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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. TwinACStacks
    :grinning: Ahmad, The K1 won't qualify as a bass head phone even with the silver filters. There are even 2 more one is mid/ neutral and another is treble/ bright.

    :grinning::grinning: Keith
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  2. Vidal
    My 4in1 order has been refunded by HCK, they were on route to UK but have now gone back into China. Jim has apologised and offered me a discount on my next order. Fortunately I've got stock coming from AK Audio so I'm covered.
    Following a return I've now got a pair of these for myself. I thought I was a little treble sensitive but I'm not getting any issue with the 4in1, but I am using comfort style KZ complys.
    Billie Jean, my treble test track, is OK with these I expected pain given the comments. I'm now moonwalking as I type.  
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  3. Cinder
    That's some serious typing skills.
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  4. Vidal
    I didn't say how well I was doing it, I don't think I'll be on Strictly anytime soon (UK TV reference) [​IMG]
  5. c0rp1

    KZ complys like the ones on the KZ ATE? :)
    And btw if you made your order soon, are your senfers with gold or silver ring?
  6. Vidal
    Actually I'm not sure they are KZ now this is them: -
    The bit that holds the black nozzle? They're more silver than gold a slight titanium finish. Both my Black (stock) and Silver (own) pair, it's the same colour as my DT2s nozzle and the metal work on the Senfer cable.
  7. c0rp1
    Thanks for answering. Those definitely aren't KZ eartips afaik. But they look interesting especially if comply. Now I'm having doubts why I said no to your proposition about sending some eartips my way lol. If you are still into it, and you really go that often to the post office, might really change my mind (of course if you let me cover the shipping cost) :)
  8. Vidal
    Yeah that's fine, only got a couple of those unused. That's a shop picture - HCK BTW
    Let me know where you are and I'll get a cost from the Royal Mail website, just settle up for the post cost with me when they get there. 
  9. c0rp1
    Perfect, thanks again. Will write you a PM when my Senfers get here ! Hope I won't have the same problems with my purchase as last time (don't even mention HCK lol).
  10. Roen
    So what's the new hot cable for the 4in1?

    Tennmak Upgrade Cable?
    Banned Seller MMCX Silver Cable made by Earmax?
  11. trespasser2
    The Tennmak is a good cable but only if you use it over the ear as they have molded plastic that doesn´t extend, so it looks and feels goofy wearing it any other way.
  12. N4noAbyss
    Hi, I just found this forum. I think I'd like to get a Magoasi K1 because my current earbuds are wearing out.  Perhaps someone can answer a few questions: Can I use them directly without additional attachments?  I generally don't need my music so loud, but the whole point to me getting these would be because they will be high quality.  I saw that some recommend getting different ear-tips so I am keeping that in mind.
  13. crabdog
    Yes, they will work fine straight out of any mobile phone/music player (except iPhone 7 of course D:)  Different ear-tips is just a way to ensure you get a good a fit or seal. If the supplied ones fit you well there's usually no need to change.  Sometimes it can slightly alter the sound signature of earphones too.
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  14. 1clearhead
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  15. VinceHill24
    i'm not sure about the m3 but IMO the k1 is no basshead at all especially when you listen with the grey and black filter. "Mid centric and lush vocals" sounds like how i hear it. Female Vocals are especially well done in the k1 which sounds sweet and natural as if the real singer is singing it live to you, so i think the vocals performance of k1 won't gonna let you down. Maybe wait for more impressions for comparison as i think peter123 will be getting it soon as well if not mistaken.
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