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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. ViniSavordelli
    I want the liedchen (I mean, they look like truck tires on your head), but I am too afraid I cant find anything on them, not even the manufacturer website. 

    There are two sellers on Ali selling them, I asked them both if they knew anything, but i doubt I will get any response.
  2. ViniSavordelli
    The open back wooden headphones (magaosi DT-400) also have some other models using at least the same chassis on sale at 11.11:

    The Naoi will be 67usd


    and there is also the langsdom fa890 which is  sold on amazon as well, with a a lot of reviews.

    Why do you do this to me aliexpress? I dont have that much money
  3. Pharmaboy
    I've never seen anything quite like the Leibchen Mark III's. The earcups look like glam rims from a souped up Fast & Furious nitrous oxide rocket.
    "Not that there's anything wrong with that." Really. I love immense, weird headphones. In fact, I'm dying to hear if these sound good.
    But I have to be honest: my immediate reaction, looking at these whoppers, was, "Screw the headphones--I want those earpads."
  4. ViniSavordelli
    I dont think you can fit those pad anywhere else without modding it.
  5. Pharmaboy
    Well, I'd just go to the auto parts store and get what I need!
    Kidding--of course you're right. Those giant pads might fit ZMF Atticus/Eikon "as is" (those new headphones are quite large, ~4.25" in diameter); or with some work, might fit LCD-3's or 2's.
    (nothing but guesswork on my part)
  6. crabdog
    I've had the Mark II and III on my wishlist for some time but not daring enough to spend the money with so little information about them. Just saw the 1 comment on Ali and the buyers photos - had no idea they were that huge lol. I still want them.
  7. Roderick
    Here is their website. Not much usefull info there. Those headphones are indeed big but if I needed huge earpads I'd buy some sony mdr-xb1000 earpads. Those are HUGE :)
  8. zareliman

    Hi, I'm curious about the Takstar ones.
    I have no clue about the kind of amplifier you need for those guys, the specs don't make much sense at all and the sensitivity doesn't have the proper units.

    Takstar Pro80 is rated at 60 Ohm 101dB. 250mW rated 500 mW max. 101dB/V would yield 110db SPL at 132mW which makes some sense. 102db/mW is a whole different thing, there it would need only 8mW for the same 110db SPL (250mW rating is too much for that).
    Takstar Hi2050 is 60 Ohm 92db. Also 250mW rated and 500mW max. 92 dB/V yields 110db SPL at 1050mW, that doesn't make any sense (considering 500mW is the max). 92dB/mW on the other hand means 110 SPL at 63 mW which makes more sense (although at 500mW is still below 120 dB SPL which is low for the maximum power). Any unit means this is not a very loud headphone at maximum power.
    Takstar TS-662 is also 60 Ohm but this time is 99dB. Only says 500mW power handling (is that maximum?). Probably 99 dB/mW this time since 500mW would take you beyond 120dB, 99 dB/V means 500mW yields less than 115db.
    So as you can see it's a little messy, for that reason I don't really trust much the specs on their website.
    Depending on dB/mW and dB/V, that could mean you can drive them with a little amp or that you need more than an E10k.

    On what realm are this headphones ? What do you currently use as sources for them ?
  9. mikp
    Well i find the Takstar Pro80 overrated and narrow sound. Build quality is also suspect. On mine the cable was loose and causing static so i opened it up and is was only fastened by a knot inside the earpad. Had to use some silicone glue to fasten it and tape on the thin cables that had come loose.
  10. peter123

    The Pro80's are easy enough to drive that they get enough volume from my LG G3 and G5 (stock headphone output).

    Tbh I only use the Pro80 among the three because I find it to be the best ones among them and I've got too much other stuff competing about listening time.

    Same goes for amplifiers, I typically uses whatever I'm reviewing at the moment or the Burson Conductor V2+ (overkill of course but that's what I've got permanently in my main system).

    The TS662 I wouldn't recommend to anyone. I find them to sound hollow, closed in and overall unnatural.

    The HI2050 is very similar to the Pro80 but with sharper treble, looser bass and maybe an ever so slightly larger soundstage.

    The Pro80 on the other hand I totally love. I'm on my second pair now, the first ones literally failed a part after years of heavy usage (I've got four kids still living at home) and I just couldn't live without them so I got another pair despite having over a hundred headphones and IEM's at that time, nuff said :wink:
  11. SHAMuuu

    Pro 80s and 880s getting close in $$$
  12. ViniSavordelli
    Theres always the hd330 to test out.
  13. peter123

    The Pro80 should be $50-60 without the carrying case....
  14. SHAMuuu

    Its funny you see all these copies of certain models
    but no r10, hd800, audeze etc
    wonder why
    even if the drivers were crappy, surely the shells would be fun for DIY
    an r10 shell (soulless yes) but i mean fun DIY shell
    One of the new ZMF does look like a r10 knock off, but seems like it sounds good.
    Maybe the Yakuza intervene
  15. ViniSavordelli
    Well i've seen a store selling a fake ATH msr7 once, almost bought it thinking it wasnt possible to make it so perfect...
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