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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. peter123

    I've used Taobao many times but always with the help of Mister Tao. It's my understanding that most sellers on Taobao does not ship internationally, I also believe that you have to read/write Chinese should you order from there.

    In my experience what looks like a better price to start with often end up being about the same as Aliexpress when all costs are accounted for and you've got no buyer protection like you do on Aliexpress.

    I, myself never use Taobao any more after a couple of bad experiences but as always ymmw.
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  2. Decommo
    Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I will be cautious dealing with Taobao... I might wait for Black Friday sale and purchase on Amazon instead.  :)
  3. bhazard
    There is a huge opportunity for some of these IEM companies to make a stellar full size headphone. Aside from Takstar, Meizu, and Superlux, there really hasn't been anything exciting.
    Asian Planars... Make it happen! (Monoprice is, maybe more will follow)
  4. Hal Rockwell
    I can think of two more brands that did impress me - Somic and JTS.
    As for planars - there is always Fostex.
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  5. Pharmaboy

    Every now & then I'm grateful for those annoying "context-relevant" banner ads that pursue me everywhere on the Internet--you know, the ones based on tracking recently visited sites? Well, this time the ad totally nailed it: it's a US audio gear site, Musiciansfriend.com, and the banner ad was for a Marantz Pro MPH-2 @$39.99, in stock, free shipping, and no tax in my state. WOW!!
    That's less than ½ the lowest price I've ever seen on these headphones. Just ordered a pair.
    (sale price--no idea how long it will last; also not sure how good/bad/indifferent this vendor is...I'll find out soon)
    I wanted the Marantz all along, but that price was too high. So I've been sitting on the sidelines, watching all 3 iterations of these rebadged ISK mdh9000's headphones:
    -- Marantz Pro MPH-2 (up to today couldn't find for less than ~$90)
    -- LyxPro HAS-30 available on Amazon for ~$50 incl. shipping
    -- Stellar Labs (HC-5985), on MCM Electronics website @$39.99 incl. shipping--but possibly lacking the locking cable mechanism the other versions have
    CONCLUSION: There are now very inexpensive & excellent Chinese headphones available courtesy of this thread. The Marantz (link above) -- @Audioholic123 says great things about these, and once I have mine, burn them in, and do some listening, I'll report back); and the Yenona Adapter-Free DJ Headphones that I've been raving about, reviewed on Head-Fi recently (now my daily headphones--love love LOVE them). Those are down to just $35 incl. shipping (amazing!) on AliExpress, though you'll be getting Social Security by the time the package arrives:
    They're $62, incl. shipping on Amazon now (seller is Yenona Audio--interesting). I paid $60 for my Yenona's on Amazon and would happily do so again.
    In other words, there's really no reason not to own one or the other of these over-achieving Chinese headphones.
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  6. slowpickr
    Thanks Pharmaboy. Now I wonder which would be better, the Marantz Pro or Yenona. Seems like I read some reviews somewhere that stated the Marantz is heavy but still comfortable (not sure though, could have been another model).
  7. Saoshyant
    You're really making me want to give the Marantz a try, but I suspect I'd get it, like it, then it'd go on a shelf and barely see any head time.  I'm bad enough with the current earbud market with impulse buying, and those are often quite inexpensive.  Actual full sized would murder my wallet.
  8. Pharmaboy
    I'm wondering the exact same thing.
    One thing that has already occurred to me, comparing pictures of the Marantz to the Yenona's: the Yenona's unexpected (for closed cans) qualities of spaciousness & soundstaging may be explained, in part, by the depth of their chromed earcups (~1" overall) + earpads (~1 1/8th" all around, fairly deep).
    The Marantz' earpads look slightly less deep (~1"?). But the earcups are definitely less deep, maybe 5/8" or thereabouts. So in addition to comfort/weight, which you remark on (I read that same comment, I'll be listening carefully to tonal/frequency reproduction & soundstaging.
    I believe that no matter what I pay for a pair of headphones, they're only really worth listening to if:
    A. I enjoy listening to them--combination of comfort/weight & sonic factors below)
    B. They reproduce the frequency range in a way that appeals & doesn't hurt my ears
    C. And ideally they should reproduce at least some ambience & spatial cues via soundstaging.
    I like saving money just as much as the next person, but frugality is not the only "value" I apply. I value the Yenona's more for their excellent performance than low cost.
  9. Lurk650
    Not AE 11.11 cheap but got a nice deal thanks to Allen from Yenona. Ordered off Amazon and paid $4 for next day shipoing so will be here Tuesday
  10. slowpickr

    Looking forward to your impressions.
  11. Roderick
    This thread is a great idea! I've been into chinese on/over ear headphones for many years now but I stopped following the original Chinese/Asian thread because I don't care about iems.
    Those have their own thread. Strangely placed in the recommendations section: http://www.head-fi.org/t/790491/meizu-hd-50

    I had KZ-LP2 for a while. Initially I thought those were pretty good but after a while I came to the conclusion that there was nothing special about them soundwise. Build quality is superb though. I would not be surprised if those were built in a same factory with v-moda.
    There is Somic MH438. Those fold and build quality is very nice. Not a single cord unfortunately.  Sound is good but not excellent. Imo on par with stock porta pro's but koss with grado pads sounds better to my ears.
    Beevo HM810 could be another option.
    I have not heard those but I had the older version HM710. Old version had cheap all plastic build but the drivers are very capable. Nice extended bass with ample soundstage considering the closed design and small cups. If HM810 has same or improved drivers those are a great deal. I've seen those sold for less than 20€. I plan on buying a pair.
    Bosshifi B8 and Msur N650 are close relatives :)  I have the Msur N550. It is the best affordable headphone I have ever heard. For more detailed impressions check out the msur thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/797683/msur-n650-n550-n350-any-experience
    I've been told that Bosshifi has the same drivers as Msur N350/N550/N650. I think cups and hinges are made by winintone. Despite all my efforts I have no idea where the beryllium drivers are from. What I do know is that there buyer must use caution with all the rebrands. Some don't have be drivers. Some versions also have different cables and pads. For people considering N650 I also recommend N550. N550 cups look bigger so that might do favors for the sound quality. My guess is that N550 are also more comfortable. N550's have swiveling ear cups so those will rest on your head in a more natural position.

    For me Bosshifi B7 and B8 are most interesting. Especially B7 since it is open.
    Bosshifi B7 has the same chassis as the Magaosi DT-400 hybrid headphones mentioned in this thread earlier.
    Why is B7/B8 more interesting than msur? Because Msur's have generic straight baffle which does not do justice to the excellent drivers. B7/B8 have nice looking angled baffles.
    N550 is made of real wood. Would be strange if N650 is plastic. I've seen some amazon reviews where people who bought n550 felt ripped off because the cups turned out to be plastic. Surface is so smooth that it can be deceiving. This is a poor picture I took off n550 but it should show that the cups are made of wood.


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  12. crabdog
    Here's a pic of the N650 with the pad off for reference.
  13. ViniSavordelli
    Has anyone seem these? 


    Biggest headphone i've ever seen
  14. ViniSavordelli
    The yenona will be 35usd at 11.11 BTW
  15. crabdog
    Will be getting the Yenona myself but I'm really interested in the Liedchen series too.
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