooking on my FiiO 10K & will revisit them after ~100 hours. I never know whether a given pair of headphones will benefit from burn-in...some do & some don't. But if there's any upside with them, they'll just get better (and they're already good). More to follow...

  6. Pharmaboy
  7. Pharmaboy
    Do you have these Marantz MPH-2's? You've tried them? Very interesting... Can you give more detail about how they sound?
    (I've been jonesing about these for weeks, but afraid of ending up w/junk)
    They must be a rebrand of the ISK mdh9000's, which as someone else pointed out on the Takstar thread, are pretty much only available in the U.S. through Aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20160930091038&SearchText=isk+mdh9000
    The same 'phones (they sure look the same) appear as LyxPro HAS-30: available on Amazon for ~$50 including shipping..
    And for even less money (but possibly lacking that locking input jack) as Stellar Labs (HC-5985) on the MCM Electronics website as Part #35-5985.
  8. slowpickr
    Thanks for posting about these.  It amazes me that you reach for these over the Philips X2.  The Aliexpress price is really, really tempting.      
  9. Pharmaboy
    Can you give some details about the sound of these Bosshifi B8's?
    They look really good (of course looks aren't everything)
    I can't find any reviews or comments about their sound...
  10. slowpickr
    Unfortunately, I've never tried them.  I added them to the thread because someone recommended them in the Chinese IEM thread and I think they look VERY sexy with the wooden cups.
  11. Vidal
    I got them here with me now, as I'm MoT I can't give any opinions.
    I have seen a review on here somewhere which compares them to the Denon MM400 which are a mid tier headphone. That's probably one to look at.
    Happy to upload some pictures
  12. peter123

    Do you own any widely known full sized headphones you could compare them to (like AKG K(Q)7XX, Sennheiser HD5XX, 6XX or Momentum etc)?

    I'm pretty sure that is allowed.
  13. Vidal
    I've only got the following headphones.
    Aedle VK-1, Denon AH-D340 and ISK HP2011
    Based on a very very quick listen. I would say sound is similar to D340 but slightly warmer and there's more bass, soundstage feels similar in size. Sound stage is wider on HP2011 but they seem a bit hollow in comparison. Not sure what/why that is I don't do reviews [​IMG]
    They do look the part but Aedle VK-1 are still the prettiest even if they're are damn uncomfortable.
  14. Pharmaboy
    (that price is beyond belief!)
    Honestly, it amazes me, too.
    But the Yenona's made me notice a couple things the X2's, much as I love them: they're large, unwieldy, on the heavy side. And they do have some clamping pressure.
    The Yenona's are lighter, less clamping pressure, with a tonal signature that's broadly similar to the X2's. Easy to sling them on & off on a whim...
    Still, the Fidelio X2's aren't going anywhere. They're home base.
  15. Vidal
    Anyone tried these? I'm curious about the oval pads, does that turn them into circumaural? 
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