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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. carltonh
    How deep is the subbass? Compared to similar priced or other well known models?
  2. VinceHill24
    For the subbass, getting a perfect fit/seal 1st is the most priority as initially i was having some hard time getting a proper seal initially and so i thought the bass is just very light on the K1. Once you get a good seal then you will start to feel the rumbling subbass. Bass test i did (with grey filter on) it was able to go down till 20Hz and can't really be felt after that. By comparison the 4in1 IMO have a very deep and somewhat enhanced subbass too the subbass rumble from what i hear in the K1 is much lesser than from the 4in1 and i'm quite surprised by the subbass performance of 4in1. As compared to UEs, the K1 subbass will be felt more as i consider UEs slightly bass light. Maybe Twin can give you a good idea about this as he has the Musicmaker TK12 13 & SW3 which will make a very good comparison. Hope it helps.
  3. Lurk650

    Spend a couple extra bucks and the MusicMaker KK-Ting, also sold as King, will treat you well.
  4. Ahmad313
  5. Majin
    no name?
  6. c0rp1
    After a conversation with the "Banned Seller", he told me that the Black Senfer 4in1 he sells has golden rings, and the Silver one has silver rings. Before I make my purchase I really need to know if there is any sort of difference in sound quality between the different batches. Anyone can help with that?
  7. Vidal
    Factory makes two colour variants on the same item, the components are identical, they run short of the gold ring but the silver ring looks fine so they use that instead. Chances are the black version sold better than the silver so they swapped parts across.
    I doubt that the two colour versions have different sounds.
  8. fonkepala
    The TFZ Series 5S just dropped. Anyone got any impressions on these? I'm also interested in the Ostry KC06A, supposedly it has a huge soundstage. Can anyone confirm?
  9. toddy0191

    I bought loads of those tips from the seller who can't be named.

    Great tips!
  10. Vidal
    They don't last very long but they're cheap. Most earphone sellers seem to have them now
  11. FUYU

    Looks like an updated version of the "infamous IEM". Where did you spot this?
  12. ForceMajeure
    This is so funny...talking about the banned seller/ banned iem/not to be name for 3 month or so...
    BTW it kinda looks like the famous not to be named iem...
  13. FUYU

    True. Kinda pointless to think about it, though. The Admins seem to tolerate it, whatever...
  14. CoiL
    Yup x2
  15. Saoshyant
    I personally think it's unnecessarily pushing our luck.  Keep in mind the constant discussion of banned topics might have also played into the shutting down of the previous thread, at least to some extent.
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