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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Vidal
    Anyone else jump on the Massdrop HiFiMan HE350s?
  2. Roderick
    Seems that way. Atleast on  aliexpress. Even though pro80's are a very good headphones I would not pay 120$. Good thing there are all the clones available.
    Some people really like those. I'm not one of them. Those clamp too hard, pads need to be changed and for open headphones those sound really congested. I like hd681 better, even with the ear piercing highs.
    Would be fun for us modders but  those headphones have complex designs so it is unlikely to happen.
  3. ViniSavordelli
    Never heard about them being congested. Good to know. The problem with the 681 is the lack of bass, sure it is accurate for gaming, but not fun for those who enjoy more tham fps
  4. CoiL
    HD-681 lacks bass? Seriously? You must be serious basshead then. HD-681 stock bass is boosted and overall signature V-shaped.
    HD-681 need Frans filter mod (amplitude corrector) and velour pads to sound great and well balanced.
  5. ViniSavordelli

    After reading your comment i had to lookup if we were talking about the same headphone and we werent. I was talking about a somic model that i had a couple years ago.

    Talking about somic, i really liked their mh463 although it had no soundstage,but now that status audio is rebranding the second version of this hp it seems that has been solved. Along with confort. Anyone know a good pair of somics and why the **** I cant find v1s anymore?
  6. zareliman
    Ok, those cellphones are less than 2V output so that's pretty much every source out there. That means an order of magnitude less power than 250mW at least.

    That Burson is brutal, checked the specs and now I'm scared. I wouldn't even dare plugging a 24 ohm delicate IEM to that behemoth.
  7. Lurk650
    Just got my Yenona's. Well controlled bass, ever so slightly recessed mids while retaining details, crisp highs. Soundstage has good width and depth.
  8. Vaga Liki
    In looking for headphones that are very detailed, have a mostly neutral signature (a little extra bass should be fine), don't clamp too much, and sound kind of open without leading sound to the outside.

    I really don't want to spend more than $70.

    Thus far, I'm looking at
    Koss Pro4S
    Koss DJ200
    Archer AH07
    The Yenonas discussed prior
    LyXPro HAS-30 (which has less garish logos than the equivalent Marantz)
    Meizu HD50
    Beevo HM810

    What do you all recommend and why? Is there something I'm missing?

    I'm driving whatever I get with a ZTE AXON 7 which has an AKG DAC+AMP

    I currently use my Xiaomi Piston 3s with this. It sounds very clean but is missing the sub-bass character so the sound feels like something is lacking.
  9. ViniSavordelli

    Quite difficult to get balanced headphones from china. Look out for status audio ob-1 and cb-1 and if you like them you can search ali for somic v1 and v2, but they clamp. Specially the open ones.

    I am getting an isk hd9999, but as I live in brazil and customs here are pure trash those will take forever to reach my place, but they are designed for monitoring and said to be confortable, they are closed though.
  10. Vaga Liki
    Where is the best place to buy the Status Audio CB-1s? They're sold out on Amazon. Look nice
  11. peter123

    If you are able to find a pair of Superlux HD662f they're crisp, clear and fairly well balanced. Might be a good option....
  12. Vaga Liki
    ^Not a fan of the superlux 66f2 headband design.

    Also it seems like the Status Audio CB-1 is a the same as SOMic MM163 except without all of the ugly text and badge on the SOMic. So they want me to pay $30 more for less :)
  13. crabdog
  14. Lurk650

    Yenona, the bass is not overdone at all, the mids I feel may be just a hair recessed compared to the highs but it's pretty close IMO. They do have a nice open sound, not as much as my AKG 7xx but more than the M50 by a good margin, once on your ears they seal well and won't leak much if at all. Super light and comfy. I got them for a little above the 11/11 price and would easily pay more than their suggested price of $60. The build seems durable but they focused more on a good sound for the price rather than inflating costs for expensive materials to build them
  15. ViniSavordelli
    Probably amazon as i cant find somic v1 on ali which is the same HP
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