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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. peter123
    Fwiw I don't think the Aegis is suitable to pair with a phone due to its high power drain.
  2. Vidal
    Good point, the Astrapi is the same if you don't connect via their own cable. Even with L19 it errors.
    I did manage to get a Dragonfly 1.2 to work with an iPhone using a super tiny non powered usb hub and L19. I've bought some of the Cozoy, I'll see if I can get them to work in the same way.
  3. petan970

    Benjie S5 ($20) + MusicMaker TP16 ($17)
  4. crabdog
    Heh I made the same mistake: he said DAC, not DAP.
  5. Gracesheng
  6. silverre
    Hi all i decided to order the 4in1 for myself as well~~ 
    but after two weeks and the tracking number is still showing the package in limbo, the store decided to tell me that they were out of stock and was not even shipped yet [​IMG]
    So how harsh is the 4in1's treble compared to the RHA t20 even in their treble filters?? 
  7. Vidal
    Is this HCK again?
  8. silverre
    yep.. [​IMG] to think i have ordered like 1 week before their national day to avoid the holiday period..
  9. Vidal
    I'm still waiting on a pair and I ordered in early September contacted them a few time but it's like
  10. silverre

    Word on reddit is that they will only come to their warehouse after oct 15.. seems like my pm4 may come first after all :xf_eek:
  11. mebaali
    Had the same issue with the same seller (HCK). Cancelled my order after waiting for 2 weeks (September 1st 2 weeks) and ordered the same thing (Senfer 4in1) from AK store (it is still to reach me but at least they are at Indian customs office now, awaiting clearance)
  12. Vidal
    Time for me to boycott HCK till they sort their act out.I've held off ordering from them recently.
    I'm not willing to put up with crap service.
    <edit - clarification>
  13. Tonx
    I have ordered KZ ZST on 20. Septemper and first today package was received by Warehouse [​IMG]
  14. silverre
    they were good before.. i ordered lots of iems from them and thought i would continue supporting them.. but it seems now i am really tempted to cancel my order..
  15. Tonx
    It was my first order from HCK, usually I'm ordering stuff from ****
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