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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Majin
    Ye HCK has the cheapest 4in1 atm with the coupon but it seems the delivery is not on point.
  2. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] I am so impressed initially with the MaGoasi K1 Hybrid that I also now have a pair of these M3 on the way as well. They are available elsewhere as well on Aliexpress, BTW.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  3. petan970

    I had some orders from JimHCK in August/September and no problems at all. I was satisfied with delivery - always fast shipping with full tracking.
  4. farhat
    Bro any idea how can I improve on the sound for Senfer UEs? I need some budget DAC which has a 3.5mm connector for my Benjie K9. 
  5. farisq

    Thanks for the impression. Now that u mentioned XB90 it ticks another box for me, coz being a long time admirer of Sony sound I have always curious on XB90 SQ. The only thing that stands in between is that I cannot justify its premium price. Please correct me, although u mentioned they are similar, but I guess the difference between the two might still be quite obvious given the difference price range.
  6. Vidal
    I've never had any problems with them before although they were never the quickest but recently really slow, glacial in fact. I was about to place massive order but I'll divvy it up between other suppliers now. It's not just me who's had problems so there's more to it, all seems to related to 4in1 orders. If there was an explanation for it then fair enough.
    I meant to say 'for me to boycott' didn't mean to imply others should do the same.
  7. TwinACStacks
    The fastest delivery I have had so far is a tecent purchase from AK Audio. Mostly due to the fastest USPS turn around I've ever had between Chicago customs and Detroit. It arrived at Chicago sort and was in Detroit the next day. It is usually 3-5 days. It was very fast in china too about 3 days from order to dispatch. 5-7 days TOTAL.

    :grinning::grinning: TWIN
  8. CoiL
    Tooo much tease... gotta order them both next month? LOL
    Btw, littlebit inside guts of Magaosi:
    If You didn`t notice, they have little resistor on DD PCB audio channel pins. Back-grills have filter material glued over holes, so, it is not fully open-back.
    They are very well put together. Will mod them soon but I don`t have high hopes changing it to better. Maybe going to try tweaking resistor-crossover.
    But I already suspect I will go for Magaosi K1 next payday.
  9. trumpethead
    Same here, HcK has been my go to store along with the unamed one since joining Ali...No issues at all until my Sept 9 orders which included 4in1, and ZST...I have finally received both but was not happy with the shipping misinformation from Jim/HcK...Gonna chill on ordering from Ali for a minute and get my instant gratification from Amazon until after the holidays.. That is, of course if the "Next big thing" doesn't rear it's ugly head head in which case I know that Resistance is Futile!!
    Vidal likes this.
  10. fonkepala
    Oh darn it...to think I've just placed my 4in1 order with them yesterday :frowning2:
  11. Vidal
    Supposedly mine has been sent but it hasn't arrived in the UK yet. Maybe there's an issue with the UK post from China.
    If you're not in the UK you might be OK, fingers crossed for you.
    fonkepala likes this.
  12. Squalo
    Could I ask where you got your Urbanfun? If you got it from a seller on Aliex or from Amazon or Taobao? As you got the full deluxe set.
    Lots of sellers having them on Aliex for cheap at $19-20, mostly showing pictures of simple boxes in their listings.
    These peaked my interest, but some details concerning... [​IMG] 
  13. carltonh
    I'd say it might be suitable for bassheads with default EQ, I want deep and impactful non-recessed bass, and this has that very well. Vocals are definitely thicker than 4in1. I don't think the 4in1 is fatiguing to me, but these would be less so. But the YHS 002 bass isn't as fast as the 4in1, but still better balanced from subbass to upper bass.
    I have not modded my HLSX 808, mainly because I like them just as they are...plus I'd be a butterfingers and screw it up if I tried.
    To me, the XB90 would no longer be competitive in its $80 current price range. However, the people that love it most are those who EQ in extra bass, and I don't think it needs it for the heavy metal, rock, and classical I listen to. My guess is there is a better option for everyone under $80 except those heavy bass EQing people.
  14. 1clearhead
    It looks like MaGaosi is really competing to stay ontop! .....I personally like the BK50 over the Xiaomi Triple hybrids, It just extends better (low and highs) and sounds more natural to me.
    Nice PICS! 'CoiL'!
    Yea, they're celebrating their National day holiday, which usually last a week, or more. And, it looks like they're still lingering over their "hang-over" and they're having a hard time going back to work to deliver those packages. Which, in that case, they should drink plenty of coffee, or see a Doctor to pump that stomach from too much alcohol. [​IMG]
  15. jfoxlim
    oh yeah 1st October, should be back now
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