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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. pashhtk27
    Had ordered Takstar HD2000($19) and iSK hp960b ($16), received them some time ago.
    The Takstar HD2000 are really great for the price. They are small and portable, and are very comfortable on my head unlike on the ear headphones. They sound great with a good wide soundstage and airy presentation and are quite balanced in the sense that bass and treble doesn't boss around the other frequencies. The glossy plastic finish, headband and cushions also feels quite good at that price. I'm really very impressed with them.

    iSK hp960b on the other hand are not. Though they are foldable, they are much larger in size (the frame) and do not fit on my head well. And while they are not overly bassy, the sound feels fuzzy and unrefined unlike the takstar and even slightly busy or complex tracks give them a hard time. Soundstage is also insignificant and they feel very closed. The plastic finishing is also poor and they look and feel cheap. Not a headphone worth recommending. I took a gamble on this finding no proper review/impression online, but the folding mechanism at the price and the iSK brand lured me in. I've put them on burn in and hope they will improve enough to sell it to my friend who needs a headphone :p
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  2. slowpickr
    So far, the most attractive HP in this thread to me is the Yenona DJ.  Not only from the sound comments but also comfort.  I have a Superlux HD662EVO that I like the sound of, but can't wear for very long due to comfort. I'm finding that comfort can be a rare commodity.
  3. Hampa
    Is there anything like the Porta pro from China? Something as portable but maybe single cord?
  4. peter123

    Did you receive those shells yet?
  5. crabdog
    The N650 is super comfortable for me and the sound signature is pretty spot on to my preference too. Review should be up in a week or so.
  6. wastan

    It's neither as portable nor single cord but look at the KZ LP3 for nice sound.
  7. Vidal
    I did, they're not HD598 despite the markings as they're closed back.
    Add to that the poor quality, damage to the ear-pads and general wear and tear marks from being mishandled in a factory I'd steer clear of Zama Industrial Co on Ali.
  8. Hampa

    Those certainly looked nice, but I'm looking for something that folds a bit smaller. Any more suggestions?
  9. peter123

    Thanks for the heads up, appreciate it :)
  10. Vidal
    No problem, I have raised a dispute as the earpads are torn on the back. Not sure I'll get anything back but we'll see
  11. peter123

    Good luck!
  12. pashhtk27
    The iSKs have improved with a little burn in and velour pads. They aren't fuzzy now. Also I figured out the headband mechanism, stupid me didn't check properly earlier. So I'll take back my criticism. Good enough for portable use at that price now. :)

    I don't have the money to buy better headphones at the moment, poor me. Those Yenonas though are attracting me a lot. :D
  13. Kevang
    The Edifier H650/H690 and the Astrotec AS100/AS200 fit the criteria for portable and foldable.
    Though depending on where you are, all of them save for the H650 are ridiculously hard to find at a reasonable price (in the US).
  14. Hampa

    Kinda looks like akgs, I actually found 452 for aprox 25€
  15. Decommo
    Hello. I might need advice. i am planning to purchase over ear headphone on Taobao and ship to Australia. I never tried Taobao but only used Aliexpress but Taobao has a lot more sellers in general and often cheaper.  Has anyone purchased via Taobao? Is it possible to arrange international shipping with seller in Taobao or do I need to use 3rd party such as Mr Tao? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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