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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. 1clearhead
  2. c0rp1
    After more than a month of wait I filled up a dispute and got a full refund for my order of Senfer 4in1 from HCK. Won't waste time writing details, but in one sentence I never had such a bad experience with any of my previous purchases in ALI (and I've done many).
    Anyways, planning on ordering another pair from the Banned seller, but would really like to ask 3 questions in advance before I do.
    1. Some people were talking about a specific ring being gold or silver in the different batches. Is it confirmed that there is some sound quality difference between them? And are we talking about this ring - http://imgur.com/a/6Mtkx
    2. As much as I would like to order the JVC Spiral Dot tips, they are a bit too pricey for me, plus they double in price because of shipping (I'm from Eastern Europe). So my only option is to go with either the tips that I currently own from my other IEMs (Piston 3, KZ ATE) or order some new ones from the Banned seller with my 4in1 Purchase. I don't wanna use the stock tips, because from what I understood the treble is too harsh with them. So these are my options:
    - KZ New Acoustic Eartips - http://imgur.com/a/nRZQ3
    - KZ Spiral Eartips - http://imgur.com/a/T03mB
    - Another KZ Eartips - http://imgur.com/a/PaCKI
    I do love foam tips, cause I get a great seal with them and they are pretty comfortable as well, but don't know if they'll do the Senfer 4in1 justice with the treble.
    3. The banned seller is selling the Senfer 4in1 with a Black stock cable, or HIS OWN Silver cable (that's why the price of both is the same, compared to the other stores). Anyone has any suggestions about which one to choose? From what I read here, the stock silver cable is better than the black, but the banned seller doesn't sell the stock one.
    I would really appreciate some help. Thank you in advance !!!
  3. Vidal
    You can get the Senfer with the silver cable from AK Audio on Aliexpress.
    I have lots of spare eartips, PM me your address in Eastern Europe if it's not prohibitively expensive for postage from the UK I'll send you some out free gratis. You can try them out and buy the ones that suit you.
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  4. yangian
  5. ozkan

    In one sentence :you'd better buy JVC Spiral Dots tips although they are a bit pricey or Logitech UE tips if you can find any near you. Spiral Dots tips are one of my favorite tips along with Logitech UE tips. From my experience so far comply tips do reduce treble and bass so it might work on Senfer 4in1 if you are treble sensitive.

    There is also this cable which some people prefer over the stock cable. If I were you I would buy only the earpieces and order the cable from the link below. Just my 2 cents.

    New Tingo 1.25m 16 Shares 5N Silver Plated Earphone Cables Headphone Wire HIFI Headset Line for Shure pin series (535/215 etc.)
    (from AliExpress Android)
  6. TwinACStacks
    :grinning: Just so you know I found a solid silver cable for just shy of $60 on a store on Aliexpress. I cannot name the store.

    :innocent::innocent: TWIN
  7. fonkepala

    I'm in Malaysia. Well... Order's placed, nothing left to do now but wait. Although the post above (regarding c0rp1 canceling his Senfer order from HCK) really got me more anxious about this.
  8. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Ok Guys I just had an extended listen over an Hour to the Magaosi K1 and the TK13 and Shockwave III. It's pointless to include the TK12 and "the IEM that shall not be named" because they fall short of the TK13 and the SWIII, even though they are both stellar earphones in their own right, in my opinion only.
    Here is the Hierarchy as I see it from lowest to highest.
    "The IEM that shall not be named" < TK12 < TK13 < Magoasi K1 < SWIII.
    Now here is why.
    Compared to the TK13 the Sound is less in Quantity but better in Refinement. The Bass on the K1 is just superb. In comparison the Bass on the TK13 is enhanced and not as natural sounding. The K1 actually sounds more detailed and it's very strongest point are female Vocals. Simply outstanding. Treble is extended and well done without the Sharpness of the "IEM that shall not be named". Now In comparison to the Shockwave III it actually holds its own but once the Sub bass of the Shockwave takes over and that Gigantic 360 Soundstage kicks in you realize that the SWIII is truly in a different league, which I have always felt. I will admit I like the female Vocals of the K1 the Best however. They are just Stunning.
    Here are the only Caveats I can find about the K1. Ear Placement is critical, (as I find is the Case with most over Ears). Get the position wrong, it changes the SQ tremendously. I also think that the K1 were designed for a shallower insertion as well. I've tried the Large Auvios which give a really good seal and insertion depth BUT the Mediums definitely enhance the SQ, so Yes, they are also tip dependent. The other Caveat is the Memory wire on the Cable. It's WAY stiff. a Real PIA to wear. I switched over to the Updated cable from the LZA3. I do have a solid Silver cable on the way though.
    These are just my impressions from my first listen. Most IEMs change by 200 hours. So They are going back on the Burner shortly.
    I think you guys are going to like these.... I certainly do.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
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  9. loomisjohnson
    thanks twin. do you have other hlsx (bk35, bk50) to compare to the k1?
  10. Ahmad313
    In my opinion you should buy the 4in1 with LZ-A3 cable the best combination in my personal experience and as for the tips i don't think to buy the spiral dot tips,  you can use any wide bore tips from your collection because I have the spiral dot and other wide bore tips and i never realized any day and night difference in sound. 
    4in1 with LZ-A3 cable. 
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  11. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] No Loomis unfortunately. These are the First MaGoasi I have encountered. However I  do have a Pair of the new M3 1DD+1BA on the way though.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  12. zato23
    I bought the MusicMaker Tk13s (i will have it in 2 weeks) and i want ask ,if someone knows, the cable is ok or is better to buy something else like LZ-A3 cable or something better around 20$?
  13. Holypal
    I think the guy behind MaGaosi is Sanhoo(珊瑚), who is quite well known in the Chinese HIFI community. He made DIY DAPs years ago. He also works at Changzhou AMT, a company makes balanced armature drivers (http://www.china-armature.com/en/).
    So I think MaGaosi K1 probably uses the balanced armature drivers from this company. And many other iems.
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  14. Lurk650

    Check out Kombi tips from Trinity Audio. My go to tips are these, Auvios and Spiral Dots
  15. c0rp1
    Thank you for the kind proposal. Don't want to trouble you with having to go to the post office etc. I think I'll just get the ones that have wide boar, guess they should work.
    Don't know if the Piston 3 ones are considered wide boar, but from the ones that I linked the KZ Spiral tips (http://imgur.com/a/T03mB) look the widest to me. So I guess I should order those as well.

    Interesting, those are not really wide boar, as most of the people already suggested.
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