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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Saoshyant
    Interesting, just became aware of this thread.  I've been hoping to run across some budget Asian headphones to see if the performance vs cost holds up like they do with the earbuds/IEMs, but other than the one mentioned in the first post, I'm not really aware of any off the top of my head.  I think I remember KZ having a rather inexpensive headphone, but having heard a thing about it.  About the hybrid phone, I really wonder how much BA can contribute in a full size headphone like that.  I mean, it might be a remarkable headphone, or it might just be a gimmick.
  2. slowpickr
     Nice looking HP.  Looking forward to your impressions.  Listed as $146 for bulk packaging on Aliexpress but out of stock.  Newegg has it in stock for $446 [​IMG]
  3. peter123

    I've actually got a pair of those KZ V-moda look a likes, quite good for the money but nothing spectacular. Gave them to my son and he he's been using them a lot.

    Superlux and Takstar has pretty much dominanted the sub $100 full sized for years with some exceptions. I'm on my second pair of Takstar Pro80 now and still love them to death. It doesn't seem as if the evolution ha been as explosive in full sized headphones as it's been in IEM's. Also the price of shipping is working against really cheap full sized........
  4. Pharmaboy
    These look like MSUR 650's (are those earcups made of wood?).
    There's an entire H-F string devoted to MSUR: http://www.head-fi.org/t/797683/msur-n650-n550-n350-any-experience
    I'm very interested to hear your impressions of these 'phones...
  5. crabdog
    $446, holy ........that's insane!
    So far I'm liking them. They're pretty comfortable - Not as comfortable as my Cloud Pro/Pro 80 but they've had literally hundreds of hours of wear time and MSUR still have that new thing smell so too early to tell.
    They've got these strange "double layered" (for lack of a better term) ear pads that I'm still trying to get used to.
    It makes them feel a bit like I'm wearing on ear phones although you still get a full seal around the outside. I don't know if it's for comfort or acts as a filter to smooth the treble. The pads are removable so I'm going to test them later with some regular style ones and see how it affects the sound.
    Anyhow, so far I'd say they have pretty meaty bass, smooth highs and clear mids. Don't want to say too much at this stage but I'm liking em'.
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  6. crabdog
    Yes, they are the 650's. I want to say the earcups are made of wood - according to the specs it's a 'rare black sandalwood' but I find it hard to believe because the grain pattern flows perfectly from the flat part over the edge to where the steel hinge connects. It's too dark now to take a photo but if I have time tomorrow I can show you what I mean. Regardless, they're gorgeous to look at and sound good.
  7. Pharmaboy
    Here they are with the box (recommended if you ever resell), free shipping, delivery to U.S. within 12-20 days @$130:
    The site talks about 2 color options, but I only see dark brown.
    Honestly don't know what to make of this price. As slowpickr noted, NewEgg has them for $446, which of course is nuts--but apparently, that's close to MSRP. And Aliexpress describes the $130 price as "80% off."
    On the one hand, these apparently are real wood earcups + beryllium drivers (neither is inexpensive). On the other hand, they're Chinese headphones about which relatively little is known.
    Kind of hard to know what "value" is sometimes.
    Thanks for early impressions, crabdog. Comments kept popping up in the MSUR string about these being bright (possibly because of the beryllium driver). Interested to hear how they sound as they burn in & you change pads.
    Not sure from pictures how large the earcups are, but if was me, I'd be looking at Brainwavz HM5 "Extra Thick" earpads, which have worked wonders on a couple large headphones for me recently: 
    If you look at the next to last picture in this product listing, you can see a regular HM5 pad on left vs extra thick on right. IMO, for any headphone w/a lot of bass & potential treble issues, thicker pleather is well worth a shot.
  8. Vidal
    The ear cups on those look a lot like the Rock Jaw Aceros I got last week, the rock jaw cups are painted black though.
  9. crabdog
    It's funny you mentioned those pads because I just added them to my cart on the Brainwavz site a few days ago. I'm still trying to decide between the pleather and sheepskin.
    By the way, I would not call the 650's bright. I'd say they're warm and musical. I'm starting to wonder if I have an updated or old version because the ear cups on mine look different to the ones on Ali. You can't see the inside in those pics but the outside of mine is vastly different. While the pads in the photos are smooth, mine have very clear wrinkles all around as you can see here:
  10. Pharmaboy
    Very interesting picture. Your earpads are obviously different from those shown in the Aliexpess picture--not just the wrinkling you mention, but also that prominent double/line stitching their's has & yours doesn't.
    Purely on a "looks" basis, I like those stitched pads more...but looks mean almost nothing when it comes to earpads.
    "By the way, I would not call the 650's bright. I'd say they're warm and musical. I'm starting to wonder if I have an updated or old version because the ear cups on mine look different to the ones on Ali." I'm starting to think you really lucked out--perhaps got a very recent vintage, updated version of this model (?) that has been re-voiced to cut down on the peaky treble others spoke of...? If so, that's a very good thing. After all, the beryllium drivers are apparently capable of limitless treble, but it can easily get "hot" depending on any number of physical/headphone tuning factors, only some of which can be user-modded by guesstimation. So much better if they sound good from the start IMO.
