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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Roderick
    Good job grabdog! It was due time for someone to make a proper review on msur offerings. It is a puzzle to me why msur and rebrands are not the most talked about products on head-fi. People who don't like them so much still think those are a good value for $150(cheapest msur n550 rebrands cost about 70$,) When slightly modded and eq'd I think those can sound as good as $1000 headphones. It is a bold statement, I know. But I've been around the block so many times that I got the experience to trust my ears instead of the price tag.
    Since hearing is subjective I would propably start to question myself I'f I was the only one to like these headphones so much. Luckily that is not the case. Me, I prefer modded msurs's over t5p, oppo pm3, nad viso hp50, focal classic and pro...just to mention a few closed back headphones. Other people have preferred msurs over praised  yamaha mt220 and beyerdynamic dt880.
  2. peter123
    Finally I have the Yenona at home. Build quality is really meh and the 3.5 mm socket does not hold the cable properly.

    Sound impressions after about two hours with them:

    Lately I've been listening a lot to the HE400i, SR325is, Accutone BA and the DQSM D2 which are all very crisp and clear with high resolution so I'm most certainly colored by this in my hearing but I also like that sound :)

    First the bad:
    Sound is too dark and bassy and the treble is also too rolled off for my preference. I'd describe the sound as L-shaped with quite a bit of bass bleed.

    Then the good wink.gif
    Switching the pads to the Brainwavz HM5 is like removing a vail from them. Sound opens up and a considerable amount of air is added to them. Mid bass is toned down to a perfect amount for my preference and treble extension is also really good now.

    The really really good:
    Drivers seem very capable so with just some easy tweaks (e.g changing pads) the sound can be tuned into really different signatures and I'm sure there will be people enjoying both extremes.

    There's of course also possible to play around with other pads for finding ones preffered signature as well and I'm sure a little Dynamat in the cups won't hurt.

    Also, sticky pads are of excellent quality and easily worth at least 20 bucks on their own.

    Remember, still early days......

    Edit: with the HM5 velour bass they might actually be lacking some weight. Will try with the Alpha Dog pads later tonight or tomorrow. I think the problem with the stock pads (for me) is that the opening is very small. The diameter of the opening on the HM5 is probably 50% larger, this is probably what's making the sound muffled to my ears.

    Still for $35-40 really great value, no doubt about that.

    Edit 2: Alpha Pads on these are a home run. Deep bass, very low amount of bass bleed and full rich sound as well as a good amount of air. They're slightly on the large side so fot is a bit loose, I'll bet HM5 pleather or angled pleather pads are the perfect solution.....
  3. mikp
    Yes, the build quality on the yenona is questionable, don't know how long it will last but the plastic has good texture.
    The 3.5mm is loose, the seller should send me a 30cm 6.35mm  to 3.5mm  Female cable, lets see if it arrives.
    What I like about them is the wide sound, I was originally after two pads (got the hm5) but the pads on these ( or similar) seem to sell for 15$ so might as well get the headphone.
    For the loose 3.5mm I now used a little tape on the plug to hold it in place.
  4. Lurk650
    I guess I'm the only one who feels they are just as durable as my AKG 7xx. Not saying they feel as premium but they seem solid.
  5. quisxx
    Definitely interested in the msur. I'm going to call it the wooden soundmagic hp300
    We have all been waiting on. Same cups but wooden, and a 50mm driver as well. Better because the bass vents, and dual entry cable. Will definitely buy these.
  6. SHAMuuu
  7. slowpickr
    MSUR N650s are going to be $103 at one Aliexpress store for the 11/11 sale.  Hmmm spend $35 for the Yenonas or $68 more for the MSURs.  Tough decision.  Cdog's review is stellar and they sure look high quality.  I'm pretty cheap though so I'll probably stick with the Yenonas (unless impulse buying takes over).
  8. ViniSavordelli

    There is is the langsdom fa890 which is cheaper and someone here said it uses the same driver, but angled and semi open
  9. Roderick
    Before you hop into the MSUR hype train I want to remind people that it is very V shaped headphone. N650 even more than N550. But if that is the sound signature you look for, it is a no brainer. N550 supposedly is not at all inferior to N650 so those can be had fairly cheap. Maybe $80 and after 11/11 offer it can be really cheap.
    Check out the msur thread for easy modding guides. No mods are mandatory but if you want to get most "audiophile" sound out of those mods are highly recommended. That, or eq.
    Besides msur look for bosshifi and bearbizz. Those should be same as msurs but cheaper. Many models can be had for 60-70$ at 11/11.
  10. SHAMuuu

    does boss hifi make a 650 equivalent or you mean lower models?
  11. Roderick
    To my knowledge there are no rebrands of msur n650 but plenty for n550 and n350. All of those share the same driver. I don't really see a point in spending money on n650. Person who owns both said that those sound essentually the same except n650 having slightly more highs. Since N550 is V shaped sound and not shy at top at all that should not be a deal breaker. N550=N650, neither is the better model, just slightly  different. Kind of like comparing sennheiser hd600/hd650.
  12. slowpickr
    Thanks for the info.  Going to check the other brands/models out.
    Edit: just did a quick Aliexpress search for Bearbizz, N550 and Bosshifi.  Not really finding any cheaper prices on 11/11 except for the Bosshifi B8 which is going to be $83.
  13. Roderick
    69$ on 11/11
    that version might have the not so great earpads(good for sound, bad for comfort).
  14. ViniSavordelli


    Apparently the same drivers, but angled and with an open back design
  15. Pharmaboy
    (this post replies to @peter123, @Lurk650 ,  and @Lurk650)
    I've been listening to the Yenona's every other day or so for a month or so--not handling them especially gently, either--and find they're pretty sturdy, with the sole exception of that weak 3.5mm input jack, which I simply stopped using. I plug my excellent Ghent Audio 2M 6.5mm to 6.5mm aftermarket cable into the Yenona's 6.5mm jack, which is quite study, and all is well.
    Having said that, I am cautious in handling any "DJ style" (ie, articulating earcup) headphone, in which the earcups swivel 90 degrees. I don't trust any attachment mechanisms to hold up long-term in these designs if the 'phones are slammed around and stressed. It's just commonsense to handle that part of the headphones with caution.
    As far as sound, I'm puzzled by Peter123's finding of noticeable treble rolloff w/these headphones. While I hardly think they're treble-to-the-sky headphones, I don't find them especially shy or foggy on top. If anything, with 100s of hours on them, the treble is now more open and reaches higher than before. They're really not bright, as in grating/peaky/make you take them off to get relief. But they give detail for sure...the treble can be heard.
    As for bass, I don't find it wandering much into the midrange unless the source amp is loose in the upper bass, in which case the Yenona's can sound "boomy" to me.
    Have you burned them in long enough? And what amp are you using?
    Re angled pads, your comments about Alpha pads fascinate me. Those are large, angled cowhide pads, right? I've been looking for angled pads to try w/the Yenona's, but came up short. My favorite replacement pads are the HM5s, but their angled pads are probably too narrow (80mm vs the ~100mm width of the Yenona's), and their 4.25" inch length would also be too great for the ~3.9" diameter Yenona's earcup/face. I know there are some $100+ options out there, but that's silly for the Yenona's...so what angled pads would do? Maybe Omni's?
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