    Re pleather, I now have 3 headphones w/pleather (2 of them have HM5 Extra Thick pads that I put on). Comfort is outstanding w/all 3; so is sound (I mean, sound as a function of whatever earpads contribute--the 3 headphones are obviously quite different). The only issue w/all is that pleather gets somewhat hot during long listening sessions.
    I have one velour HP (Fidelio X2). It also gets hot, but in addition is a little "scratchy." No matter--I wouldn't mess w/velour aftermarket pads unless the headphones were very bassy & very recessed in treble, since everyone says velour pads make 'phones brighter/less bassy.
    Re sheepskin, I've been strongly tempted by those, as well. Wonder how they feel...though a little concerned about all that stretching that I do w/o much concern to get the pleather pads on certain headphones...maybe that would be riskier w/real animal skin...?
    But stay away from any of the angled pads (sheepskin, pleather, or velour) because they're narrower than the HM5 extra thick (90 mm vs 110mm).
  11. crabdog
    Thanks for the info. Will check the 650 with some other pads first to see if they become too bright before I buy the Brainwavz ones. I'll probably end up getting some anyway because I think they'd make my Ultrasone more comfortable but that could get messy because the original ones are glued on. [​IMG]
  12. Pharmaboy
    Apropos of nothing, have to relay a "Thank GOD for inexpensive Chinese headphones" moment from last night. For the past week, I've been wrestling with a new set of headphones--auditioning different kinds of music, 2 DACs, 3 headphone amps. And it was going very badly. These new 'phones are uncomfortable, never sounded consistently good, plus all that plugging/unplugging was making me crazy. After 1-2 hrs I completely lost track of what my own equipment sounds like...really lost my way.
    Finally grabbed my trusty "Yenona Adapter-Free DJ Headphones," plugged in, and voila, my system was back! Music sounded terrific again (including great bass) and the comfort level was off the charts. What a relief it was putting on those $60 headphones!
  13. mikp
    I just got the yenona dj, they are very light (253gram) and fold up nicely. As for comfort they are very good, with a mild clamp. Most surprising is that the sound is wide, thats good. Tested against takstar 5500 with hm5 pads and the sound is wider, also the takstar 80 that I find too narrow.
    In comparison the Bluedio t3 is so narrow that the sound comes from between the eyeballs, so no use to test further there.
    These need viper and BBE Generic Preset 2 IRS to make them usable, so installed viper on the phones and window tablets.
    I wanted a headset to use with bluetooth receivers and the yenona wins over the takstar 5500, it is lighter and more compact, but it lacks the punch. 
    Did a quick test with dynamic rage http://www.audiocheck.net/soundtests_headphones.php and both yenona and 5500 I could hear 66db below fullscale. The t3 was just 60 and the mdr-1a was 72.
    One thing I agree with is that the 3.5mm is too lose when plugged in. Since I plan to use it with BT receivers and 3.5mm I hope there is a "quick fix" for that, already contacted seller and they respond quickly and will get back to me for a solution.
  14. Pharmaboy
    You say the Yenona "lacks the punch"? That seems odd to me. My pair really packs a punch--lots of bass in quality & quantity. Maybe not the sub-bass you'd get with Fostex TH-X00's, but the rest of the bass spectrum is all there, and then some. It hits hard IMO.
    Re the 3.5mm issue...not sure of your set-up, but in mine, I have various work-arounds for the loose fitting:
    1 - If I was using the Yenona cable (I'm not), I'd just reverse it, plug the 6.5mm end in to the 6.5mm jack earcup, then plug the 3.5mm end of that cable into my source device. If the source had a 3.5mm output jack, no problem. If it had a 6.5mm output, I'd use a ubiquitious 3.5mm-to-6.5mm adapter on that end the cable, then plug in...
    2 - But I have my own after-market cables. Right now I'm using a 6.5mm to 3.5mm, 2 meter cable from Ghent Audio described as above. This week I'll be getting more cables from him, including a 6.5mm-to-6.5mm, 2 meter cable, and that's what I'll put on my Yenona's, since all 3 of the HP amps I typically listen to are 6.5mm output. And if I get the urge to plug that 6.5mm cable into my FiiO 10K's 3.5mm input, I have a 6.5mm-to-3.5mm step-down adapter for that purpose.
    I tried contacting Yenona for other reasons, got no reply. So I think you're on your own regarding cables. No biggie, really. You can get good-sounding, inexpensive cables from a number of places.
  15. mikp
    I have plenty of those 3.5mm Male to 6.5mm Female adapters, so could use one of those but that ads extra bulk.
    I did try a small strip of tape on the jack, and it fit more snuggly.              
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